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This PUP (popup) is a Standard Series Stardust 1021 with Options. It states it is 21` long and 6`3” wide with a height of 9` tall. The weight is 1420 lbs. It suggests that it sleeps 8 people.
The trailer weighs 1,435 lbs.
This inboard/outboard sports runabout is 17.25 feet long and weighs 1765 (pounds dry). This weight does not account for passengers, fuel, or gear.
The camper weighs approx 1,600 lbs and has a 2 inch ball. Unfolded it is approximately 17 feet.
The average weight of a pop up camper is between 1,800 pounds and 2,000 pounds. Sure, you can find some weighing a lot more and a lot less than that, but the maximum weight (dry) of a pop-up camper you`re likely to see is just a little over 3,000 pounds. Small popup camper or mini pop ups = around 1,000 pounds.
(85 in.) 7 ft. (84 in.) 1,920 lbs.
Weight 4,820 – 7,315 lbs.
There is a wide variance among the weights of most trailers, from about 1,000 to 9,000 pounds — but as a general ballpark, the average dry weight of a standard trailer is 5,200 pounds.
The weight of your trailer can be figured out by looking at the VIN sticker located on the frame of your trailer. Locate the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) on the sticker. The GVWR is the empty weight of the trailer plus the capacity that the trailer is rated for (also known as the MAX GVCC ).
Weight 3,075 – 6,165 lbs.
» Dry Weight: 2,325 LB. » Seating/Weight Capacity: 12/1,700 LB.
This is a Hybrid travel camper, Dry weight is 3,200 lbs and Gross 4,900 lbs.
Cons: Limited space: Pop-up campers are much smaller than traditional RVs, which means that they offer limited space for living and storage. Setup time: Setting up a pop-up camper can be time-consuming, especially if you`re not familiar with the process.
Pop-up camper air conditioners work similarly to air conditioners in any other RV. The difference you may encounter is how well the camper will maintain its temperature. Having a canvas exterior makes it more susceptible to heat. The canvas will hold the cool air in, but not as efficiently as a hard-sided camper.
It can sleep between 4 and 8 people and ranges from 11 feet 6 inches to 16 feet 8 inches in length. I`ve stayed at least one night in each 1976 Starcraft pop-up camper and can safely say I enjoyed every second in each of them.
(77 in.) 1,442 lbs.
(84 in.) 2,380 lbs.
(77 in.) 2,241 lbs.
If you love tent camping but want a few more amenities, a pop-up camper is a great option. Pop-up campers are excellent towable RVs for folks that don`t want to upgrade to a truck or simply want to go RVing more affordably. Pop-ups are the most affordable RVs you`ll find, and they offer a lot for the money.
A brand new pop-up camper will depreciate at least 20% the minute you drive it off the dealer`s lot. This is true for any RV. But does it hold its value after that? Unfortunately, a pop-up camper will likely depreciate about 38% the first three years, 75% over five years, and 88% over 10 years.
This unit is 17`0″ x 6`8″ and weighs only 998lbs empty.
800 lbs. Approximate dry weight with standard equipment….
Dry Weight: 1,445 lbs. GVWR: 2,000 lbs.
Total length: 5,5 m. Beam: 2,34 m. Draft: 0,84 m. Displacement: 782 Kg.

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How to tighten cable on pop up camper
ANSWER : The adjustment can be done by your dealer, contact them see how much it costs.

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Lifted weights don’t go back down properly – they snag
ANSWER : The leftovers you found go in the pole underneath the first weight (the one on top) so 1 weight is always locked, this weight needs to be attached so the bar returns to it original position.

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We have a pop-up with the sink that folds down. We need to replace the sink drain from the sink to outside, but the only flex drain hoses that I can find have a hose only 26 inches long. I know that will not be long enough to go from the sink to the outside of the camper.

Do you know if any place I can go to get a sink drain system with a longer hose. The contraption (I don’t know what it is called) at the base of the sink drain has rusted off so that the swivel part of the drain system is gone. We currently have a garden hose connected to the pipe coming directly from the drain, but when we close the camper, it pops off.

Do you have any suggestions?



ANSWER : Hi mj2181,I would say your problem should be solved easily with a hose extension , if you can get the extension and then use it , it should be ok for you and there should be no need to get a sink drain system with a longer hose.An example of an extension hose can be found on this link :- this helps ,

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The air conditioner on my pop up camper is loud and vibrating
ANSWER : Sounds like the compressor in your air conditioner has a broken spring in it,you can not take the compressor apart to fix,has to be replaced(cashy).I assume your camper is shaking,and the noise only happens when you turn on the air.

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Water system in my Coleman pop up not working
ANSWER : There is a 3 port valve conneted to the incomming water line (white usually). It is actually a check valve to keep the outside water from overfilling your tank. Verify it is installed correctly.

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I just bought a brand nbew ww54 weight watchers scale but not matter what I do it’s not giving me the right weight (65 to 70lbs, I’m 180) and always reads ERROR for the body analysis measurements???I followed the instructions and even had someone else follow the same instructions and got the same. I put a new battery in, no change! Used a level to make sure the floor was level, no change! My feel were completely on electroydes no change! Most I’ve ever spent on a scale recommended by weight watchers and I’m so dissapointed.
ANSWER : Did you make sure it was set to lbs instead of kilograms?

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Where do you find the vin# on the pop-up camper?
ANSWER : Depending on manufacturer, it’s usually on front corner of side, but if worn off, you may find it under some paint on front a frame area. Look for stamped in number or small plate attached.

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