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Walking poles or hiking sticks help to share the load of your weight – and any pack that you might be carrying – more evenly across the whole body. Walking pole sticks can also: Protect your knees from the impact of walking, especially when walking downhill. Increase your walking speed, especially going downhill.
Nordic walking combines cardiovascular exercise with a vigorous muscle workout for your shoulders, arms, core, and legs. “When you walk without poles, you activate muscles below the waist. When you add Nordic poles, you activate all of the muscles of the upper body as well,” Dr. Baggish explains.
Hiking sticks can increase balance and stability.

By having four points of contact on the ground, you`ll have much better balance and increased stability. Best uses for hiking sticks include uneven terrain, steep ascents or descents, water crossings and treks over loose rocks, wet trails and snow.

If you are recovering from injuries requiring partial weight-bearing through the injured limb. If you have reduced balance, strength or endurance when walking. If you have pain, weakness or instability in any part of your leg for example hip, knee or ankle.
Hikers often ask how two trekking poles are better than one “regular” walking stick. The simplest answer to this question is that poles give symmetrical support that one stick does not.
Increase strength – Pole is a full-body workout that will help tone the arms, define the abs, perk up the chest and sculpt the back, all while using your own bodyweight! Having a strong core also leads to better posture, which is important for longevity.
Research has found that walking with poles can burn more calories and raise your heart rate even though you may not feel like you`re exerting yourself more than with regular walking. It can increase your metabolism and activate more muscles. It benefits your blood pressure and can improve your quality of life.
Nordic Walking poles are very different to trekking or other walking poles with a slimmer hand grip and straps that are used as an integral part of the Nordic Walking technique. There is no evidence that Nordic Walking poles present any greater danger of falling or of injury from a fall than other walking poles do.
4 Nordic walking poles are more sporty and work better on smoother terrain, including hills and most coastal paths. Trekking poles are better for rocky, uneven and mountainous terrain.
Wooden walking sticks are still very popular as they`re strong, long-lasting and can be sawn to exactly the right length for the user.
Today, walking sticks are mainly used as hiking accoutrements. The history of walking sticks has come a long way, from a social sign of power and authority, to fashion, to an outdoor enthusiast`s right hand man!
In fact, walking sticks may just be the perfect starter insect for people with a bit of entomophobia. They`re not going to scamper into a corner. They won`t hurt you.
As their name suggests, they look just like sticks, and may even sway back and forth to more closely resemble a twig moving in the wind. Depending on the species, walking sticks can grow from 1 to 12 inches (2.5 to 30 centimeters) long, with females usually growing bigger than the males.
There are about 3,000 species of walking sticks in the world. They range in size from 1/2 inch to 13 inches long. Because this type of walking stick can reproduce asexually, males are rare. There are far more female than male walking sticks.
Although pole dancing is fun, it is a serious athletic endeavor that should not be taken lightly. Some people do not realize how challenging pole can be on a first attempt (re: every muscle in my body ached for days).
Fitted clothing, such as leggings, sports bras, and tank tops, is the best option for pole dance class. This type of attire allows for a full range of motion and eliminates the risk of clothing getting in the way of your movements.
Wooden canes are the cheapest but are more likely to splinter on regular use. Carbon fiber is the strongest material but is expensive. Metal canes are ideal because they have adjustable height, can handle heavy weights and have a reasonable price.
Trekking poles (also known as hiking poles, hiking sticks or walking poles) are a common hiking accessory that function to assist walkers with their rhythm, to provide stability, and reduce strain on joints on rough terrain.
Walking poles can help improve posture and balance, reduce joint pain, and improve mood and confidence. This activity can be extremely beneficial for active seniors, arthritic users, patients with cardiac health concerns, people living with diabetes, Parkinson`s disease and more.
There was a significant difference between balance scores while using and when not using a walking stick. It was recorded that they preferred to use a walking stick to support their balance and independence while walking, by self-decision (79.5%).
Walking poles can help improve posture and balance, reduce joint pain, and improve mood and confidence. This activity can be extremely beneficial for active seniors, arthritic users, patients with cardiac health concerns, people living with diabetes, Parkinson`s disease and more.
Poles improve balance and cut down significantly on wear and tear in your legs (especially in your knees), particularly when you`re going downhill. But poles also make walking—one of the best, and certainly easiest, workouts you can do—even healthier, because they also get your whole upper body involved.
Using walking poles results in burning more calories and giving your heart and lungs more of a workout than walking the same speed without walking poles. The difference is about one additional calorie per minute.

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Centre pole is failing to hold tent up in any real wind

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My basketball hoop broke and I have a pole cemented in the ground. Can you buy just the hoop/backboard itself and attach to the pole or do I have to cut the pole and start over?
ANSWER : Sorry I know nothing about basketball but it seems a crying shame to cut down the pole even if you can’t find a replacement hoop and board.

I have faced many similar things and I find remembering the wise old saying “in order to get the right answer it is important to first ask the right question”…

I suggest you ask around those who should know such things – the coach at the local schools, local teams. If you don’t get satisfaction then why not ask your local repair shop or fabricator if they can make what you need at a reasonable cost.

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Suddenly stops recodring
ANSWER : I love my Sanyo mp3 recorder I’ve been using it in church for 4 or 5 years. It never quits it can hold an extra gig with a chip and i can plug it into my computer to upload it in seconds. I say replace the old recorder

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Swiss Gear Tent – Broken Poles SG33071F
ANSWER : Take a look on amazon for replacement. here: Amazon com tent poles. I hope this was helpful. Cheers

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Square tent with 2 types gazebo poles, varenda, 2 side windows
ANSWER : The 2 longest of the poles go in an x over the center of the tent and the 2 shorter ones go arch to the sides. a picture very similar to your tent. If you go to image 2 it shows it with out the fly. now if you got 2 sets of 4 poles, 2 long and 2 short, and one set is all aluminum, then I would go with the aluminum set. It is less likely to collapse in high winds.

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I need new poles for Swiss Gear tent # SG33071F
ANSWER : Go to Home depot and buy a tube that fit the pole. Cut it into 5 or 6 inches for the broken areas. It costs me less than 2 dollars. Let me know how it turn out on yours.

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Where can I purchase the top section of the leg pole for my shade it is light aluminium round tubing approx. 1.16 mtrs long and 23mm inside measurement.
ANSWER : Plumbing, electrical or hardware store

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