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Most of the common bowling track are made of wooden parquet floorand covered with a thin oily to make the ball slide smoothly on the track. Thequality of the track changes from each other depending the quality of the woodconsist the track.

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Bowling lanes can be made of wood, wood with overlays or synthetic material. All lanes require oil to be applied to a portion of the lane to protect the lane surface from the friction of the bowling ball.
Bumpers: Rails (barriers) surrounding a lane to prevent balls from going into the gutters, primarily for beginners or young children.
A bowling alley lane is 42 inches wide, and the planks are generally about 2.5 inches thick. The maple planks generally cover about twelve feet at the beginning of the lane and then another six feet at the end of the lane.
Today`s modern bowling centers install synthetic (plastic, non-wood) lanes that are able to withstand the abuse of bowling balls being “thrown” onto them. Back when bowling lanes were constructed of wood, oil was used to reduce friction and premature wear of the lane surface by the balls traveling on them.
The distance between recording channels (tracks) on a magnetic or optical surface, as measured from the center of one track to the center of the other. The track pitch determines the “track density,” which is the number of tracks per inch (see tpi).
A bowling ball`s flare potential is the maximum amount of track migration from the axis at release to the axis at impact. In other words, the more flare potential a ball has, the more hook potential. When browsing for a new ball, take note of the flare potential.

A string of strikes; i.e., five bagger is five in a row.

The Bowling Ramp helps everyone enjoy the game. The ramp is placed at the front of the lane and lined up for a direct path to the pins. The bowler simply gives the ball a slight push to send it rolling down the alley. Especially helpful for wheelchair users and those with lower extremity weakness or poor balance.
On this page you`ll find 3 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to bowling lane, such as: bowling green, and skittle alley.
Get some friends or machinery. Bowling lanes are EXTREMELY HEAVY. In general, lanes weigh anywhere from three to five hundred pounds, depending on the length.
The lanes are made of panels glued and nailed together, which means a circular saw would be cutting through nails. Bowling Alley Guy says I just need the right saw blade. Before I go much farther down this road …
Without oil, your bowling ball would hit the lane, begin sparking, leave a burn mark and explode in the gutter. OK, it wouldn`t be that bad, but it would hook too much and make the game nearly unplayable. You need oil to help control how much your ball hooks and to help you strike consistently.
Mineral oil is the main substance used in today`s lane conditioners and accounts for about 98% of most formulas. These high performance conditioners are necessary in bowling centers to help combat the aggressive bowling balls.
A strike is achieved when all the pins are knocked down on the first roll, and a spare is achieved if all the pins are knocked down on a second roll. There are ten frames and it takes 12 consecutive strikes to bowl a perfect 300 game.
Swing your bowling arm closely to your body and underneath your bowling shoulder and arm-pit area of your torso as you swing the ball into the release zone. A proper swing path enables you to stay behind the ball and not rotate your bowling fingers early.
It comes from the Middle English pichen, meaning to drive or fix firmly. Since the end of the 17th century, the process of pitching stumps into the ground to set up a game of cricket has been called “pitching the stumps”. By the late 1800s, people started using “pitch” as a noun to describe a playing area.
Definition. A slider is a breaking pitch that is thrown faster and generally with less overall movement than a curveball. It breaks sharply and at a greater velocity than most other breaking pitches.
Differential is an indicator of a bowling ball`s track flare potential. Bowling balls with lower differentials are more stable, therefore generating less track flare potential. Bowling balls with higher differentials are unstable, therefore generating a much larger track flare potential.
HyperBowling Basics

You must hit the bumper to score! The colorful targets on the bumpers are each worth a different multiplier value (2X, 3X,…) and each pin knocked down is worth 100 points. So, a 2X multiplier and 8 pins down scores 1,600 points! But watch out, the red target always results in a 0 score.

Ham-Turkey Dinner – Logically, this is a marriage of two accomplishments into one name: “hambone” (four) and “turkey” (three)—that`s seven in a row. Octopus – Whether it`s tentacles or bowling pins, an “octopus” means eight—strikes in a row, that is.
TruCut CtD Sanding Pads

They come in different grits ranging from 500 grit–5000 grit. 500 Grit will take the most surface off a bowling ball, creating an earlier hook on the lane with less backend reaction. 5000 Grit will take the least amount of surface off a bowling ball.

A string of six and nine strikes are also known as a “wild turkey” and a “golden turkey” respectively.
kegler • \KEG-ler\ • noun. : a person who bowls : bowler.
The tenth frame rewards you with a final bonus ball if you convert your spare (or make two strikes). You can thus throw nine strikes in the first nine frames and, if you get another two in the tenth, the bonus ball means the most strikes you can have in one game is twelve. This is called a perfect game. Open Frame.

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What’s a bowling track made of?
ANSWER : Most of the common bowling track are made of wooden parquet floorand covered with a thin oily to make the ball slide smoothly on the track. Thequality of the track changes from each other depending the quality of the woodconsist the track.

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