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Reset your sound settings

Press Home on your Sky remote. Scroll down to the bottom of the home screen and select Settings. Select Picture & Sound, then Sound. Select Digital audio output HDMI and make sure it`s set to Auto.

Increase the volume on the TV and/or your connected media device (streaming player, Blu-ray player, cable or satellite box, etc.). Check the audio settings on your TV and connected devices. Turn off and unplug your TV and connected devices. Inspect the TV cables and ports, then check the ones on your devices as well.
@PEMT Try a different HDMI port on your TV and/or a different HDMI cable. Another thing is check the sound settings on the TV when playing HD from Sky. See if it`s not set correctly. And if you have a headphone jjack, try that and if your TV has bluetooth, try that too (if you can).
This is a common issue and it is due to the setting for “Dolby Digital Plus”. Change it to “Dolby Digital” and voila, sound. Menu, Settings, Setup, Audio Visual, Digital Audio Output HDMI – Change to Dolby Digital.
Press TV then hold down select and 1 together until the LED flashes twice. If the remote flashes twice it will now control the sound of your amplifier when volume up, down or mute are pressed and your TV sound if arrow up, down or right are pressed.
It is possible that the Scart or HDMI connector (the cables which connects your Sky box to your TV) has come loose again causing no sound to be heard. It`s also worth double-checking the cables are correctly and securely plugged in to both the TV and Sky Box inputs.
Check the volume level and mute settings on your television. Make sure mute is OFF and that the volume setting is at an appropriately audible level. If you need help, check the documentation for your TV manufacturer. If you are using a composite cable, check that the audio connectors are snugly attached at both ends.
The simplest way to solve an audio issue on your TV is to try increasing the volume. Using your TV`s remote, press the Volume up button. If you cannot see the volume displayed on the screen, navigate to Settings, then select Sound, and then select Sound Output. Select TV Speaker.
Got a Sky remote with Voice Control? Press and hold the voice button (which can be found either on the side or front of your Sky remote) and say “Audio Description on” into the microphone.
To watch the Sky Sports channels in full HD, you`ll need to upgrade to NOW Boost.
Unlike subtitles, sign language can`t be switched on or off as it`s part of the broadcast.
Press the buttons 7 & 9 together on the remote until it`s led flashes four times. Then press 1 & 3 together until the led flashes twice then follow onscreen instructions to repair the remote.
Unplug your TVs power cable and plug it back in after 5 minutes. A minor software glitch might have occurred and corrupted its audio output. Turning it off and turning it back on should fix the problem. Switch channels to find out if you still experience audio loss on every channel.
Check the sound settings on your TV – the sound might be disabled. Talking of computers, here are some common things causing sound issues: A wrong sound driver or an incompatible playback device are selected in the settings. Or, speakers are selected instead of the HDMI port in default sound settings.
Open the Settings app and navigate to System > Sound. Scroll down to the Advanced section and select All sound devices. Select the audio device you want to enable. Click the Allow button next to Audio.
Check the speaker icon on the Livestream player.

Click the icon to turn the sound back on and adjust the volume.

You`ll just need to set the sound output. Press the Home button on your remote, and then navigate to and select Settings. Select Sound, select Sound Output, and then select the desired sound output.
Press Home on your Sky Q remote, go to Settings, then select Setup and then Preferences.
If you connect a Sky Q to the Soundbox`s HDMI input and activate HDMI Control on the Sky Q, hitting the Sky Q remote`s question mark button calls up `Q Sound` menus that allow you to choose between three different sound modes: Speech, Late Night and Kids.
High definition viewing of your favourite sports is available when you sign up to a Sky Sports deal. Catch the latest action in stunning visuals, with every Sky Sport channel available in HD.
If you are a Sky Sports Complete or Sky Sports F1 and UHD customer, you can enjoy channels 401 and 406 in the very best picture & sound quality 24/7. Allowing you to experience more exclusive live sport than anywhere else in stunning Ultra HD & HDR quality.
Make sure you`re using an HDMI cable.

If you`re using a single yellow cable, you`re watching in SD. Single yellow cables cannot support HD–instead, you need an HDMI cable. HDMI transmits both audio and visuals from your source device (such as your cable/satellite box, gaming console, or Blu-ray player) to your HDTV.

Make sure your HDMI cable is plugged into the correct port on your TV. Some TVs support their full set of 4K features only on certain ports. Refer to your TV manual or try the different ports on your TV. Check your TV`s settings menu.

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Tranny sound when at low speed and letting off trottle or just getting back on trottle it sounds like a grinding noise or sounds like tranny isnt all the way in gear other than the sound everything is workin properly
ANSWER : Try reproducing the sound with the car off to see if it’s related to the throttle or engine.

Don’t overlook a broken motor mount. If the vehicle is an automatic transmission, you can set the parking brake and with the hood open rock the trans from reverse to forward and see if the motor moves up and down much. Some times a small amount of accelleration while in gear will help to see it move. If it moves up and down, look for a broken motor mount. Try recreating the noise with the trans in park or neutral. This will help to isolate engine or tranny noise. If that’s not the problem, someone else will have to help with internal issues.

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ANSWER : HELLO; You need to adjust the linkage it’s grinding the reverse gear. GOOD LUCK….. GREASY

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Trying to install a new fluro light, pull out old light to find 3 reds and 3 blacks 1 copper earth. What do I do to connect it up the right way??? When I pulled the old Fluro light out the 3 Reds were joined together with a connector ,two blacks were joined to one end of light wire, the other to the other end of the light wire,earth wire to the light case,the third black wire was connected to the wire from the ballast? Does this all make sense
ANSWER : No, this does not make sense but I have seen strange wiring before. There is power going from the light someplace else. Just connect it back up exactly as the old light was connected. It worked before so it will work again. If it works it is wired correctly. Without being there to check which wire was the hot wire and which was neutral it is impossible for me to say what is what. Make sure you connect the ground wire to the light chassis.

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How do i install bell 3-bike rack on suv?
ANSWER : We can install bike racks for 3 bikes. Consult with us and provide your details at

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I have a remington 30,000 btu propane air heater that ive used 3 times in 3 wont stay running unless i hold the fuel switch all the time once i release the switch the flame goes out.any help on how to fix this problem?
ANSWER : You need a new THERMOCOUPLE. They seem to be out of business. I would try a Heating and Cooling Supplier and try to match it up with what they have in stock.

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Im getting oil back pressure from the dip stick , have fitted new pistons and one liner replaced sounds great apart from this oil back pressure ,please some body give me some sound pointers
ANSWER : Check the rocker cover breather tube for blockage then continue till you get to the airbox

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Kettler outdoor Table tennis table
ANSWER : Http://

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