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The screw chillers are well suited for applications demanding up to 750 TR. Above these capacities, centrifugal chillers are generally more cost effective where water is available for heat rejection. Centrifugal compressors traditionally provide larger capacities typically above 750 tons.
Screw chillers are available with capacity ranging from 30 to 800 tons. Screw chillers typically maintain design efficiency (kW/ton) at partial loads. The screw compressor can vary capacity in response to changing load, from 20 percent to 100 percent of capacity.
This process of slowing the radial movement of the refrigerant converts the kinetic energy to potential energy in the form of pressure. Centrifugal compressors have the largest capacity and are well suited for compressing large volumes of refrigerant.
Air-cooled chillers are limited in size to 500 tons of capacity, whereas water-cooled chillers range to almost 9,000 tons. Air-cooled chillers operate on the concept of using air to reject the building`s heat, which approaches the outside ambient dry bulb temperature.
High-efficiency chillers can produce chilled water using less than 0.50 kW per ton of cooling capac- ity.
The importance of selecting a correctly sized chiller is crucial. An undersized chiller will always be a problem– never able to properly cool the process equipment and the process water temperature will not be stable. An oversized chiller will never be able to run at it`s most efficient level.
The 30 Ton portable water-cooled chiller weighs approximately 1,300 lbs. and has dimensions of 98” L x 50” W x 85” H.
Poor chiller sizing is a common problem in industries.

This can be through either oversizing or undersizing. Instances of oversized chillers are common because facility managers often expect cooling loads to increase with time.

Cooling capacity is the amount of energy transferred during a cooling process. Cooling power is measured in joules or watts and can be calculated by calculating the change in energy transferred by the cooling process.
The formula for volume flow rate is: Volume Flow Rate = (Q x 60) / (T x 14.7). Where Q is the compressor flow rate (CFM), T is the time (minutes) and 14.7 is the standard atmospheric pressure.
Axial flow compressors are used in all larger gas turbine units because of their high efficiency and capacity (larger air handling ability).
Positive displacement type like reciprocating compressors, Root`s blower, and vane – sealed machines. For air at very high pressure, we require the reciprocating compressors. The only disadvantage with reciprocating compressor is a low supply of air.
Reciprocating commercial compressors – Reciprocating compressors are suitable for refrigeration applications of up to 100 tons. Depending on system specifications, multiple reciprocating compressors can be used in applications with loads that exceed 100 tons.
Evaporative condensers are used in medium to large capacity systems. These are normally cheaper compared to water cooled condensers, which require a separate cooling tower. Evaporative condensers are used in places where water is scarce. Since water is used in a closed loop, only a small part of the water evaporates.

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York high effenciency furnace not firing all the time
ANSWER : Has anyone worked on this furnace because the error would indicate that the positive 120 volt and the neg 120 volt is swapped , these units will also do this when the ground wire to the furnace or gas valve or furnace or @ the panel is lose , corroded , or missing , the gnd must be present to open valve , I am aware that ac is is not usually polarity sensitive but in this case it most certainly is …have seen many time and know it to be true

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My engine revs on high by itself and runs rough
ANSWER : We had the same problem with our snowblower. we tried everything. ponits, adjustments. even converted points to electronics. we ened up putting on a brand new carborater and it runs great now. save youself the headaches and buy a new carborator. we spent $87. so much better

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My Reebok step is stuck on high setting
ANSWER : My wife has one and it sounds like you might have opened it up to far like she did. I had to pop off the plastic end caps (where the steps pivot) with a screw driver. Once the caps are off you’ll see a c-clip on each side which you can remove by using a screwdriver and a small hammer to drive them off and once they’re off you can remove the steps and re-install them at the lower position and then re-install the c-clips and plastic caps

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York manuals how does hvac zone york heating and
ANSWER : You can get the manual at

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The Walking Belt keeps staying close to the right side
ANSWER : Speed the belt up to around 4mph while adjusting the belt. you will see it centre very quickly. once centered leave it to run for a couple of minutes to see if it stays central.

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Trying to find the value, manufacture date etc. for a Colt Model No. Serial number as found on cylinder door, 7 706. Top of Barrel reads “COLT’S PT.F.A. MFG. CO HARTFORD CT U.S.A.

The colt pistol is a double action 45, w/ black plastic grips, lanyard ring on bottom of grip, RAC on left side above grip. Appears to have additional initials on right side above grip-JTT, US under cylinder on right side etc.

Trying to find the history, manufacture date etc. and value.

ANSWER : Here is the site to date by serial number.

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Adjust stride length
ANSWER : I went online and used the Omron manual again. I had tried it before and it didn’t seem to work but just persevered and had success.

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