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I just took my 2007 yamaha vino out of storeage from the winter. i didn’t drain the gas, but added stabilizer. it wouldn’t start when i pushed the electric starter, so i recharged the battery. it still won’t start, but the engine light comes on when i turn the key on. any advice?
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Does your motor turn over or is battery dead. think you have to pull brake lever to actuate starter. if it does turn over and doesn’t start. try draining carb. and to get some fresh fuel in the carb and try again. if not you may need to clean carb.

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A dirty carburetor is one of the most common causes for a lawn mower not being able to start after sitting unused for months or years at a time.
Batteries that are not fully charged will freeze at anything below freezing temperatures of 32°F (0°C). Even if you are in a cold place but your motorcycle is inside, your motorcycle battery can still become drained. If your battery drains enough, there will not be enough juice in it to start.
The most common cause of your mower engine not starting after a long period of storage is stale fuel, but there are many other possible reasons there could be a fault. Our advice is to contact your local lawn mower servicing provider for a professional inspection.
Loose, Dirty or Disconnected Spark Plug in Your Lawn Mower: Check it out, clean off debris, re-connect and tighten. Dirty Air Filter: Clean or replace. Fuel Not Reaching the Engine: Tap the side of the carburetor to help the flow of gas. If this doesn`t work, you might need a new fuel filter.
A Dirty Carburetor Can Cause a Lawnmower To Start Then Die

By far, the most common issue that causes a stalled motor is a dirty carburetor. The carburetor on your engine is the thing that draws in air and mixes it with the fuel. Contrary to what the movies might make you think, gasoline itself is not very flammable.

Most bikes require minimal or no throttle to start up from cold but be patient, the engine may need to crank over a few times before it fires up. Once running, let it warm up, keeping an eye out for any leaks from the oil and coolant systems. Re-check oil and coolant levels once the bike is cool again.
This is important – if the starter motor sounds like it`s turning over, as usual, your issue is probably the battery. If the engine cranks but doesn`t start, it could be having trouble producing a spark, getting fuel, or creating compression.
The fuel filter might be clogged. A clogged fuel filter is most commonly caused by leaving old fuel in the lawn mower. Over time, some of the ingredients in the fuel may evaporate, leaving behind a thicker, stickier substance. This sticky fuel can clog up the fuel filter and make the engine hard to start.
Simply leaving fuel in the tank all winter can wreak havoc on your mower`s engine. Water from condensation can combine with ethanol in the gas, causing clogs, corrosion, and other problems throughout the fuel system. Come springtime, you could be in for a professional carburetor cleaning to the tune of $75 to $100.
How long can gas sit in a lawn mower? Depending on the gasoline formula it can degrade in as little of 30 days. Properly treated gasoline can stay good for up to a year. To prevent this from happening, you have two choices: empty the gas tank or add a fuel stabilizer.
Use Carburetor Cleaner

Fortunately, you can generally do this without even taking the carburetor out of the engine. Start by purchasing some commercial lawnmower carburetor cleanerOpens a new window, which comes in a simple spray can and will make it easy to clean the inside and outside of the carb.

The clicking noise comes from a part called the starter solenoid. The solenoid connects the battery to the starter motor when the solenoid is energized. The key switch and the safety switches in the starter circuit combine to energize the solenoid. If the solenoid is clicking, the circuit that triggers it is working.
Carburetor and Ignition System:

As mentioned before, the most common two problems when your motorcycle doesn`t start after sitting out in the rain are the carburetor and the ignition system. If water gets inside your carburetor, it disrupts the process of air-fuel mixing with the gas.

Depending on how long the engine has been sitting, you may want to remove all the spark plugs, add a few drops of oil into each cylinder, and crank the engine for a few revolutions before enabling the ignition, thus preventing a dry-start condition with the piston rings.
Cars and bikes that have not been used for more than six months are likely to see degradation of the oils and greases in them. If the vehicle is used after that it will need to be serviced first, replacing oil and coolant if needed.
Apart from noticing extremely hot air around the engine, typical symptoms of an overheating engine include a decrease in engine power, a smelly engine which may sometimes emit smoke, a knocking engine, and in worst cases, a seized engine which will not start or run.
Nevertheless, it`s wise to warm up the engine first. But here`s the thing—don`t let your motorcycle idle too long! You could be doing more harm than good if you do. Today`s engine-management systems make it so you don`t have to worry too much about things like warming up your bike`s engine.
See if the Spark Plugs Are Good

Remove one and check if it`s wet; if it is, clean it off, replace it, and see if the bike will start. Checking the spark plugs should also be part of your routine maintenance, which can help keep your bike in good overall condition and help it retain its value.

Check the ignition system– If your bike is not starting after a rain, another potential cause is that your ignition system is wet. The inductor and the switches are two sites that can cause problems. Oxidation will lead the coil windings to fail if water has crept into the coils or alternator.
Common causes include a dirty air filter, spark plug, and carburetor. To fix these issues, replace the fuel filter, clean the carburetor and spark plug, and replace the fuel if it is old as illustrated below.
Grass clippings can get clogged in the mower deck, which can prevent the blade from turning. This is a common problem if you`ve cut wet grass or let the lawn get especially long and bushy between cuttings. If the cord is hard to pull, that`s a good sign that there`s debris clogging up your mower`s deck.
If you are keeping your lawnmower in your basement or inside a storage unit, remove all fuel. Not doing so is a fire hazard. To drain gas from a lawn mower, do your best to let the tank run dry toward the end of the season.
A lawnmower that won`t start, especially when taken from storage, is almost always due to one problem: bad gas. Storing a lawnmower in the fall without adding gasoline stabilizer to the fuel tank can cause the fuel to break down and plug the fuel passages.
All the ethanol in our gasoline attracts condensation and causes your gasoline to become mixed with water when it sits for along time (like over the winter). The Ethanol in your gasoline is also corrosive and can damage the carburetor. To keep your lawn mower in good shape over the winter, you need to drain the gas.

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My bike won’t start after jump starting it, putting in gear it went dead & now the neutral light won’t shine.
& won’t start
ANSWER : Sounds like you fridge seilanoid try jump in across it with a screwdriver

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Won’t start after storeage
ANSWER : Does your motor turn over or is battery dead. think you have to pull brake lever to actuate starter. if it does turn over and doesn’t start. try draining carb. and to get some fresh fuel in the carb and try again. if not you may need to clean carb.

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Starting my Mojave 250
ANSWER : I’m having the same problem I guess it popular in mojave I changed the plug and I still get Orange spark is there any ideas it won’t kick start when cold but once warm she runs great and will kick start

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Loud noise when furnace starts but furnace won’t come on.
ANSWER : Your fan delay relay has failed and must be replaced.

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I have a problem with my machine, on occasion, not recognizing when I’m starting, and the display will not start. I have to remove one of the batteries or it will stay on forever. When it starts up, it works fine, no complaints whatsoever. But lately, I’ve not been able to use it due to the start-up problem. I put the batteries in, the display comes on, but it will not start up when I begin motion. The control buttons will not work, either. Please inform me what it is I can do to fix this problem. Thank You
ANSWER : Troubleshooting on this model is very limited to anyone but the vendor. I would recommend sharing the symptoms with a representative from fitnessquest here.
Good luck

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I have 1977 340 artic cat jag. I started it and I let it idel for few min. Than I rived it up . then I tried to get it to move. it stalled suddenly .now it won,t start . I have good fire at plugs. motor wants to start,but won,t run.did Icut key off at fly wheel. Roger
ANSWER : Well the only way to tell is to check your timing or pull the fly wheel and check. These are not to hard to bull apart. Getting the fly wheel off the shaft is the worst part. Another thing you could check is the motor ground this would give you weak spark though.

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I have a 2001 Yamaha XL700Z Waverunner. The compression on both cylinders is about 120, it starts and runs fine – dry. Won’t quite idle, but I can start it and rev it up fine (for a short period, of course). However, as soon as it gets in the water, it will barely run – it will start and sputter and you cannot get it to run more than a few seconds or rev up. Take it back out, let it dry, starts & revs fine. It is not getting any water in the casing that I can tell, its almost as if water is getting something wet through the cooling system that I cannot see?
ANSWER : Try cleaning the carbs and the fuel lines, filter

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