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If your camera has an Auto ISO feature, turn it on and set the Max Sensitivity to ISO 1600 and the Min Shutter Speed to 1/60 of a second. You may need to adjust this setting if you find that 1/60 of a second isn`t fast enough to freeze the action. Focus settings can vary greatly depending on the sport you are shooting.
It`s best to shoot sports photos in aperture priority mode to give you full control over your aperture. The wider the aperture, the more distinct your subject will become – most sports photographers favour aperture settings at around f/2.8 to f/3.5.
A camera with a continuous autofocus mode is perfect for shooting sports photography. On Canon cameras, continuous focusing is labeled AF or AI Servo. On Nikon and Sony machines, select AF-C. This mode activates predictive tracking when the AF system detects a moving subject.
Start by putting your camera into Shutter Priority mode and choosing a shutter speed of 1/500 of a second. This is a good starting point and should be fast enough for most sports and action.
It`ll get right back to 1000 ISO when it can. But it`s just going to keep going up and down and somewhere it jumps up to 5000 ISO when it needs to. But most of the time it`s trying to stay pretty close to 1000. Using auto iso is really the easiest way to get good images when you`re doing sports.
Freeze the action with fast shutter speeds. The goal of any sports photographer is to freeze the action in dramatic moments, and the only way you`ll do this is to shoot at fast shutter speeds. Ideally, you`ll want to be shooting at around 1/1000sec, but certainly not slower than 1/500sec.
Versatile sports photographers often use something close to 70-200mm lenses. Professional sports photographers may opt for prime lenses with longer focal lengths and fixed apertures. These provide higher-quality images.
Use the widest aperture possible (f/2.8-f/4) and a shutter speed of 1/1000th of a second to freeze the action especially when the ball is in the air. At a practice field you can use a tripod or a monopod for extra stability.
Are you into action or sports photography? If you`re photographing a game, you`ll mostly shoot in burst or continuous setting. As a result, the buffers of cameras fill up faster when you opt to shoot in RAW. If you`re dealing with this problem, you can always switch to JPEG so you can shoot for a longer burst.
For sports photography, we just stick to AF-C. AF-C focus is designed for your camera to track your subject while you half-press your shutter button or the back focus button.
Motion blur is by far the number one problem that amateur photographers have when photographing their kid`s sports. The good news is that motion blur occurs due to a particular reason – the shutter speed of the camera is too slow.
Should You Use Auto ISO? Absolutely, you should! As you have probably gathered, Auto ISO is a great feature that`s useful in situations where the light is changing rapidly or you don`t have time to adjust your settings in fast-paced situations. In my case, my Fujifilm XT2 camera is set to Auto ISO most of the time.
If your lighting conditions are changing too quickly, then yes an auto ISO works great. If lighting conditions are constant then you may use a manual ISO. Back in old days, professional photographers learned more about controlling the camera first, and then photography.
The best camera settings for outdoor photo shoots.

Shutter speed – How long the shutter stays open. Long shutter speeds under 1/100 are best for low-light situations, and fast shutter speeds over 1/100 are better for hand-held (no tripod) and action shots. ISO – Sensor sensitivity to light.

With a shutter angle of 180 degrees, the effective shutter speed occurring at 48 fps is 1/96 second. At 60 fps, the effective shutter speed is 1/120 second. At 100 fps, the effective speed becomes 1/200 second.
Set the Film ISO

If you plan to shoot indoors in low light conditions, film ISOs of 400, 800, or even 1600 are preferred. If you are shooting outside and you have lots of sunlight, try to use ISO 100 film, or even slower (you can find films with ISO 50 or 25).

200 vs 400

Values of 200 and 400 are recommended when shooting outdoors in cloudy weather, in the shade, or indoors without supplemental lighting. 200 is a low value and ISO 400 is a medium value. Pictures taken at 400 are brighter (by one stop) but have noise in the shadows.

On the other hand, sports that require a wider lens, like Basketball, often allow you to get away with cheaper lenses. Using prime lenses is a great way to budget. If you are shooting close enough to the net, you can use a 35mm or 50mm prime with a large aperture and get fantastic shots for quite a small investment.
When it comes to sports, 60 fps is the way to go. Not only will it provide your viewers with a better experience, but filming at this higher frame rate will also let you freeze your video and watch it in slow motion when you`re reviewing the video.
A 200mm telephoto lens is a good start. Lenses that go into the 400mm range can prove even more useful. Using a teleconverter (otherwise known as an extender or multiplier) is another way to extend the reach of a lens. Keep in mind that teleconverters tend to magnify aberrations.
Honorable Mention: Nikon 24-70mm F/2.8

But for crop sensor shooters a 24-70mm (effectively a 40-110mm equivalent on a full frame body) would actually be a great focal range for indoor sports where you can get fairly close to the action such as Basketball and in some cases Volleyball.

FIFA 23 best camera settings overall

Camera Type: Tele Broadcast. Camera Height: 10. Camera Zoom: 0. Power Shot Zoom: Off.

Tele Broadcast will provide the best look at the action on the pitch while allowing you to control your players with ease. The Camera Height can be adjusted to fit your preference, but make sure you stay between 10 and 17 for the best FIFA 23 camera settings.
But in general, to freeze action, a good rule of thumb is to use a shutter speed of 1/1000. A shutter speed this fast will freeze the action for just about any sport (think football, soccer, baseball, etc).

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