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I recall 3 and a half liters per minute. More than the Primus and the Cube

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Flow rate for these is 2.3L per minute.
The flow rate through the demand water heater should be at least 3.25 gallons (12.3 liters) per minute. To reduce flow rates, install low-flow water fixtures. To determine temperature rise, subtract the incoming water temperature from the desired output temperature.
Proper sizing is important prior to select and installing a tankless, but in general the average rules for sizing the correct water heater for a household are roughly: 3.5 GPM for 1-2 fixtures simultaneously. 5 GPM for 2-3 fixtures simultaneously. 7 GPM for 3-4 fixtures simultaneously.
Qn = Qt – Qs Qn = Net quantity of hot water required from heater: gallons/hr. Qt = Total quantity of hot water required; gallon/hr. A. One of the advantages of an instantaneous water heater is its ability to provide a continuous supply of hot water.
You simply adjust the flow temperature via the `down` or `minus` button and the flow temperature figure will show in the digital display. Sometimes you have to press and hold a menu button to bring up the flow temperature, reduce it to 60°C, then press the menu button again to set (like setting the time on a cooker).
Comfortably port water to your campsite, picnic, boat, and beyond with the Coleman 5-gallon water carrier.
It will take about 12-24 hours to heat up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Some inflatable hot tubs will let you set the temperature up to three days in advance, which will let you heat the water and hold it at the desired temperature until you`re ready to get in.
To find the correct capacity, add up all of the fixtures that you expect to use at the same time. For example, if you know that two people will be showering while another person runs a sink, you would need a 5.75 gpm unit, based on two 2.5 gallon-per-minute showers and one 0.75 gallon-per-minute faucet.
36 kW 6.2 GPM Residential Electric Tankless Water Heater, Ideal for 4 Bedroom Home, Up to 8 Simultaneous Applications.
Specifications for tankless water heaters include requirements for minimum flow rates to activate them—usually around 0.5 to 0.75 gallons per minute (gpm), as well as minimum and maximum water pressure (usually 15 to 150 pounds per square inch).
If you want hot water instantly, you`ll want to consider getting a recirculation pump installed. When you turn off a fixture, a recirculation pump pushes any unused hot water back into your tankless water heater. This process allows the water to be reheated, so no cold water runs out of your hot water fixtures.

Installation costs: With a switch in any technology, you may pay some initial upfront costs to get a tankless heater, both for the water heater itself and for the installation. Also, tankless water heaters often require new venting and gas lines as part of the installation.

Here is how to measure your water flow rate

Take the amount of water in the jug in litres (e.g. 0.8 litres) and multiply this by 10. This will give you your flow rate in litres per minute (e.g. 0.8 litres x 10 = 8 litres per minute).

Flow rate, also referred to as capacity, is the volume of liquid that moves through the pump and is measured in litres per minute. Anyone can get a good understanding of how flow rate works just by just turning on a tap. Flow rate describes the mass of liquid pouring through.
If your hot water pressure is slow in just one fixture, you`ll want to check to make sure the hot water valve is turned all the way on. If it is, the problem is most likely a blockage of some sort in the hot water supply lines.
There are several reasons; the distance from the water heater, the diameter of the piping, and the flow rate of the water. The further the hot water has to flow, the longer it takes to heat up the shower faucet. This is especially true with a larger home.
One US gallon is equal to 3.785411784 liter.
Since your hot tub pump circulates the warm water as well as the sanitizer, a general rule is to follow manufacturer recommendations or leave the pump on for a minimum of eight hours per day.
Although most of the time, it is not recommended to use inflatable hot tubs in air temperatures below 40 degrees F, it has become common for most people to use mobile hot tubs in the wintertime.
Once the water is heated to your preferred temperature, you`ll save energy—and money—by keeping it there. It costs more to reheat the water from scratch every time you turn it on. Even if you only use your hot tub once a week, you should still leave it constantly running.
It`s always better to slightly oversize a water heater than undersize it. There`s no downside to oversizing besides a price bump.
Water Heater Sizes

For example, an average family of 3 to 4 people should purchase a 50 – 60 gallon water heater. On the other hand, a household with 5 – 7 people may require a water heater with a 60 – 80 gallon water tank depending on water usage patterns.

A tank size of 36- to 46-gallons is best for homes of up to four people. A home with five people can be served by a 46- to 56-gallon tank. For six or more people, look at larger tanks with a 60-gallon or greater capacity.

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What is the pumping rate (volume) of the Coleman Hot Water on Demand water pump?
ANSWER : I recall 3 and a half liters per minute. More than the Primus and the Cube

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Coleman hot water on demand
ANSWER : Does anyone have a AC charger for the Hot Water Heater on Demand? I would be willing to buy one.

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Hi i have a Coleman hot water on demand and the water wont heat up past luke warm, help needed please
ANSWER : Need to restrict the water input so it does not flow through so fast

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Mar 12, 2010 – Could it be the check valve? I took it off and the flap appears to be working correctly. This well has been here a long time. Never given me any problems. I do have galvenized couplers on the discharge and intake sides. Old. Could these be leaking even though they show no sign of water? The discharge is able to hold 30 pounds easily overnight. I do not hear any vacuum in the intake when I take it off. Could the pipe to the well have a leak? I know I would have to insert a sleeve bnut I do not want to go through the hassle if I do not have to. I had put on a brand new pump from the hardware store that did the same thing so I think that would elliminate the pump as being the problem.
Mar 12, 2010 – I have a 3/4hp flotec convertible jet pump. It is able to hold 30lbs pressure on the discharge side as the primie easily for 24 hours. It is not able to pull water from the well whcih has been here for years. i disconnected it for the winter and rehooked it up. The galvanized couplers on the discharge and pump side are old but do not appear to be leakeing as I taped them well. The check valve seems to be functioning well as I took it off and the flap works correctly. The well is not pulling watrer. there does not appear to be a vacuum on the check vale when I losen it. could the check valve be bad? I am aware I might have to resleeve the well, but do not want to hassle with this if I do not have to. I want to eliminate everything else first. i put another brand new pump on it to see if it was that. That partiuclar pump which was the same thng did not work either.

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ANSWER : Your well has gone dry it seems. It has happened to my before. At first the new pump I purchased that did not pump I took back for exchange and still no water. I finally gave in and called the well experts and I was told the well was dried up

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I have Detroit 60 series installed on a launch. Recently the Starboard unit suffers a catastrophic failure and piston No2 came out of the block, making a big hole. This engines are using heat exchangers, and sea water cooled Charge Air Coolers and sea water self priming raw water pump. We contact the local dealer an the veredict was a “Massive salt water ingestion” that caused an Hydraulic lock and damaged cyls 6 and 2. They say that the water came from the deck covers, but there is no way for that to happen, I think they dont want to honor any warranty, because we suspect that the water came from the Charge Air Cooler. I want to know if the CAC can cause that type of failures and if anyone had a similar problem. The engine cost is about 66K and only had 2300 hours.
ANSWER : I would have to say that a sleeve got pitted or lost an oring or the CAC sprung a leak. I believe you are correct in your assumption that the water did not enter the unit in the manner they are saying. The only real way to tell is a complete tear down and someone is going to have to pay. They are also a high maintenance item and someone is going to say that the preventive maintenance was not done.

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Water pump and ignitor do not work – Coleman Hot Water On Demand
ANSWER : Took coleman away for weekend wouldn’t work. Very dissapointed, was cold would have loved a hot shower. Had charged battery, when I went to start it. It wouldn’t go, light come up as battery low tried it on car charger still no luck. Got home and looked up this site told me to try taking filter off pump and putting a long nail inside to turn pump to make sure it wasn’t seized. And guess what every thing works well thank god, water temp was dodgy as well but now all good. Thanks to people that do reply to these sites, it has saved me a lot of money and frustration.

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Water system in my Coleman pop up not working
ANSWER : There is a 3 port valve conneted to the incomming water line (white usually). It is actually a check valve to keep the outside water from overfilling your tank. Verify it is installed correctly.

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