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In general, most recreational riders will do well when the handlebar on their road bike is 1-2 inches below the top of their saddle. Remember, your hands will most likely be resting on the brake hoods, which are a bit lower than the top of the bar.
Calculating your ideal saddle height based on your inseam is easy. On average, the seat height should be 109% of your inseam. You can thus use your calculator to multiply your inseam in millimetres by 1,09. Multiply by 1,09 and you know your correct saddle height.
A mountain bike seat higher than the handlebars allows for a lower and more aerodynamic riding posture. You`ll be able to easily lean forward, helping you ride faster. This makes your bike as efficient as possible.
When a bike`s handlebar is too low, you`ll know about it. Symptoms include tingling and numbness in the hands, aches and pains in the shoulders, neck, and lower back, and soreness or numbness in the nether regions. The same problems can result from the handlebar being too far forward.
Your handlebars should be at least as high as your seat, or even above it, so you can ride upright. If your handlebars are lower than your seat you`ll be pushed into your handlebars, and you`ll place more stress on your wrists, arms, neck, and back.
If you feel a dull ache at your low back, or you can feel your hips rocking a bit, the saddle is likely too high. Using the same images track to a point where the crank arm is forward-horizontal and look to the knee.
Proper position: With your foot at the bottom of the pedal stroke, you should see a slight bend in the leg, reaching about 80-90 percent of full leg extension. This is true for road, mountain and hybrid bikes.
Higher handlebars certainly can be more comfortable for longer distance riding. They can also help you maintain a more neutral spine position, putting the vertebrae in your upper back and neck into a more natural alignment.
Handlebar Height and Fore/Aft

Position the handlebar at approximately the same height as your saddle, or higher if you feel any discomfort in your back. Some SpinnerĀ® bikes have a handlebar fore/aft adjustment. This enables the rider to adjust the reach for comfort and proper upper body extension.

As a general rule of thumb, you want the top of the handlebar about as high (or higher than) the saddle, unless you`re a sporty rider looking to ride fast. Try touching your elbow to the nose of the saddle and reaching forward towards the handlebar with your hand.
Every Rider is Different

Handlebar width is subjective and largely based on personal preference, but in general, riders who are taller, heavier, and have broader shoulders will likely need wider handlebars. The opposite can be said of riders with narrower shoulders and shorter arms.

Running a higher bar gives more control and comfort on steeper terrain and a more relaxed head up position on mellow terrain. However, negatives include loss of traction on steep climbs and less weight over the front wheel on flatter trails.
Measure from the center of the front wheel`s axle to the center of the handlebar. Flexibility and comfort are the biggest factors in handlebar height. Casual riders might have their handlebars even with the saddle, while competitive riders will be anywhere from 2-4 inches below it.
The standard fitting advice is to get a handlebar as wide as the measurement between your AC joints. Those are the bumps atop your shoulders where the collarbone attaches just inboard of your deltoid muscle. But many riders prefer a handlebar slightly wider than their shoulders. A wide bar opens the chest.
Common issues resulting from an inappropriate saddle height include knee pain, saddle discomfort (pressure, numbness, sores), hip pain/impingement, hamstrings tendiopathy, back pain, achilles issues, neck pain, and hand and wrist pain/numbness.
According to a study in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, standing in the saddle is more effective than the seated position for generating high pedal forces.
Having the saddle too far back can result in a feeling of over-reaching at the bottom of the pedal stroke creating a dead spot through bottom dead centre and a resultant loss of power. Furthermore, this over-reaching can promote a toe-down pedalling style, decreasing foot and ankle stability.
As a general rule of thumb, your knee should have a slight bend in it when you`re at the bottom of the pedal stroke. As a starting point, you can achieve this by setting a saddle height that, with your heel on the pedal and pedalling backwards slowly, your knee just barely locks out at the point of maximum extension.
Flat bars are a good choice for commuters who prioritize comfort and control. The wider hand placement and more upright body position you get from a flat handlebar can provide better stability and control in traffic, which can be particularly important for riding on busy streets.
Pros of a Higher Rise Bar

The higher your handlebar set up, the more you are able to shift your weight to the back of the bike. This helps you maintain stability and braking power while descending. A lower front-end helps push you weight forward, making you rear endless stable which can lead to skidding.

Bike handlebars are low because the design allows you to lean forward. This is called an aerodynamic position and will make you much more efficient when you ride your bike. The fact that your arms and legs have the least amount of wind resistance in this position explains why it is so effective.
Raising the bars gets them closer to you.

So a shorter stem that also has rise to it, is going to not only get you less reach by being shorter i, but also, the additional height will also translate into reduced reach.

In some cases, too much cushion can cause discomfort and pressure as your body sinks into the saddle. The two most common types of cushioning are gel and foam. Gel cushioning molds to your body and provides the plushest comfort. Most recreational riders prefer this for its superior comfort on casual rides.
Also pay attention to the height of your bike stem, which should be about an inch below the top of your saddle. This will make it easier to use the drops of your handlebars without discomfort. Typically the ideal configuration is to have zero to 20mm of spacers and a stem that is 90mm to 120mm.

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