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It depends but they are
meant to fit in the palm of your hand.
There are a few different variations.

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Bocce balls have a diameter of 74mm to 107mm, so balls between 90mm and 100mm are best for most age and skill levels. However, if you are in the company of some experts, there will be no harm in getting balls of 107mm diameter.
Ideal for professional tournament competition game, backyard, lawn, beach, sand and grass. Each international standard size of 107mm ball weight is 920g/2.03LBS.
Baden Champions 107mm Bocce Ball Set Highlights: NEW Update – Our improved set now meets the Bocce Standards Association`s official size 107mm (4.2 inches”) and weight of 920g (2 lbs.) Bocce set includes – (4) Green and (4) red, 107mm bocce balls, (1) White 60mm pallino, (1) 5`-foot measuring tape, and carry case.
Bocce takes place in two teams of two players each. Each player has two large balls called bocce. A smaller ball called the pallino is the target. Officially, people play on a court, but players generally play bocce wherever they find enough ground on which to roll the balls.
Bocce, which is sometimes called bocci, is a ball sport that is part of the boules sport family. Variations include raffa bocce, bocce volo and boccia (for disabled athletes). Italian migrants in Australia, North America, and South America usually play bocce.
Bocce balls can be made of wood (traditional), metal, baked clay, or various kinds of plastic. Unlike lawn bowls, bocce balls are spherical and have no inbuilt bias. A game can be conducted between two players, or two teams of two, three, or four.
This white pallino ball measures 40mm in diameter and about 65±5 grams in weight, the standard size replacement ball suitable for the 90mm & 100mm bocce set.
The 50mm (2 inch dia) pallino / pallina is used in Bocce Open Rules competition play and is the standard size for our Perfetta Club Pro and Playaboule Red and Green sets. Often call bocce small ball, bocce small white ball, jack ball, pill ball, bocce target ball. Choice of Bright White, Bright Yellow or Bright Red.
a. Place the zero end of the tape measure at the center base of the bocce ball. b. Pull the measuring tape back until it is directly above the pallina.
The “bocce” in bocce ball is the plural for the Italian word that means “bowl,” and the sport is similar to British lawn bowling.
bocce, also spelled bocci, Italian bowling game, similar to bowls and boules. Bocce is especially popular in Piedmont and Liguria and is also played in Italian communities in the United States, Australia, and South America. The governing organization is the Federazione Italiana Bocce.
Bocce grew from a street game to one favored by nobles, poets, scientists like Galileo, and sculptors like Leonardo da Vinci. The game became a favorite pastime in Italy. Italian patriot Giuseppe Garibaldi popularized the sport as it is known today, and the annual Bocce World Championships began in Italy in 1947.
Introduction. Pétanque is a French (Provençal to be precise) outdoor game played by two opposing teams trying to throw boules (metallic spheres the size of an orange) as close as possible to a but (little wooden sphere the size of a plastic bottle cork, also called a cochonnet, meaning piglet).
Any sport that constantly impacts the lawn with balls (think bocce ball) or foot traffic will compact the lawn. If left untreated, compacted soil will cause the turf to thin and die in spots around the lawn.
The game bocce is played with eight large balls and one smaller target or object ball called the pallina. There are four balls to a side or team, and they are generally made in two colors to distinguish the balls of one team from the opposing team.
The tiniest courts usually measure only 22-by-6 feet.
Scoring: Once all 8 balls have been thrown at the pallino, only one team scores after points have been calculated (1 to 4 points per frame). If a bocce ball is touching the pallino, its often known as a “baci” or “kiss” and can be rewarded 2 points if they remain touching at the end of the frame.
3) The boules

Petanque boules are made of steel and doesn`t have colors. Competition boules are hollow but leisure boules might be filled with sand. On the other hand, bocce balls are solid made out of wood or resin. More casual boules would be made of hard plastic and is much cheaper.

Bocce ball is actually an ancient sport that goes back to games played in the Roman Empire. The word “bocce” stems from the vulgar Latin “Bottica”, which is a direct root of the Italian word “Bocce”. The first true documented case of Bocce Ball was in a 5200 B.C. painting that showed two boys playing.
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SUPER MARTEL produces and sells professional synthetic gaming bowls, ideal for competition.

Bocce – The name of the game and also the name of the ball the teams try to get close to the pallino. Pallino – The small ball that is used as the target. Sometimes referred to as the jack or pauline. Punta – A point shot where a person rolls their bocce to get close to the pallino.
Matches are either 20 minutes long OR the first team to 12 points, whichever comes first. If a team scores 12 points before time is up, they must also have a 2-point advantage to end the match. Once a turn has begun, the timer will not stop play; the turn will be played to completion.
About the boules pitch

A regulation size petanque pitch is 4 m wide x 15 m long (or 3 m x 12 m in certain cases). The surface can be dolomite, sand, gravel, red shale… As long as the boules roll!

Things You Should Know

Dig the court area about 2-4 in (5-10 cm) deep. Frame the edges of the court with 4×4 pressure-treated wood. Fill the court with a layer of crushed stone and then a layer of gravel. Finish the court with either ground oyster shells, sand, or artificial turf.

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ANSWER : It depends but they are
meant to fit in the palm of your hand.
There are a few different variations.

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How big is a bocce ball court? – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : It is 30 meters by 4

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How many bocce balls come in a set? – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : There are 4 green and 4
red balls in a bocce set.

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What is another name for bocce ball? – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : It’s also called lawn bowling or boule.

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How much a bowling ball weight? – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : Bowling balls come in various weights from 6 to 16 lbs., theweight and spacing of the holes varies from person to person depending on yourstrength and the of your fingers.

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ANSWER : You should use a ball that weighs around 1/10 of
your body weight. If you weigh 90 lbs., pick an 9 lb. ball. Try to put your
fingers in the ball holes, your thumb should go all the way into the ball for a
good fit. The fingers and thumb should touch all the way around the holes
without being tight.

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