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33:1 to 40:1 is typical on about 95% of all line trimmers. I own (2) 700r’s and one is 32:1 and the other is 40:1, you won’t go wrong at 35:1 with current 2-cycle oil. Suggest using low-smoke brands.

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That first number is the amount of fuel, the second part the two stroke oil. Most power tools work on a ratio of 25/1, so that means you need to mix 25 parts fuel to 1 part two stroke oil. Once done so you then pour that mix into the fuel tank of the unit.
Make sure you are using the correct fuel mixture with your chainsaw. Ryobi chainsaws run off a 50:1 ratio, this means 50 parts unleaded fuel to 1 part 2-stroke oil.
Mix at 50:1 (20mls oil per 1 litre fuel) when you`re using STIHL 2-Stroke oil.
Your strimmer runs off a mix of semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil and unleaded petrol (40:1).
Oil mix ratios explained

If your manufacturer recommends a 50:1 fuel/oil mix, it means you need 50 parts of gas to one part two-stroke oil. To mix one gallon of fuel at 50:1, add 2.6 ounces of two-stroke oil to one gallon of gas, as shown in the chart below.

Use a 32:1 gasoline to oil ratio. One gallon of gasoline combined with 4 oz of two-cycle engine oil.
Gwiz – care to comment! My Ryobi Strimmer (RLT30CET) recommended mix is 50:1.
If you`re using a different brand of 2-Stroke oil, you`ll need to mix at 25:1 (40mls oil per 1 litre fuel). Petrol has limited shelf life (as low as 30 days), so always mix with fresh regular unleaded purchased from a reputable large volume fuel supplier.
Mixtures from 0.074 to 0.080 are called best power mixtures, as their use results in the greatest power for a given airflow or manifold pressure. For further definition, 0.074 is called lean best power while 0.080 is rich best power.
If you realise that your mix isn`t right, the best thing is to stop your machine and drain the fuel. Mix some fuel that is at the correct ratio, clean any air filters and make good. If it is an incorrect mixture over a prolonged time then it`s not good news.
Use a 40:1 two-cycle oil mix ratio. One gallon of gasoline combined with 3.2 oz of two-cycle engine oil. Unsure of the age of your equipment?
100:1 – Mix 50ml of oil per 5ltrs of fuel.

Recommended by Yamaha and Suzuki for most of their small two stroke engines up to about 30hp, this ratio requires the least amount of TCW3 two stroke oil. The result of using this ratio (less oil) is reduced spark plug fouling and less smoke.

40 to 1 ratio

This equals 25mls of two stroke oil to 1 litre of petrol. It is pretty easy to calculate, you just multiply the litre amount by 25.

50:1 ? Either mix won`t hurt a thing but next time I`d mix for 40:1…..the EPA won`t like it but your 2 strokes will last longer.
2-Stroke Oil Mix Calculator

For a 40:1 mixture, use 3.2 fluid ounces of oil per gallon of gas. For a 32:1 mixture, use 4 fluid ounces of oil per gallon of gas.

It is recommended that 30W or 10W-30 oil be used within a lawn mower due to its thickness (viscosity). This type of engine runs similar to a car engine and therefore needs a high quality oil in order to prevent overheating.
Two stroke oil for things like strimmers and chainsaws is usually of a lower standard than that used in motorcycles. So if you own a stroker but you also have some nifty two-stroke-engined garden equipment, then your motorcycle oil will be plenty good enough for your garden machinery.
Common gasoline and oil mix ratios are 50:1 and 40:1. Meaning there is 50/40 parts gasoline to one part oil when mixed. The lower the mix ratio number the more oil per volume in the gasoline. To mix properly add oil to your gas can, then add fresh gasoline from the pump.
A 2-MIX engine is a 2-stroke engine that replaces the unburned fuel, which would have left via the exhaust during the transfer process, with fresh air. This is achieved by the addition of an extra `fresh air` port either side of the inlet manifold between it and the transfer ports.
Although 4-stroke string trimmers have a reputation for lower emissions, better fuel efficiency, and high torque output, 2-stroke trimmers have their own advantages: Lighter weight. Easier maintenance. Easier storage.
A: 25 :1 ratio is 25 fluid ounces of gas per 1 fluid ounce of oil. So divide the total amount of fluid ounces of gas by 25 to find the amount of oil to add.
Maximum power is usually found between 12-14:1, but this may be too lean for safety on many engines. For maximum reliability at full power, air fuel ratios from 10.5-12.5:1 are considered best, depending on the engine. Richer than around 10.5:1, you start to get noticeable black smoke from the exhaust.
The stoichiometric mixture for a gasoline engine is the ideal ratio of air to fuel that burns all fuel with no excess air. For gasoline fuel, the stoichiometric air–fuel mixture is about 14.7:1 i.e. for every one gram of fuel, 14.7 grams of air are required.
Ans: Maximum power is normally found between 12 and 14:1, however on many engines, this is too lean for safety. Air/fuel ratios of 10.5-12.5:1 are recommended for greatest reliability at full power, depending on the engine.

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A ryobi 780r trimmer developed strong vibration. The crankshaft was spun on the bearing. Wear mark on crankshaft. I replaced short block assembly (incl head,bottom case, case bearing,piston, crank and spark plug pre-assembled), clutch drum assy, spacer and clutch cover assy. Trimmer started easily before. Now can get to cough only, cannot run. Only part I’m unsure of is spacer. I installed with groove toward flywheel. Carb and hoses were not disassembled. Can’t figure it out. Help! thanks, Will
ANSWER : Hi, reset the flywheel gap to 8 thou. Also check the flywheel is located correctly on the crankshaft as your symptoms indicate a timing problem. Hope this helps, regards Phil.

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I have a Toro 616Z Zero Turn Lawn Mower. It has Turf Tires on the rear. I have two questions. #1. Does anyone know the size of the wheel for a tube? (Noticed the tire is flat last night and pumped up but it is flat again. It has a tube. #2. I’ve noticed that the mower really tends to tear up the grass when on any kind of slope or on turns. The rear tires rip the grass out by the roots. Horrible if grass is the slightest bit damp. Is this normal? Thanks
ANSWER : First the tire is leaking around the rim bead area get the tire size and go to a tire supplier and they will get you the right size tube,this leakage is normal due to the very low air pressure run in these turf tires,secondly the reason its tearing up the grass is because the tires are squatting and this creates a twisting of the sidewall of the tire and leads to the tearing action,try about 5 lbs higher air pressure and see if this helps

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Reduced aspect ratio on finepix 9500 settings?
ANSWER : Press the button to the right of the LCd that says f, the first option in that menue is the one you want, move the cursor one right, then switch the film quality from 3:2 (which is what was giving you a wierd ratio), to the hieghest number with an F next to it

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What gas-oil ratio to use on jonsered 625?
ANSWER : 50:1 ratio….Jonsered smokeless is what I would recommend.Ask 5 people what oil to use and you will get 4 different answers.

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What is the gas/oil ratio for a john deere trs 21 snowthrower?
ANSWER : 50:1

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17.5 hp in a riding lawn mower.mowed grass, shut-off now when cranking only back-fires
ANSWER : Could use a little more info.
But sounds like it could be many items, so lets start from the beginning.
Age of unit.
Do a compresson test to check to see if a valve is stuck open, if not Sounds like a broken sheer key or a bad magneto.

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How do adjust the fuel/air mixture on a 1100 direct injection jet ski 2000 model
ANSWER : The only way to adjust the air/fuel mixture on electric fuel injection is to remap the ECU.

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