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I need a wiring diagram for my tractor.
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You can purchase a manuel for your tractor at Tractor Supply or at for about $25-$30.

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The ford 9N engine was a side-valve, four-cylinder engine, with a 3.19-inch (81 mm) bore, 3.75-inch (95 mm) stroke, providing a displacement of 120 cubic inches (2,000 cm3). The transmission was the standard three-speed. The finished tractor weighed 2,340 pounds (1,060 kg), and initially sold for US$585.
You can also tell between an 8n and 9n Ford tractors by the positioning of the brake pedal. The 9n has the two brake pedals on opposite sides, so you have a brake pedal close to your right foot and another close to your left foot. On the other hand, the 8n has both brake pedals on the right side.
To determine this, look at the tractor production code, also known as the unit date code. The first digit of the tractor production code gives the production year. For tractors manufactured between 1965 and 1974, the digit corresponds with the last number in the year.
View the Ford 9N specs below. The Ford 9N tractor has a Category 1 three point hitch and a claimed pto rated 23.07 hp. The Ford 9N is shown on the left.
The best way to identify a tractor is by the serial number. Serial numbers on the 9N-2N and 8N tractors are located on the left side of the engine block, just below the head and behind the oil filter. The hundred series and “01” series tractor serial number location is on the flat area above and behind the starter.
9N and 2N tractors had a 3-speed. The hydraulic 3-point arms have a halfway position between fully “up” and “down”. 9N and 2N tractors only had draft control. The 8N introduced position control, which is a small up/down handle under the seat on the right side–this was an improvement to the hydraulic system.
With an official speed of 96.3185 miles per hour, the title of Fastest Farm Tractor in the World belongs to the 1952 Ford 8N Flathead V8 powered tractor known as the 8NCREDIBLE. The tractor was built and driven by former NASCAR driver and Fletcher resident Jack Donohue.
A 1952 Ford 8N tractor dubbed the “8NCREDIBLE” is reported to have taken the title of world`s fastest farm tractor, reaching a speed of 96.3185 miles per hour and breaking a record that has stood for 81 years.
Tractors built since the mid 50s could be a good all-purpose utility tractor. Older tractors can still perform a lot of hard work, however would likely be limited to pulling something hooked to the drawbar and using the power takeoff (PTO) to power a piece of equipment like a mower.
The Hundred series and newer tractor serial number location is on the flat area above and behind the starter. Below that is the actual serial number. A diamond symbol denotes the beginning and end of the serial number. This photo shows a model 850 (800 series) with serial 93706 (1956).
The Ferguson-Sherman company, which made plow and tractor parts, marketed the Model 9N for sales distribution from 1939-1946. After the war, all production of the Ford Model 9N tractor was halted. In 1946, the relationship between Harry Ferguson and Ford Motor Company severed.
9N was named the 9 for the year 1939 and N, Ford`s designation for the model. The original selling price for these tractors was $585. In order to keep costs low, Henry Ford used several parts from the cars–The engine is one-half of the Mercury and Ford truck V-8. This half-engine produced 28 HP at the PTO.
To determine the year of manufacture for a tractor with a six digit number use the following formula. Take the first and the fourth digit, and subtract three to get the year. For example, the serial number of 395602 would be: 36-3 = 1933.
This is evident from the fact that during the three years the 9N was in production, 99,000 of the machines sold. For all practical purposes, the 9N was relaunched as the 2N in 1942 with nominal improvements. Regardless, the tractor sold in droves during wartime rationing.
The Ford 2N tractor has a Category 1 three point hitch and a claimed pto rated 23. hp.
“Fordson tractors, built in Cork, Ireland, soon began to reappear in the United States. Production was transferred to Dagenham, United Kingdom, in 1933.” In partnership with Harry Ferguson, the Ford N debuted in the United States in 1939, featuring Ferguson`s three-point hitch. A new era in Ford tractors had started.

A live PTO, normally, has a 2 stage clutch. You can depress the clutch 1/2 way in and the transmission will stop but the PTO will continue to spin under a load (not just free spin). If you depress the clutch all the way the PTO will stop also.

1 2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 – 760 horsepower

Behind the prestigious cobra badge sits the most powerful engine Ford ever fitted into a car, a 5.2-liter supercharged aluminum-alloy V-8, which propels the GT500 from 0 to 60 in a nauseating 3.3 seconds.

The Performance Beast: 5.2-liter Predator V-8

The Predator is the most powerful production engine ever made by Ford.

Ford 8N. Hemmings wrote a nice piece about this one. Most recently, Brian Rogers` utterly INSANE 800-horsepower twin-turbo 7.3L Power Stroke V8 Ford 8N.
JCB Fastrac Two – a stripped down and performance-enhanced JCB Fastrac tractor – has set a new world record as the world`s fastest tractor by clocking an average speed of 135 mph (217.6 km/h).
There are two times in history when the Ford Motor Company absolutely dominated the tractor industry. The first period, starting in 1917, marked the run of the low-cost Fordson machine. Over that tractor`s 11-year production run, nearly 740,000 Fordsons were sold making it the most popular tractor ever built.
Henry Ford and Edsel Ford with Fordson Tractor, 1921

Henry Ford wanted to develop a tractor for the small farmer. Ford Motor Company stockholders initially rejected this idea, so Ford incorporated a new company, Henry Ford and Son, to assemble the first Fordson tractor in 1917.

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Need the wire diagram to rewire my Ariens lawnmover to bypass the safety switch. It is Ariens GT-19 model # 931026 Serial # 001463.
Can you help? It is an old Ariens mower but still runs good but now I need to bypass the safety switch in order to run it any longer. The local Ariens dealer said I need to go through the internet and get the wire diagram as they cannot give it to me directly. They told me I needed the wire diagram and the part involved in bypassing the safety switch. Hope this is all the information you need to help me.

Thank you. Roger Fielitz

ANSWER : Here is owner manual: the switch is behind the ignition, sometimes at the N position of gearshift, just look for a switch with one wire coming in & one going out (usually the same color); disconnect the two wires & jumper them together to bypass the switch. Looks like yours has one under the seat.

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Trying to install a new fluro light, pull out old light to find 3 reds and 3 blacks 1 copper earth. What do I do to connect it up the right way??? When I pulled the old Fluro light out the 3 Reds were joined together with a connector ,two blacks were joined to one end of light wire, the other to the other end of the light wire,earth wire to the light case,the third black wire was connected to the wire from the ballast? Does this all make sense
ANSWER : No, this does not make sense but I have seen strange wiring before. There is power going from the light someplace else. Just connect it back up exactly as the old light was connected. It worked before so it will work again. If it works it is wired correctly. Without being there to check which wire was the hot wire and which was neutral it is impossible for me to say what is what. Make sure you connect the ground wire to the light chassis.

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Spark plug wire boot grounding out on coil, 96 outback 2.5 automatic, just put new spark plug wires, new spark plugs, and new coil on. ran great for two weeks, now spark is jumping out of boot at coil on one wire, put old coil back on and still does it in the same spot. replaced wires again, and still does it in the same spot. seems to do it only under a load. Is my new spark plug on that cylinder bad? Does the coil need some insulation under it? It is the coil that sits right on top of the motor. Any ideas? thanks.
ANSWER : Sparks are high voltage, and will always follow the path of least resistance. If you can visibly see a spark (whether in a lighted area, or in the dark), that means either that a plug wire (or coil wire) is open (non conductive), or your have a carbon track on the surface where the spark can be seen, but most likely you have BOTH problems!

If you have an ohmmeter, check the resistance of each wire involved, particularly spark plug wires … which means you must be able to connect to both ends of each wire at the same, and hopefully, FLEX those wires, to be sure they don’t have a break inside that is intermittent (comes and goes)!

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Need wiring diagram for 1996 honda fourtrax 300
ANSWER : A good place to pick up a new service manual would be They have great prices and prompt shipping

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Our bildge pump still puts out 3 amps when off. Bad wiring. Is there a diagram manual of wiring for a 1990 ski centurion trutac III ski boat?
when you get to the harness connection of the wires they change colors.
ANSWER : You can get all kind of bilge pump related documents here:
Afterclicking this link you will be forwarded to a page contains a form. You need tofill up that form. Most of them are pre-filled. You need to write “bilge”in Brand box and model number in “model number” box. Please don’tforget to mention “type of product” in the “description box”.Finally accept their “terms and condition” and click on “search”tab.
Under “Typeof Document” you will find schematics diagrams. Download documents as per yourrequirement.
Hope this will help you. Good Luck.

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Complete wiring diagram for a 1990 36volts club car golf cart
ANSWER : Http://

See if this helps. Good luck!!

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I need a electrical diagram for the ignition system. Someone had cut the wires and I don’t know were all the wires go. I did trace two wires Witch was the battery and starter.Your help would be greatly app. Thank You Harry hoig
ANSWER : If you can provide the make and model number of your bike then I can try and find the information.

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