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For most Travel Trailers, the battery will be located at the front of the trailer on the tongue. In most Fifth Wheels, the battery can be located toward the front in one of your storage bays.
The battery that supplies 12 volts to your RV is also called the house battery and you might have more than one. This is a type of deep cycle battery that powers the home appliances in your RV, like your microwave, refrigerator and TV.
Most RVs have one or more batteries. The batteries provide your RV with a source of power when no external power is available. The amount of power the batteries can provide on their own is fairly low — they can run the lights, water pump, and small appliances for the better part of the day, but that is about it.
Pop up campers require a deep cycle battery in order to operate properly. Deep cycle batteries are designed for use in recreational vehicles and are made to withstand repeated deep discharge cycles. There are two main types of batteries that are used in pop up campers: lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries.
That being said, there is a built-in charger in your RV`s electrical system to charge your batteries. This only takes place when hooked up to shore power. RV batteries are designed to provide power for longer periods and drain to lower levels than automotive batteries.
If you are looking for more power for your RV, connecting 2 RV batteries is a novel solution to your problem. Joining 2 RV batteries together increases the voltage, the capacity, or both to give you more power.
Your RV batteries work by receiving and storing electricity from your chosen power source. They hold this power until you discharge the battery by utilizing the electrical equipment plugged into the battery. Batteries are the key to making sure you have the comforts of home wherever your RVing travels take you.
Almost all RVs come with a power cord to plug into the electrical pedestal at a campground with hookups. This is also known as a “shore power” connection. These power cords come in two amperages: 30-amp and 50-amp. A 30-amp cord has three prongs, and a 50-amp has four.
Types of RV Batteries

The three most common types of house batteries available today are flooded lead-acid (FLA), absorbed glass mat (AGM) and lithium (Li-Ion). Each is suitable for use in RVs but has unique benefits and disadvantages. Flooded lead-acid (FLA).

Most RVs come with a 100 Ah lead-acid battery. These batteries are typically enough to power the bare essentials (lights and water pump) in an RV for approximately 24 hours.
It`s a lot like a car battery and uses the same chemistry to create and retain power, but a deep-cycle battery produces a steady amount of current over a longer period of time, whereas car batteries create a lot of current over a short period of time (since they then charge while you`re driving anyway).
Don`t attempt to jumpstart an RV with a small car or a small engine. It just won`t work and can cause catastrophic damage. However, if you drive a large truck or SUV, you may jumpstart your RV like you would jumpstart a car.
To connect RV batteries in series, you connect the positive terminal of one battery to the negative terminal of another battery and so on until all of the batteries are connected. Then, use a cable to connect the first battery`s negative terminal to the last battery`s positive terminal.
The 12-volt-DC electrical system is one of the primary lifelines of an RV.
Converter Charger (AC charger)

Incoming AC power to your RV converts to DC to power your major appliances and 12V system, and to charge your batteries. All RV`s have a converter charger as it`s required for the DC system to work even when plugged in.

Many trucks/vehicles pulling a trailer will provide a charge to the trailer battery while driving down the road. However, that charge will not be enough to sufficiently charge a depleted battery.
Is it Okay to Leave Your RV Plugged in All the Time? Again, the short answer about keeping your RV plugged in all the time is – no. The risks include battery damage from overcharging and frozen refrigerator coils, as most RV refrigerators need to be periodically cycled off and thawed.
You might think that your battery will stay charged at the level you left it when it`s in storage, but unfortunately, this isn`t the case. If you aren`t using your RV, you should always disconnect your RV battery when in storage to keep your RV battery and electrical system healthy.
It`s no wonder most RVs still rely on lead-acid batteries for their house batteries. But in recent years, you may have been fielding more requests for Li-Ion batteries from RVers. Li-Ions are becoming more popular in RVs due to their high energy density, long life and low maintenance.
Sulfation, parasitic loads, self-discharging, overcharging, undercharging, and lack of maintenance are the usual suspects of battery death, but they are all relatively easy to prevent with regular attention and smart battery charging.
In fact, you should try to charge your battery at least once a month, whether it`s been used or not. This will help keep your battery healthy and ensure that you have plenty of power when you need it. Another thing to keep in mind is how to extend the life of your RV battery.
Generally speaking, high-quality lithium RV batteries are designed to last much longer than traditional lead-acid batteries, which typically last between 3 to 5 years with proper maintenance. In contrast, a well-maintained lithium RV battery can last up to 10 years or more, depending on the factors mentioned above.
A smaller and efficient RV air conditioner will run for 4-12 hours on a 12V 280 Amp Hour Dakota Lithium battery. Smaller air conditioning units are typically 5,000 – 6,000 BTUs of cooling ability and consume 40 to 80 amps at 12 volts.
You can charge your batteries by plugging your camper into a household 120-volt electric outlet at home or a campground.

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Pop-up camper lights all turn on when tow-vehicle lights are on
ANSWER : FIRST, make sure white wire of camper is grounded to the frame of tow-vehicle. Temporarily use a jumper-cable frame-to-frame. Then apply 12volts individually to each of the three circuits to the camper. Assuming a 4-wire flat connector — brown wire is for marker lamps; yellow is left brake/turn; green is right brake/turn

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How to insert battery. I have a 2 year old watch I have never used. I cannot get it to start so I presume the battery is dead. When I open the cover I find battery has a thin metal strip over it and cannot figure how to open it to get the battery out
ANSWER : Try to find a small micro liver to push and battery get released or try to slide the thin metal strip to any side so that u can take it out.

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Every time I replace the 4 AA batteries all camera
ANSWER : There is an internal battery back up for storing settings. It’s soldered to the main board and I don’t think it’s a rechargeable battery judging by the amount of people who have owned these cameras who have encountered the same problem.
It’s a watch type battery and these things do go flat after a few years and unless you know the type and voltage only fuji service centres can replace.
It won’t affect the camera’s performance it’s just a pain having to set up each time you change the batteries.

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I have a scooter which has 2 batteries they sit side by side.i forgot how to connect them up.i know the RED lead goes to the +on the first battery .then there is a short RED lead in the middle of the two what post does it go on the first & second battery. + or –
ANSWER : Hi and welcome to FixYa,Initially, postback with the brand and exact model number of the scooter.Offhand and to my understanding, the batteries are connected in series. If so:

RED lead to the + terminal of the 1st battery ( as you have posted);
– terminal of the 1st battery to one end of the short RED lead;
the other end of the short RED lead to the + terminal of the 2nd battery;
– terminal of the 2nd battery to usually a black wire.Please re-confirm by checking voltage rating of each of the battery and the voltage requirement of the scooter. Doing the above would result to voltage of 1st battery plus voltage of 2nd battery or if the same rating equal to double the rating of each battery.Good luck and thank you for using FixYa.

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Battery required for Omron hj-102
ANSWER : LR43 1.5v Alkaline Button Batteries also known as AG12 301 386 L1142 LR1142 186 D301 D386

You should be able to find a suitable replacement at a hardware store, or perhaps a drugstore or supermarket.

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New battery just put boat in water always had a solar powered charger on battery took it off about a week ago today went to start boat battery dead. I do not know if it has altanator or what have a friend mechanic says he has a meter to test whatever, if you can send what to tes & numbers of tests & what might be bad or not hooked up. Thanks Brown
ANSWER : You will need to do 3 tests:

1 – you must find out if you have a short in the wiring: disconnect the + cable from the battery and put an ampermeter in there to close the circuit; if a current is detected it means that you have a short and it will drain the battery. To locate the short start disconnecting wires and look at the meter – when you will disconnect the wire that goes to the failed wire or part the current will stop flowing; find the faulty part and fix or replace it.2 – you must find out if the alternator is charging the battery correctly: start the motor, wait for half an hour then measure the voltage on the battery. If it’s below 14.1 volts then the alternator is failing and it will have to be replaced.3 – you must find out if the battery is in good working order: after the second test has finished shut down the engine and disconnect the battery; wait one hour and measure it -if the voltage on it has dropped to below 11.8 volts then the battery has aged and it’s no longer holding the charge so replace it.

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The air conditioner on my pop up camper is loud and vibrating
ANSWER : Sounds like the compressor in your air conditioner has a broken spring in it,you can not take the compressor apart to fix,has to be replaced(cashy).I assume your camper is shaking,and the noise only happens when you turn on the air.

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