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Buy a dartboard that has no electronics. On these devices the dart stays in the place it arrives at and you can read the numbers on the board to see what the score is. This is far cheaper than repairing or replacing your electronic dartboard.

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If you miss the board or hit a number that`s already claimed, you`ll need to throw again. Rules: Using three throws in a turn, each player first tries to hit the double of his or her own number – they`re then called a `killer` and a K is placed next to their name on the scoreboard.
Bullseye scores 50, the outer ring scores 25 and a dart in the double or treble ring counts double or treble the segment score. The objective is to be the first player to reduce the score to exactly zero, the only caveat being that the last dart thrown must land in a double or the bullseye.
If a dart thrown does not stick on the board and falls off, the dart machine reaction (points) will be considered a valid score. Even if the points are not added, the player can not rethrow.
Throwing darts is physical exertion in itself as is walking to the oche and from the oche to the dartboard to collect the darts. There is no doubt darts involves physical exertion and it also requires plenty of skills. Throwing three darts into a very narrow target to score 180 is not luck, it requires skill.
A player will always be allowed to throw all three of their darts. or throw fewer than three darts. throw counts if it misses the board and bounces out, or if it misses the board completely. A player may not throw any darts over again.
It`s somewhat easy to predict the outright winner of a darts match, once you become familiar with a player`s past performances or current form. Figuring out the exact score of the match is far more complicated and therefore comes with better value.
In the dart golf game, the bullseye is used as part of a three-part tie breaker that also includes the treble twenty. Hitting three bullseyes in darts is known as the “Alan Evans shot“.
The bullseye is only worth 50 points in the game of darts because that is the highest point value that can be given to a single dart throw. The bullseye is divided into two sections – the outer bullseye and the inner bullseye. The outer bullseye is worth 25 points, while the inner bullseye is worth 50 points.
Players take turns throwing three darts at the board, trying to hit 15 through 20 and the bullseye. If you hit any other number, nothing happens. Cricket requires each person to “close out” numbers, meaning players have to score each number (15 through 20) and the bullseye three times before the game can end.
The first player to lower his/her score to 0 wins! The score needs to be exactly 0. If the remaining points are 12, you`ll be required to complete the game by hitting single 12, double 6, or triple 4!
Darts may not have broken or cut off tips. No blow darts or magnetic darts are allowed. g.
If a dart bounces off the board or misses it completely, it does not get a score (and also can`t be rethrown). The dart board is divided into wedges, with point values marked along the outer edge of the circle.
Arguably the most difficult nine-dart finish would be 180 (3×T20), 171 (3×T19), and 150 (3×bullseye) – owing to the difficulty of getting all three darts in the bullseye: it is the smallest double on the board.
The PDC World Darts Championship has had nine perfect legs in 25,982 legs and 1319 matches. A slightly lower rate of one in every 2887 legs (coincidentally one in 147 matches.)
With the expertise of some darts players, a nine darter is easily achievable after throwing a few accurate arrows and a game can therefore be won very quickly. So by starting on 501 instead of 500, it limits the chances of the action being over very quickly.
A player with good aim can finish 301 in 6 darts. As with classic 501, the 2 main focuses of the game are scoring high and hitting your doubles. Practicing these skills can improve your 301 game.
As with any sport, some players have a natural talent and others need to work hard to play well. Darts is no different but however good you are naturally, you will only improve your darts skills if you practice. how many times you can hit it within 10 minutes and then move on to the next one around the board.
A bogey number is a score than can not be taken out in the same number of darts that a higher score can be taken out. 170 is the highest score that can be taken out in three darts while lower scores 169, 168, 166, 165, 163, 162, and 159 can not.
The thin inner ring of the board, it usually counts for three times the number hit. Triple in, triple out. An x01 game that requires a triple throw to start and win. Turkey. 30 points.
Hitting the single, double and treble of the nominated number is known as SHANGHAI. But then you probably already knew that. The word SHANGHAI comes from nautical slang and means `to drug of otherwise render insensible, and ship on board a vessel wanting hands.
Bed and breakfast: A score of 26 achieved by hitting a single 1, a single 5 and a single 20 within one round, called a bed and breakfast because breakfast used to cost 26 pence.
So if you hit a triple 20 with each of your 3 darts, you will score 180 points, a full 30 points more than if you hit 3 bullseyes.
Circular wires within the outer wire subdivide each section into single, double and triple areas. So, hitting the bullseye gives you 50 points and hitting triple 20 gives you 60 points, simple as that. It`s all about the points. A triple 20 is worth 60 pints and a bullseye (in the red center) is worth 50.
The highest score is triple 20 (60 points)!

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05 750 brute force missing badly
ANSWER : Just had same problem. Take carbs off and clean all jets and bowl. Be carful front and rear carb have different sized jets. When you put quad back together put entire airbox together even the cover. This quad will backfire unless air box is complete. I bet you anything your carb is full of trash.

How do I set up a dart board the correct way, with measurements etc? And where is the best place to put your dart board?
ANSWER : Id say the best place is where you have an open space to play, normally we have ours outside on the patio, but in winter we put it on the back of the hallway door, we use soft cork on the outsides of the board so when you throw miss, it lands in the cork, not the door. Have a look at this site:
Dart Board Part 1 as they have all the measurements you need with a picture as well explaining everything to the tee.

Jeep liberty head gasket
ANSWER : You are not going to know for sure until you take it apart. If you are lucky it will just be the head gasket.

I am missing parts to get my cascade running.
ANSWER : Penn Plax has manuals on thier website (

Try this link.

Just purchased a r9 460 driver—had a original burner(10.5)—I hit it about 240 to 250 with slight fade(I'm left handed). But I felt I was hitting to ball on too high of a trajectery and losing distance. So my new r9 460 is a help lower trajectry.Also—I like hitting my fade off the tee box—-what setting do you think I should start with on my new r9 460? Thanks, Chuck
ANSWER : Here are some basics for youFor a 9.5? R9 head: R Setting Face angle 2? opened, Effective loft 8.5?, Lie angle 59? N/R Setting Face angle 1? opened, Effective loft 9.0?, Lie angle 58.5? NU/R Setting Face angle 1? opened, Effective loft 9.0?, Lie angle 59.5? N Setting Face angle square, Effective loft 9.5?, Lie angle 58? NU Setting Face angle square, Effective loft 9.5?, Lie angle 60? N/L Setting Face angle 1? closed, Effective loft 10?, Lie angle 59.5? NU/L Setting Face angle 1? closed, Effective loft 10?, Lie angle 58.5? L Setting Face angle 2? closed, Effective loft 10.5?, Lie angle 59? use any of the settings above to get the angle and trajectory you need.

What’s the highest score you can get on darts?
ANSWER : The highest score possible with three darts is180, commonly known as a “ton 80” occurs when all three darts land inthe triple 20. There are many different types of dart game and the maximumscore changes from each one.

Missing parts I am missing some of the nuts and bolts the long and short how do I go about to replace them????
ANSWER : The canvas on the Ab Lounge is NOT replaceable, and you will be treated rudely by anyone at the manufacturers phone number if you request this. They have designed this so that when the canvas tears or deteriorates you have to throw the entire piece of equipment away and purchase a new one! DO NOT buy their products! They do not care about what happens after their brief 90 day warranty!!