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Http:// website has stringing machines.

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Tannertec – The First Full Automatic Stringing Machine.
Choosing the right tennis stringing machine depends on how frequently you break strings, your budget, and how precise you need to be with the tension. Drop-weight machines are cheap but can be less precise – a good choice for frequent recreational players. Electronic machines are expensive but very precise.
Any racquet can be strung in one of two ways, by using one piece of string for both the horizontal and vertical stringing, or by using a separate piece for each.
If you visit the stringing room of most major tournaments, you`ll find that with few exceptions, Babolat machines are the mainstay of the tour stringer.
Hybrid stringing refers to a stringing method where two different strings are combined when stringing a racquet, one for the vertical mains and another for the horizontal crosses.
Manual crank (lockout) stringing machines use a crank to achieve the correct tension, at which point the tension mechanism locks into place. These stringing machines allow racquets to be strung more quickly than with drop weight machines.
You can string by hand. Awls are used to hold tension, you tension the string around by wrapping it around a dowel,rotating the string until you get the pitch on the plucked string that sounds tight enough. Carefully push the awl in the hole to lock the tension. Handle of the racket held between your knees.
Besides saving money and avoiding the frustration of visiting a shop, you`ll also be saving lots of time by stringing racquets yourself. Although the first few times might take longer as you get used to your machine and the actual process of stringing, it gets progressively easier after that.
As a general rule you should re-string each year as often as you play per week. If you play twice per week, you should restring your racket twice per year. All strings gradually stretch and lose their resiliency or go dead, even if you play infrequently.
It is difficult to choose between two iconic brands like Yonex and Babolat, as they both offer high quality rackets that cover a range of needs. Whilst Yonex arguably produce more performance focussed rackets, Babolat manage to cover more bases with their line up.
Djokovic`s String

Novak strings Babolat VS Team Natural Gut in the main strings at 59 lbs and Luxilon Alu Power Rough in cross strings at 56 lbs. What is this? The natural gut main strings provide the most dominant response from the racket, offering oodles of power and silky levels of touch and feel.

Fakes are not just unique to racquets, these days string brands like Signum Pro and Luxilon are being continually copied due to their success. If you wish to engage in a discussion about fake racquets on eBay, please visit this page.
So why are your cross strings breaking before your mains? Although the main strings commonly break first since they`re doing most of the sliding around during ball impact, hybrid stringing changes the balance of things, so to speak.
The advantages of hybrid strings aren`t limited to just the way that they feel, though. That`s because they also give you a slightly more varied tonal palette. For example, slinky strings generally produce brighter highs, while thicker strings deliver a fuller and more even tone.
A luthier (/ˈluːtiər/ LOO-ti-ər; AmE also /ˈluːθiər/ LOO-thi-ər) is a craftsperson who builds or repairs string instruments that have a neck and a sound box.
Roland RS-202

Generally regarded as one of the best sounding string synthesizers ever made, the RS-202 spawned a nearly exact clone in the Multivox MX-202. In the `70s, one company ripping off another`s design and selling it in a different market was a pretty common practice.

Heavier gauge strings produce darker, more sustained tones. More vibrating metal in front of the pickup`s magnetic field generates more volume. Thicker strings are also more capable of driving the top of an acoustic. If a big, sustained tone is better for you, then thicker strings sound better.
For the big swinging polyester user / string breaker who wants extra power but also requires durability, we recommend going with a softer polyester string. This class of polyester strings (typically called “co-polys” or “co-polyesters”) have excellent durability while deploying additives to increase power.
The next time you get your racquet re-strung, try it a couple of pounds looser than you normally would string your racquet at. Think of your stringbed like a trampoline – the looser the tension, the more the ball sinks in at contact and then shoots out with more energy and at a higher trajectory.
Polyester Strings

These strings are durable and provide a good amount of spin and control. So if you are looking for power, a softer polyester string, strung at a low tension and combined with a multifilament or natural gut would be the way to go.

If the racket is of the correct grip size, the distance between your palm and longest finger should approximately be the width of a finger (pictured below). If the gap is too small it means you will need a larger grip size, and if the gap is too big you will need a smaller grip size.
A larger frame is better for beginners in tennis. A larger frame makes it easier to increase the power of your shots. A more flexible racket is better for beginners than those with more experience. A smaller racket will allow more skilled tennis players to contact the ball in the same spot consistently.
A set of tennis string will string one racket, while a reel of tennis string will string 18 rackets. Reels are priced to save players money.
A stringing machine is required to re-string a tennis racket. For a racket to be strung at a specific tension, each main string (vertical) and cross string (horizontal) need to be individually pulled, and clamps are used throughout the process to hold the tension until a proper knot is tied at the end.

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