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I use a good quality shuffleboard paste wax and silicone on the playing surface before applying the wax beads, but the pucks shove the wax beads off and create dead spots.

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Answer: It has to do with the combination of the puck, perhaps yours are too flat, or often you have too much wax on the table. Most people don`t know you play one game then sweep off all the powder and apply a fresh new coat. The pucks tend to plow less on a light coat of wax.
Application for the wax is identical to application of the polish, buff lightly with a dry towel until the surface is as smooth as ice. Once again, depending on the use of the board, 2 to 3 times per month is usually recommended.
Shuffleboard Puck Shape

There are 3 general shapes to a puck; flat, pointed, or cupped. Generally speaking, flatter pucks slide faster on the table. The more pointed your puck is the slower it will slide.

The plow doesn`t have to scrape every snowflake from the ground. Set the plow at about a half-inch above the surface, so the blade can move most of the snow volume away without coming into contact with the driveway.
Although it is technically possible to reuse shuffleboard wax a few times, this isn`t always advisable. That`s because it is made of minuscule silicone balls, which become jagged and uneven once you use your pucks on them. If you reuse the wax, you could risk damaging the playfield. It will also slow down your game.
Shuffleboard wax, also known as sand, dust, powder, cheese, salt, sawdust, and more, is a material that`s sprinkled on table shuffleboards to decrease friction between the puck and the table, preserve the tables thickness, and increase the speed of weights as they glide across the table.
You can score by either knocking the opponent`s puck off the shuffleboard table, or by sliding your puck into a score zone of higher value. That is the general way the game is played.
Dutch shuffleboard, also known as Sjoelbak or Sjoelen, is a variation of table shuffleboard that has been influenced by games such as bagatelle, pinball, billiards, skeeball, and miniature golf. Yes, it`s a very rich game that pulls together pieces of many popular home recreation games.
Using the rail to guide your shooting hand, the side-wheeling shot is the standard and more accurate method of shooting. This method, which is particularly helpful on longer shuffleboards, involves directing the puck with your thumb, index, and middle fingers while your ring and pinky fingers use the edge as a guide.
Shuffleboard wax, otherwise called sand or salt, is a what is sprinkled on table to diminish rubbing between the puck and the table. It likewise assists with saving the tables thickness, and speed up loads as they coast across the table.
In order to decrease friction, the table is periodically sprinkled liberally with tiny, salt-like beads of silicone (often referred to as shuffleboard wax even though silicone is not a wax, or sometimes as shuffleboard sand, or shuffleboard cheese, due to its visual similarity to grated cheese).
The best speed for plowing snow is about the same as for spreading salt, but for different reasons. A snowplow going 30 to 35 mph will do the best job of clearing the road without burning up too much diesel fuel, said Michael Flick, spokesman for New York`s North Country transportation department office.
Merrill further concluded that “on deep heavy soil, plowing to a depth of 10 inches will insure as good and possibly better results than plowing to a greater depth but that on lighter soils an occasional plowing to a depth of 15 to 18 inches is advisable.”
Plowing refreshes the planting field by overturning a brand new layer of soil. However, you want to wait until the soil that you previously buried through plowing have had the time to break down and develop. Plowing every month is unnecessary and counter-productive. It`s better to do this once or twice a year.
Traditional plowing leads to soil loss. Plowing disturbs bacteria, fungi, and animals that make soils naturally fertile, and it releases the carbon stored in soil organic matter to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. It also raises the risk of erosion, which moves fertile farm soil into bodies of water.
Silicone spray for shuffleboards is key to making each game better than the last. Silicone spray provides a slick, smooth surface for pucks to glide on, and for wax to adhere to. The silicone also protects the beautiful playing surface from puck damage.
Never use any silicone spray that is not specifically designed for shuffleboards, as it may be too slick or could potentially damage some surfaces. With the entire table coated, let it sit for a few minutes, then gently buff off the remainder with a towel.
In order for the shuffleboard “groat” or “puck” to slide so smoothly across the playfield shuffleboard tables require a special shuffleboard “sand”. This is not the type of sand that you find at the beach but a specially designed material made for use on shuffleboard tables.
Good types of wood include mahogany, oak, and maple. Always go with hardwoods whenever possible. MDF may look nice and cost less but hardwood is the best when you want to build a quality table.
Shuffleboard wax is categorized using a numeric speed rating system. A wax rating of 1 is the slowest while a rating of 3 will create a slick surface and faster playing speeds. Waxing your shuffleboard is essential to creating an ideal playing field.
It is legal to aim your own shots at a player`s puck with the goal of removing them from the scoring zone or even into the 10 OFF zone, for which a player receives a penalty of minus 10 points. If a player`s puck is on the 10 OFF line then the player receives a five point penalty.
After all eight disks have been played, the score can be counted. For a disk to count for points, it must be completely within a scoring area and not touching any lines that border the area.
Shuffleboard is a favorite among many seniors since it is typically played outside and is less physically demanding than other sports. They can participate in enjoyable physical activity outside without having too many physical limitations.
Eisstockschiessen, (German: “ice-stock shooting”) also called Eisschiessen or German curling, a game played on ice in the winter and on asphalt or other surfaces during the rest of the year, similar to curling and shuffleboard.

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Ranault Laguna mk2 steering diagram – Sparex Track Rod End – 63245 – Track Rod End
ANSWER : Google it Check on youtube or other various computer sights.

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1994 v max 600 track installation
ANSWER : Scott called my brother and he talked him through it so i don’t know how it was done.
Thanks for trying

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Replacing 2001 mxz track with a new Camopast Cobra track. Got the new one on but it is not aligning with the drive cog.
ANSWER : Place the drive shaft
inside the track. Tracks are directional. The arrow on the track must face
the direction of rotation.
Put the drive shaft up
in place. This may be tricky with the weight of the track.
Reassemble the
speedometer housing. If you have trouble getting the speedometer drive to
line up, take off the end of the cable at the speedometer and turn the inner
cable and it will fall right into place.
Reinstall the secondary
Reassemble the chain
case just like you took it apart.
Check the chain
tension. Refer to the manual if necessary.
Reinstall the cover and
Fill with chain case
with oil designed for chain cases only. We use and like the Spectro
synthetic chain case oil.
Place the brake caliper
and parking brake assemblies in place and tighten up.
Re-install the muffler.

Re-install the rear
suspension. Inspect it carefully before installation. Check all the bearings
and cross shafts and idler wheels at this point because it is so much easier
now with the rear suspension out. It is a good idea to adjust it if you need
to and grease it while it is out of the machine. This can be tricky and you
will really need someone to help you line it up.
Set the rear suspension
in place and get the mounting bolts in place. No need to torque them down at
this point because it maybe a pain just to line up the suspension arms.
Once everything is
lined up and in place go ahead and tighten all mounting bolts. You should
find out the torque specs and torque them to the correct spec.
Tighten up the transfer
rods if equipped.
Adjust the track
Tighten the rear axle.
Check everything over
to make sure you didn’t miss anything.
Reinstall the drive
Run the sled on the
stand to check the alignment of the track.
After riding the sled
for a while, check the track tension because it is going to stretch some. It
is also a good idea to get some miles on a new track before studding it.

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I bought a Nordic Track Walk Fit manual treadmill at a garage sale. It is missing the belt that goes around the ‘pulley wheel’ at the side. I thought it would be a matter of going to the Nordic Track website, but nothing comes up on their site when I enter the Walk Fit name. Where can I get a belt for this machine? The model number has been torn off but the date it was made was January 1995.
ANSWER : Hi this site will help you find what you are looking for..just click link and it will take you there hope this helps please rate thanks

good luck

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My table shuffleboard manual did not come with maintenance tips for waxing. Does anyone know how to properly apply wax to a shuffleboard table?
ANSWER : Here is an article on how to wax your shuffleboard table.

How To Wax A Shuffleboard Table

How To Wax Shuffleboard Table Venture Shuffleboard

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Why would pucks not stay on table during play
ANSWER : That usually happens when I hit the puck way too hard. Especially on small tables. I love air hockey.

Good Luck.

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Can you use the same pucks on every size shuffleboard table?
ANSWER : You could; however it is recommended that you use smaller
medium pucks on tables 12 feet or smaller.
Here is a great site for smaller table pucks –

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