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The referee says en guard, French for on guard, at the
begging of a match to signify that they opponents need their guards up.

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En garde — The first in a sequence of commands that signals the start of a bout. En garde is French for “on guard” and describes the position fencers take before a bout. Epee — A type of weapon used in fencing.
Allez. The French word for “Go.” This is the command for fencers to begin fencing.
Fencers scream for the same reason competitors in other sports scream – to express frustration, celebrate, influence officials, intimidate and because of pain or injury.
What do fencers say when they win? In tournament competitions, it is best not to say anything that could offend other competition members. Usually, a short “good job” or “nice fencing” is an excellent way to end a match on good terms.
Prior to starting a bout, the fencers must salute each other. Refusal to do so can result in a fencer`s suspension or disqualification. Both fencers must salute each other and the referee.
A fence, also known as a receiver, mover, or moving man, is an individual who knowingly buys stolen goods in order to later resell them for profit.
Fencing is a sport that uses a number of French words, which can be confusing to people who are either new to the sport or do not speak the language.
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Quiet should be maintained while the fencers are in action, since calling or shouting can interfere with the intense concentration required of players and officials.
Anger is stupid, and stupidity will kill you more surely than your opponent`s blade. Those prancing little pants-wetters come here to learn the colorful and gentlemanly art of fencing, with its many sporting limitations and its proscriptions against dishonorable engagements.
The informal term sabreur refers to a male fencer who follows the discipline; sabreuse is the female equivalent.
Fencing is an individual sport, which means that the talents of a fencer are on showcase during every single bout. However it`s important to note that because fencing requires an opponent, it`s a bit more complex than individual sports like swimming or track, which offer no solid opponent.
This was recognised by fencing masters as early as the sixteenth century. They also agreed that the advantage was due to left-handers` numbers* that being a minority gave them more opportunities to compete against right- handers than right-handers had against them.
Of course, the most obvious reason to wear a fencing mask is that it provides protection for the head, face and neck. You can take a reasonably sturdy hit to the head, or a stiff thrust to the face, and it is not much of a problem if you are wearing a decent fencing mask.
In the age of duels, competitors would issue a challenge by throwing down their glove or gauntlet. We joke that this is the reason that modern fencers only wear one glove – because we would already have thrown the other glove at the opponent before starting the bout.
Today, a fencing master is skilled in the use and instruction of foils, epees, and sabres, the last two of which were still being used in duels well into the 20th century. He may end up specializing in one weapon, but traditionally a master must pass his examinations in all three.
Modern fencing originated in the 18th century in the Italian school of fencing of the Renaissance, and, under its influence, was improved by the French school. The Spanish school didn`t become prominent until the 19th century. Nowadays, these three schools are the most influential around the world.
en garde. / French (ɑ̃ ɡard) / interjection. on guard; a call to a fencer to adopt a defensive stance in readiness for an attack or bout.
Here, you`ll see that male fencers tend to be right at 6 feet and female fencers average 5.5 feet. While that might make it seem like fencers have to be on the taller side to win, it`s not so stark when you look at the greats.
Left handers have long held the edge over right handers in one-on-one interactive combat sports. Particularly in fencing, top rankings show a relatively strong overrepresentation of left handers over right handers.
Fencing is not trying to be historically accurate, it`s a modern sport with its own evolved ruleset with historical origins.
There are myriad of studies you can find on the internet, and all of them depict that fencing is not considered a dangerous, risky or potentially high injury-causing sport. Yes, injuries in fencing happen; however, they are mainly pulled or strained muscles, bruising, or sprains.
Fencing helps children learn to pay attention and to develop their decision-making abilities. Fencing helps people with ADD and ADHD to focus. Because fencing is an individual sport, the fencer is solely responsible for their success or failure, which becomes a great lesson in responsibility.
Fencing requires a good deal of mental agility – probably more than any other sport, but along with that, fencing also needs power, balance, dexterity and motor skills. All this adds up to it being a surprisingly taxing sport. With good technique and training, fencing injuries are very rare.

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ANSWER : You could probably continue the vinyl fencing but that will cost a lot. You could always use a chain link fence which is really cheap and easy to install but it won’t look right.

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ANSWER : Check your manual. If you don´t have one, they can get you virtually any Reebok manual.

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I am trying to get the pictures from my camera finepix j210
ANSWER : Depending on computer, some computers will not be compatible with different software. Try finding a different driver for that particular software.

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What if you accidentally step off the mat during a fencing match?
ANSWER : There
are rules for missteps such as this – if the adjacent boundary is crossed it
will result in a loss of one meter distance.
If your own end of the strip is crossed, a point will be awarded to your

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In fencing, how do you win a match? – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : Depending
on the competition, a match (or bout) can last anywhere from 5-15 points. A referee officiates matches and determines
whether or not the athletes in the match followed the rules or not. The rules for scoring a point are different
depending on which weapon is being used.

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ANSWER : There’s too many variables on this one. First, Second, or Third Model. Standard or Deluxe. Casehardened or Blued. I’d suggest you go to the library and find a copy of The Standard Catalog of Firearms. Page 828 (in the 1995 edition) should give you enough information to identify yours. There’s a page in the front that will help you determine the condition of your gun.

Or I would take to a good gun dealer and have them appraise it for you.

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Bought a famous trails metal detector and when installing batteries and turning it on the needle shoots all the way to the left.Nothing will move it nor will it detect anything.the manual says something about resetting it but doesn’t say how.Does anyone know what the problem could be??/Thank you
ANSWER : I have a metal detector similar to a Famous Trails.

This would indicate that your sensitivity switch is set to full high. Try rotating the sensitivity switch to the center. There should be a button just below the meter which, when pressed, causes the needle to center.

With sensitivity set to mid range and the needle centered, the buzzer should not be sounding unless the coil is near some sort of metal.

Make sure all of the other knobs, if any, are also centered.

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