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I’m having problems finding the model 94AE 45 colt anywhere.
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The “Trapper” Model Colt 94AE goes from $600-$1,200

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Whether you are interested in valuing rifles, shotguns, or handguns, various factors influence gun values, such as the manufacturer, model, condition, rarity, and historical significance.
History. Most individual manufacturers habitually put serial numbers on the weapons they produce. Such numbers can be used to ascertain the name of the manufacture, place and date of manufacture. At least for some manufacturers, a serial number can unlock myriad details about the weapon.
The average handgun will cost between $400-$800. Hunting rifles will vary a lot more by caliber, but the “average” would be between $600 and $1,200. The average shotgun will cost between $300-$600. It`s important to remember, though, that averages only tell part of the story.
A large percentage of the manufacturing process is the cost of labor. If you look at the labor costs for U.S. and Western European made weapons, they are much higher than the cost of in Turkey Serbia, the Philippines and China.
Let m and M be the masses of bullet and gun,respectively. If v and V are the velocities of the bullet and gun, respectively after the firing then:- 0= mv+ MV. Therefore V=-mv/M.
Having the local police check the federal database continues to be the most accurate way to look up gun history by serial number to ascertain whether or not a used firearm is lost or stolen. However, many police departments do not offer this service.
Model numbers or names are often stamped or engraved on the barrel or slide, often along with the Make. In some cases, the Model will also be represented as a prefix or other portion of the pistol`s serial number, or may be stamped on the frame in less obvious locations (e.g., under the grip panels).
Over the past 150 years, American gun owners have gone from viewing their weapons largely as utilitarian farm tools to weapons that provide both a feeling of physical security and a sense of psychological solace. Guns` importance to their owners now goes much deeper than merely being implements of self-defense.
The M4/M4A1 5.56mm Carbine is a lightweight, gas operated, air cooled, magazine fed, selective rate, shoulder fired weapon with a collapsible stock. It is now the standard issue firearm for most units in the U.S. military.
UTICA, N.Y. (AP) _ An ivory-handled pistol once owned by Adolf Hitler and taken from his Munich apartment by American soldiers at the end of World War II was auctioned Friday for $114,000. The .
Pistols. There are many different guns on the market but the pistol is the most common. A pistol is a type of handgun that can be best described as only needing one hand to fire it. Two hands are recommended to keep the firearm steady, however.
Today the AK-47 is arguably the most recognizable small arm in the world. In excess of 75 million AK-47s were produced, and weapons in the Kalashnikov-family that is based on the AK-47 exceed 100 million worldwide. Few weapons in the history of mankind have had such lasting impact.
Airsoft can be quite an expensive hobby. The equipment we need is not the cheapest, and we often have to bear the costs associated with participation in events, such as entry fees. So, it`s no surprise that some players are looking for savings when purchasing hardware.
The size of the rifle, the projectile and primer, the amount of propellant used in a single cartridge contribute to higher material and manufacturing costs. There is also the issue of legality. Some states have outlawed, or heavily restricted the civilian ownership of rifles chambered in . 50 BMG or above.
A 180-grain (12 g) bullet fired from . 357 magnum handgun can achieve a muzzle energy of 580 foot-pounds force (790 J). A 110-grain (7.1 g) bullet fired from the same gun might only achieve 400 foot-pounds force (540 J) of muzzle energy, depending upon the manufacture of the cartridge. Some .
Firearm examiners perform testing to assess the functioning ability of a firearm. They can test the firearm to determine if it is capable of discharging a cartridge or shotshell.
ATF has noted cases where some licensed importers have adopted the same serial number for more than one firearm. These instances of duplication have generally occurred when firearms are received from more than one source.
Sometimes, even bullet casings have serial numbers on them, and this has been a useful tool for tracking down criminals. There are many pros and cons to requiring serial numbers on ammunition, and both sides are worth exploring. Currently, there are no strict laws in America requiring ammunition to have serial numbers.
While most firearms do not have hidden serial numbers, there are several exceptions. These are listed below: 1. As mentioned above, until around 1980 Smith & Wesson revolvers had numbers on the bottom of the barrel just above the cylinder rod, on the face of the cylinder, on the back of the extractor star.
To figure this out is fairly straightforward. If you bought your gun new, there will be an envelope with a used test fire casing inside it. That envelope should have a date on it. This will be close enough to the date of manufacture to consider it your Glocks birth-date.
The reason behind a person removing a serial number on a gun is to prevent police from tracing the gun to previous locations or people. There is no real purpose other than to keep the possessor untraceable.
Glock (stylized as GLOCK) is a brand of polymer-framed, short recoil-operated, locked-breech semi-automatic pistols designed and produced by Austrian manufacturer Glock Ges.m.b.H. Glock. Glock 17 “First-generation” full-size model adopted in 1985 by the Norwegian military under the P80 designation. Type.
States With Highest Gun Ownership

The states with the highest gun ownership rates are Montana, Wyoming, West Virginia, Idaho, Alaska, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Alabama. The state with the highest gun ownership rate is Montana, with a household firearm ownership rate of 65.7%.

There are more than 81 million gun owners that live in America. However, that number still doesn`t do justice to the sheer number of guns in the country. As of 2021, guns per capita in the U.S. reached a staggering 120.5 guns for every 100 residents.

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I have a tippmann custom pro with a cyclone feeder. I recently got the SAW stock to put on it and encountered some problems many times after I reassembled the gun. I took it apart at least 5 times before I thought it was fixed but now ive encountered another problem. I believe it has to do with the cyclone feeder not responding or something is out of line in the gun. When I picked up the gun to shoot, no paint came out so I took off the CO2 and the barrel and saw that the paintball was 1/3 inside the gun. I also have a problem when im shooting it sometimes does really fast burst. Thank you
ANSWER : Hi there. Tippmann markers are super tough to make sure that they are put back together properly. The stupid clamshell design plus all the little, under engineered parts make it difficult to get it back together properly, especially after installing a stock. I was in the paintball industry for 10 years but have been out of it for a little bit, but i was one of the founding members of Uprising Nation and was a gunsmith/ salesman for / Xtremes. Now with that said…I even had trouble with the tippmann 98’s…and I can rebuild an autococker with my eyes closed but can sometimes be stumped by the tippy’s bad design. It is really tough to diagnose an issue on these guns without looking at it. You may have the ball detent backwards,l missing a pin, sometimes the after market stocks on those are a little too large on the outside diameter preventing the internals from properly seating. The cycloce system may be off due to the valves not meing properly aligned or the connecting rod not being in all the way. Many times though it is incorrect installation of the detent or the deternt gets damages. That little orange peice of **** flap is a mance. I would start there.

It may seem like i am bashing your gun. Im not… Once they are put together properly they work great. Just DONT TAKE THEM APART. lol. If you buy the parts at a local gun shop they will install them for free.

lol I have 6 guns for sale 🙂

Have a good day

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Putting the gun together
ANSWER : Hi can you send me a pull down giude for winchester .22 model 250

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My gun just beeps when i pull the trigger even when hooked up to hpa.battery is new.last time i used the gun just before it messed up i had it hooked to o2 and it would fire then beep ,i have a anti syphon tube installed to. the air shot out the asa instead of the reg when i took off the tank.usually gun holds air with tank off then you shoot it to get rid of stored air,this time it shot out the asa????
ANSWER : You have probably messed up your solenoid, did you fire the marker straight up with the o2? I would make sure that all of the board settings are back to factory default especially the dwell and reattempt with compressed air. If the marker is still not firing get your hands on a new solenoid for it.

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Do I have to take the gun apart to get the battery in the gun???
and also before i was done with the gun my brother put the paintballs in the hopper but for some reason they were falling out of the barrel. Did I do something wrong???
ANSWER : No, you didn’t do anything wrong… Paintballs come in a variety of sizes. That difference is very hard to see with the naked eye, but your barrel knows what fits and what doesn’t. Players have a choice in barrels and ID-internal dimensions, so the balls are various sizes as well. You will have to sample a few brands and see what works best for you.Good luck!

Play hard, play safe, play with honor!


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I attempted to put a car stock on my Tippmann 98 custom and took apart the gun but the stock didnt fit, now when i put it back together and shot it with my tank connected the gun wont stay cocked and little CO2 is coming out with each shot the sound is very low as opposed to my other Tipmann 98 custom where its loud and stays cocked. What do i do?
ANSWER : Check the O rings on the big metal striker, make sure that you have the spring on the back (where the stock would have went) in the right hole on the back plate. Make sure that your velocity is set to a reasonable level.

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I got a sig 552 airsoft gun but it dosent fire it screeches
ANSWER : I have a sig 552 as well and had similar problems but if you take it apart the trigger box will come out and you just need to mess with that a little bit

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My magazine for my m10 swat aeg airsoft gun is loaded but i cant get the pellets to feed into the gun without tipping the gun upside down. how can i fix this?
ANSWER : It could be the fact that it is a winding mag, wind the wheel on the bottom until resistance or double clicks are heard, then you are ready to go, eventually you will have to wind it some more though

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