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The main types of screens in terms of build style are fixed frame and retractable. Additionally, fixed frame screens come in standard or light rejecting varieties. Retractable screens tuck into alcoves or housings and may be pull down from the ceiling, or pull up from the floor (floor rising).
Electric projector screens can be Wall Mounted, Ceiling Mounted, Floor Mounted, or Ceiling Recessed(for a concealed in-the-ceiling installation). Electric projector screens are operated by an electric motor that raises and lowers the screen via remote control or wall switch.
Determine Screen Size

In general, height should be about 1/6 the distance from the screen to the back row of seating. Ideally, the front row of seating should be the distance of two screen heights from the screen.

Black projector screens will tend to perform better and produce a high-quality image with either 1080p or 4K projectors that have 6500 lumens or higher. Less brightness could lead to issues in getting the right contrast or distorted images.
These include: LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) IPS-LCD (In-Plane Switching Liquid Crystal Display)
The biggest difference between a TV and a projector is the size of image you can get. A projector will give you a massive 100″+ image. Many people have a 120” and even 150” screens in their home. The average home television is usually around 50″-65″.
Formatting your projector`s aspect ratio with a matching format of your projection screen is important. While 1:1, 4:3 and 16:10 aspect ratios are ideal for commercial applications, 16:9 is ideal for home theater and it can fit 2.35:1 content when needed.
A movie theater screen typically ranges from 70 feet to 40 feet wide. It depends on factors like movie theater size, aspect ratio, and viewing distance. In addition, some movie theaters also have around 100 feet of screen size, while smaller theaters have around 30 feet of screen size.
While outdoor movie screens come in many different sizes, many people opt for screens ranging from 100 inches to 150 inches (with 120 being the most common), in order to provide a proper viewing experience for all backyard attendees.
ProScreens 140″ (72″ X 127″) 16:9 matte white Projection Screen Material.
While you can use a bare wall to project images, the quality is not as good as when you use a screen. A wall does not reflect light as well as a screen, which can negatively affect the clarity of the images being projected. A wall surface is also not as smooth as a screen and can distort or blur projected images.
While dark mode has a lot of benefits, it may not be better for your eyes. Using dark mode is helpful in that it`s easier on the eyes than a stark, bright white screen. However, using a dark screen requires your pupils to dilate which can make it harder to focus on the screen.
OLED Display is better

The plastic, organic layers of an OLED are thinner, lighter and more flexible than the crystalline layers in an LED or LCD. OLEDs are brighter than LEDs and do not require backlighting like LCDs. Since OLEDs do not require backlighting, they consume much less power than LCDs.

LCD Monitors

Along with LED, LCD is the most common type of monitor you will find available currently. LCD monitors consist of two panes of glass with liquid in between and thousands of rows of pixels to organize said liquid.

Projectors don`t deliver the same picture quality.

Unless you`re spending a lot, the picture that a projector delivers isn`t going to be as bright and vivid, won`t have the same contrast, and ultimately won`t have the same high resolution as the picture of a 4K TV — be it LED or OLED.

You can absolutely use a projector for normal, everyday TV watching. It won`t hurt the projector (though it may run the bulb life down faster), and it may lead to a better overall TV-watching experience, at a lower price-point than most larger Televisions.
16:9 projector screens are the most common type for home theaters as they are optimized for widescreen viewing, which is often used in films. 16:10 is slightly taller on the sides and it is most commonly used for PC projection in classrooms or businesses.
It uses very large screens of 18 by 24 metres (59 by 79 feet) and, unlike most conventional film projectors, the film runs horizontally so that the image width can be greater than the width of the film stock.
[CERTIFICATION AND DIMENSION SIZE] : 150-inch Diagonal, 16:9 Aspect Ratio. View Size: 73.6″ H x 130.7″ W. Overall Size: 78.3″ H x 135.4″ W x 1.6″ D.
For example, a 100-inch screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9 has a height of 49.03 inches and a width of 87.16 inches.
70 mm film (or 65 mm film) is a wide high-resolution film gauge for motion picture photography, with a negative area nearly 3.5 times as large as the standard 35 mm motion picture film format. As used in cameras, the film is 65 mm (2.6 in) wide. For projection, the original 65 mm film is printed on 70 mm (2.8 in) film.
Fiberglass. By far the most common type of screen used for porches, fiberglass mesh is inexpensive and offers good visibility due to minimal glare from sunlight. Fiberglass screen won`t crease like metal screening, and its flexibility makes it the easiest type to work with.
Screen Sizes: 22″, 32″, 43″, 49″, 55″, 65″, 75″ and 86″. Resolution: 1920 x 1080. Brightness: 2500cd/m2. Colour: 16.7M.
300-inch Diagonal, 16:9 Aspect Ratio. View Size: 261.2″ W x 147.0″ H. Overall Size: 264.6″ W x 150.2″ H.

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