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The formation of players on the foosball table is: 2, 4, 3: 2 defenders, 4 midfielders, and 3 attackers. In addition, each team has a goalie as well.

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The table usually contains eight rows of foos men, which are plastic, metal, wooden, or sometimes carbon-fibre figures mounted on horizontal metal bars. Each team of one or two human players controls four rows of foos men, one row each for the goalkeeper, defenders, midfield and strikers.
The American “foosball” (where a player is called a “fooser”) borrowed its name from the German version, “fußball”, from whence it arrived in the United States.
Without question, the men always face so that you are shooting to the right. The nut always goes in the back of the man, with the head of the screw in the front. The men should be made in such a way that the nut/bolt location is apparent – i.e. that you can only fit the nut/bolt on in one way.
Spinning of the rods is illegal. Spinning is defined as the rotation of any soccer figure more than 360 degrees before or after striking the ball. In calculating the 360 degrees, you do not add the degrees spun prior to striking the ball to the degrees spun after striking the ball.
Four rows, with a total of 11 foosmen, are part of a single team. There is a goal post at either end of the table. The objective is to move the ball along by rotating the bars and score a goal. The sport can be played in singles or doubles format, though most major competitions are conducted for single players.
The Name “Foosball”

Foosball is an Americanized version of the German word “Fussball,” which means foot and ball. If you take a closer look at the components of a traditional foosball table, you will see that the object of the game is to have your team kick the ball into your opponent`s goal.

The foosball rules state that the rod cannot rotate in excess of 360 degrees before or after the man advances the ball upon impact. The foosball rules also state that you must have clear control of the handle at all times. The penalty for letting your hands go and spinning the rod is a loss of ball possession.
Foosball is a classic soccer table game, where 2-4 players compete to see who can win the most goals. Foosball is one of the most popular sports table games, and an effortless way to add an element of fun and friendly competition to any event!
Flip A Coin—A coin flip decides who serves the foosball to start the game. After the first goal is scored, the rule is that the team who was last scored on gets to serve the next ball. The foosball must be touched by a man before the ball goes into a goal for a legal goal to occur.
Foosball player replacement is similar to removal. Simply slide in your new players onto the rod and align them to the holes with the pin punch. Before you hammer the pins back in place, make sure to keep the wooden block under the rod again to prevent warping.
As for the 11 players on the pitch, they can be broadly divided into four positions – goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders and forwards. The latter three – defenders, midfielders and forwards, can be further divided into multiple positions.
The main rule of foosball that everyone breaks is no spinning. That means you cannot make any players do a 360-degree rotation.
5-Bar Rules (Simplified/Modified)

A pinned ball must touch at least two other players before advancing to the 3-man rod. (This applies to a ball pinned against the playing surface or wall). But a pinned ball can be shot on goal by the 5-man.

Table Football, Table Soccer and Foosball, are regional names of a table-top game based on association football (EUR) or soccer (USA). The name “foosball” comes from the German word for football, “fussball” or “fußball”.
Fussball or Fußball (if the German letter ß is used) may refer to: Table football, also known as foosball, a custom-table game loosely based on association football with figures on rods representing the players. The German name for football (or soccer)
From German Fußball, itself a calque of English football.
American football (a term recorded in the 1870s) is based on rugby and had already taken off by the time association football became popular in the US. For whatever reason, the name soccer stuck for association football and football for the gridiron sport.
table football {noun} [Brit.] table soccer {noun} [Amer.]
5. You cannot stop the ball from going in the goal with your hand or touch the ball at anytime unless it is dead in the defensive zone, then the defense maintains control. 6. As soon as five points are scored by one team, start the next game and do not play out the rest of the balls.
Foosball is a great game for kids to play.
Foosball Tables : Toys for Ages 8-10.
The only requirement to legally score is to get the ball into the goal. The point still counts even if the ball bounces out after entering the goal. The first team to 5 points wins the game.
The referee keeps track of the score and oversees game • If a goalie shoots from his own goal area and scores his team is awarded 3 points. The goalie can come out of his area but if he does so, the goalie follows regular rules. If a player shoots from other than the 2 point area he is awarded 1 point.
Traditional, high-quality foosball tables measure about 55 inches across, 30 inches deep, and 35 inches high. They typically have 13 players across four rods for each team, allowing for superior ball control and player and goalie setup.

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What’s the difference between traditional foosball (table) players and modern foosball players?
ANSWER : Traditional foosball balls are cheap balls that came about during the 1970’s. Today, they are found in low quality foosball tables. The annoying thing about them is the inset lines that make the balls constantly roll even when the table is leveled.

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What is the formation of the players in a foosball table?
ANSWER : The formation of players on the foosball table is: 2, 4, 3: 2 defenders, 4 midfielders, and 3 attackers. In addition, each team has a goalie as well.

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How many figures (players on the table) are there in a foosball table?
ANSWER : In a foosball table, there are 26 figures, 13 for each team.

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