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In lacrosse, there is an
18 foot box around the goal. As long as
the goal keeper has at least one foot in the box, he is considered “in the
crease.” If the goalie has the ball and
then lifts his foot and puts it back down again, this is a penalty. Doing this is called “in and out” and will
cause the goalie to lose possession of the ball for his team.

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The crease is one of the most important positions on the lacrosse field; unfortunately it is also the most underrated. The crease is similar to the front lines during a war. It is a place where players get beaten, stomped, cross checked, grabbed and slashed on every limb on their body.
What is the crease in lacrosse? In lacrosse, the crease is the small circular area around the net measuring 18 feet in diameter. Only the goalkeeper and defensive players are allowed inside the crease during a lacrosse game, and the goaltender is the only player who is allowed to control the ball inside the crease.
If an offensive player, in possession of the ball and outside the crease area, dives or jumps in a direction away from the goal mouth and lands in the crease outside the goal mouth, the goal shall be allowed. Provided the ball enters the goal before contact with the crease, goaltender or the goal.
The name “crease” probably originates from the time when the boundaries of the area were carved or gouged as lines or creases into the ice`s surface; nowadays, the area typically is designated with a red boundary line and the ice within the crease is shaded blue.
In ice hockey: Rink and equipment. …of the goal is the crease, a semicircular area that corresponds to a circle with a 6-foot radius, demarcated by a red line. When the goalie is in the crease, no attacking player may enter unless the puck is there as well; if the goalie is not in the crease,…

He is in a position to see the ball at all times and may be aided by other players setting up picks for him. The defensive player must always be between the ball and the creaseman on the ball side to prevent being blocked out on an inside feed.

Can a player be in the crease when a goal is scored? In the NHL, a player can be in the crease when a goal is scored, as long as they don`t violate certain criteria. They are not allowed to impede the goalie`s movement within the crease, and any contact with the goalie will result in the goal being waived off.
The circle around the goal is 8.5` in diameter and is called the Crease. Field players must treat this line as a cylinder and cannot break the plane of this cylinder with their bodies or sticks. The goalie is allowed to cover the ball when the ball is inside the crease.
Crease Violation—An offensive player cannot touch or enter the circle around the goal. If a player is shooting and steps in the crease, the goal will not count.
Players will often clamp down on the ball and then draw the ball back into their stick. The technique is called raking the ball. A player may also elect to roll the ball out to a teammate. As long as a he does either of these in one continuous motion, these are a legal plays.
lacrosse, (French: “the crosier”) competitive sport, modern version of the North American Indian game of baggataway, in which two teams of players use long-handled, racketlike implements (crosses) to catch, carry, or throw a ball down the field or into the opponents` goal.
The purpose of creasing and scoring is to fold paper and board without fold cracking, particularly when working with thicker papers.
Ice hockey

The goaltender usually plays in or near the area in front of the net called the goal crease (often referred to simply as the crease or the net). Because of the power of shots, the goaltender wears specific equipment designed to protect the body from direct impact.

Crease marks are one of the fabric defects in knitted fabric caused during its wet processing. These marks appear in the fabric, as dark haphazard broken or continuous lines. These are also called ROPE MARKS.
: an area around or in front of a goal in some games (such as hockey) Players from the opposing team may not enter the crease.
4. If a defender steps into the goal crease a violation may be called. If the team gains an advantage a penalty shot will be awarded to the opponents, which will be taken from the free throw line.
I`ve seen short, stocky guys excel at every position in lacrosse: attack, middie, long-stick D, close D, and goalie. Close defender tend to large individuals but every once in awhile the opposition has a short, quick attackman that doesn`t match up well with those tall guys.
Guys usually are required to wear protective cups (and even when cups are optional, guys should wear them). Stick. Lacrosse sticks are different for guys and girls. In boys` lacrosse, the pocket of the stick is deeper, which helps a player to throw the ball faster.
A player is allowed to skate through the goalie crease or enter the crease to pursue a puck that has entered into the crease. However, a player in the crease is in no way allowed to obstruct or impede the movement of the goaltender as this will result in a goaltender interference penalty for 2 minutes.
No. Rule Reference 625(b). Regardless of what player puts the puck into the goal, no goal may be scored if a player of the attacking team intentionally stands in the goal crease, with the goalkeeper in the crease, unless the puck is already in the goal crease.
The women`s lacrosse uniform continued to change over the decades. You may wonder why female lacrosse players still wear skirts. The answer is because of tradition. Since the beginning women have worn kilts, skirts or skorts and this tradition continues today.
A player shall not initiate contact to an opponent`s head or neck with a cross-check, or with any part of his body (head, elbow, shoulder, etc). Any follow-through that contacts the head or neck shall also be considered a violation of this rule.
In lacrosse, like other sports with goal scoring, hat tricks occur when a player scores three goals in one game. Fans rarely throw hats onto the playing surface to acknowledge them due to their frequent occurrences in a game.

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