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bristle boards have some encouraging characteristics, I much prefer an
electronic board. They have several
styles of games to play and they are automatic and will keep score for
you! If you are looking to play for fun
rather than at a professional level, an electronic board may suit you well.

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Many users set up there own surrounds using old wine corks. The great thing about this is that they can be arranged in several different patterns giving each set up a look of its own. Wine corks also offer flexibility. You can easily add them to an existing setup or cabinet to give additional protection and flare.
The depth and density of a dartboard are more important than most buyers would think. A good depth and density help darts penetrate the dartboard and reduce bouncing. This helps you have a much more consistent game and allows you to achieve a much higher (and accurate) score.
Dart Types

Steel tip darts are designed for paper or sisal dartboards and they are going to be the more traditional option for darts. They can`t be used on electronic dart boards because they will cause damage to the electronics. Soft tip darts, on the other hand, are designed for electronic dartboards.

Soft tip darts have flexible tips manufactured out of soft plastic, and while they can be used on a bristle board, they are generally more often used on plastic or electronic dartboard.
Along the same lines, make sure you don`t leave your darts in your dartboard. Always take them out when you`re done playing. Leaving them in for long periods of time can make it harder for the sisal settle back into place after they`re removed, especially for lower quality grades of sisal.
The lower end of the bristle dart board category has offerings at around $30.00, but the upper end can go as high as $120.00. This broad range in price is due to the high variability in quality, with more expensive boards using higher quality fibers, a tighter fiber core compression, etc.
Colored Sections

The first two to consider are in the center — the inner and outer bullseye circles. In most games, these give high scores. The center circle is often worth double the points of the outer ring. Most games reward 50 points for a double bullseye and 25 for the outer circle.

It might seem obvious to aim for the highest-scoring section of a dartboard, but if you`re not a super accurate shot there may be a better target for you. The answer to this one might seem obvious: aim for the highest-scoring part of the board, which is the treble 20.
Due to its properties and increased resistance, this is the king in terms of darts materials, and many players, including Michael Van Gerwen, Rob (Voltage) Cross, Daryl (Super Chin) Gurney, Peter (Snakebite) Wright typically use 90% tungsten steel tip darts. In terms of flights` shape, players` preferences differ.
Playing with soft tip darts is generally much safer as the tips do less damage when they miss the board. This can make them an attractive option in public places such as pubs or for people who want to practice at home, particularly in a home with pets or children.
Strength Of Your Throw

The harder you throw your dart, the less curve it is going to have. This is one of the most important factors when it comes to fine-tuning your accuracy. If your dart is dropping at the end of the flight, you may need to throw harder or try a lighter dart.

Tungsten is the material that most serious professional darters will choose and the most common dart weight is 18 grams. Looking for replacement dart tips? Click here.
It is a common misconception dating back to the days of pre-bristle dartboards that soaking or spraying a dartboard with water (or other liquids) will increase its life. No liquids should ever come into contact with the surface of a bristle dartboard, as this could damage the board and decrease its lifespan.
A common aphorism in the darts world is that as a game it takes “luck as well as skill”, placing emphasis on the skill element of the game rather than the luck side.
The original target in the game is likely to have been a section of a tree trunk, its circular shape and concentric rings giving rise to the standard dartboard pattern in use today.
There is a camera around the dart board. The dart board takes pictures to determine the location of the dart landing. The camera passes the image sensor and uploads the image to the host.
The new patented Triple Core is a third (inner) higher compression layer composed of carbon fibre reinforced sisal. This optimal fibre density is designed to make the Blade 6 Triple Core Dartboard the most technically advanced dartboard available, as well as the longest lasting dartboard currently on the market.
The Triple Core Carbon features an all-new patented system with a seamless playing surface and a third, high compression layer, with carbon fibre reinforced sisal. The ultimate in dartboard construction, providing optimal fibre density, unrivalled dart retention and maximum scoring.
When the target is 501, the minimum number of darts needed to reach it is nine. For example, one way to achieve a nine-dart finish is to score 60 (triple 20) on each of the first seven throws, then a 57 (triple 19) on the eighth, and lastly a 24 (double 12) on the ninth.
There are actually 77 numbers that can be considered a bogey, depending on how many darts you have in hand. You probably know not to throw at the treble 20 when you start a round with a score of 119 – a single 20 will leave you on 99, which can`t be taken out with two darts. That makes 99 a two dart bogey number.
The minimum number of darts required to hit 501 in darts is nine, often referred to a `9 darter`. There are many different combinations of how to do this, with the most common being 180, 180, 141.
The game finishes when a player`s score is exactly zero and your last dart must be a double. Therefore, at some point in the “leg” you need an odd score to leave an even number for your last dart and, treble 19 is the highest “odd” score.
Accordingly, double five has one of the lowest overall doubles percentages of any double on the board, and finishing a score of ten in three darts (58.2%) is statistically less probable than finishing 60 (59.7%).
Perhaps the most commonly found type of darts, especially in bars and clubs, are brass darts. the more durable but also usually heavier. purchasing a new dartboard, a set of brass darts are often included in the box and they are a great dart to use, when starting out in the sport.

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What is a bristle dartboard and why should I buy one as opposed to other styles?
ANSWER : Bristle
dartboards are made from tough and stiff fibers (known as sisal fibers); which
are clumped together and compacted, and are then held in place with steel
bands. In my opinion, bristle boards are
superior. Due to the strong fibers they
are essentially self-healing – what I mean by this is that once you remove your
darts from the board, the fibers go back into place.

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Are electronic dartboards more expensive than bristle dartboards?
will notice that most electronic boards are more costly because they offer a wider
variety of options. When choosing to
purchase an electronic dartboard you are getting more than one game, you are
buying a product with several games built in one console.

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What is height and throwing distance? – Regent Oxford Bristle Dart Board w/Cabinet
ANSWER : You will find it here.

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Where can I buy an electronic dartboard online?
ANSWER : This depends greatly on what features you want in your
dartboard. If you like playing a certain
game of darts then you need to ensure that the board your buying has that game
built in as one of the options. I have a
few sites for you; nevertheless I strongly advise you do some shopping around
of your own.

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My dartboard hangs from the top, but doesn’t mount flush
ANSWER : If its not electric it should have a screw and mounting plate that goes on the back of the board in the middle not top should have a mark on it. but there should have had 3 plastic stopper looking pieces that go on the outside edges on the back and what you do is adjust the screw until the board fits snug to the wall

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So i bought a tippmann 98 custom and it came with a 9oz tank now im ready to upgrade the tank and it seems that all the ones i can buy from my local dicks sporting goods store wont work witht he gun so the question is do you need to buy bigger tanks from tippmann and cant just buy any tank for it?
ANSWER : If it’s a single use crossman tank, it’s just an adapter problem, can you send a pic?

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What is the correct AC adaptor for this model ?
ANSWER : Been looking all over for mine and found no help online. Just found the adapter in a box so heres my info:Output: 9.0V 0.5AOn the connector itself, outside is positive, inside is negative.Model Number of adapter is SCF0900050A1BAHope this helps somebody in the future… Or at least I find this page again next time I misplace the adapter

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