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What is rule for lenghth of bowling green. Must they all be the same.

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The length of a rectangular green is still between 31 metres and 40 metres. The width can vary from as little as 8 metres (enough for one rink) to as much as 60 metres or more. The width of a rink for outdoor play will be between 4.3 metres and 5.8 metres (for indoor play the minimum width of a rink is 4.6 metres).
The green. A bowling green is normally square and not less than 31m and no more than 40m in the direction of play. The playing surface is either grass or a synthetic surface approved by a Member National Authority.
To get the best grass for speedy bowling, the sward height needs to be about 4-8mm. We`d recommend mowing at least three times a week to maintain this height. The speed of the green is affected when the sward height is longer than 8mm, which is not good for bowls players.
The green is square, varying in size from 30 yards to 60 yards. The surface of the green slopes slightly upwards, rising to a central crown between 6 and 12 inches higher than the edges. The surface of the green tends to be irregular, unlike the level surface of the rink green.
MOWING. Like the greens on a golf course, a bowling green needs to be kept cut short to assist in true travel of the woods. The required height of 4 – 6mm obviously requires very regular mowing, at least 2 or 3 times per week depending on the club`s playing commitments.
Cost of Living in Bowling Green, Kentucky by Expense Category. Bowling Green`s housing expenses are 29% lower than the national average and the utility prices are 7% higher than the national average. Transportation expenses like bus fares and gas prices are 21% lower than the national average.
You should aim to cut the green twice a week during spring, as it will be growing fast at this point. Mow the grass from corner to corner, alternating between corners on each cut. In April, you should start lowering the height of your mower by ½ mm each week to reach 5 mm and cut the grass up to three times a week.
At the first county commissioners meeting in early 1798, the pioneers decided that the new town would be “called and known by the name of Bolin Green.” This name was after the Bowling Green Square in New York City, where patriots had pulled down a statue of King George III and used the lead to make bullets during the
The top setting for most mowers gives a cutting height between 3.25 and 4 inches. This is best for your lawn, but at a setting of 4 inches you may sometimes see some “laying-over” of turf blades that some people find undesirable. For this reason, some people prefer to mow at 3 or 3.5 inches.
The ideal bowling grass seed blend

A8 Ultrafine Ryegreens contains two of the most popular species for modern golf renovations, Cabrio and Escapade: both are exceptionally fine-leaved perennial ryegrass cultivars that are quick to establish and have fantastic wear tolerance.

Crown Green Bowl weights generally start at 2lb 0oz and go up to 2lb 14oz in 2oz increments, In certain bowls we stock 2lb (usually for children), and we also go up to 3lb Bowls in some ranges and have `odd` or `inbetween` weights (e.g. 2lb 9oz) in other ranges.
Crown green bowls sizes are based on the weight of the bowl and depending on brand range from 2lb 0oz right up to 3lb, usually going up in 2oz increments (but 9oz bowls are fairly common).
Continue to Verticut or lightly scarify once a month to remove dead material and prevent the build up of thatch (Organic Matter), Only scarify the grass plant.
Aerate the green once/month with a standard solid tine (100mm/4”) Think about your feeding programme. Keep an eye open for disease.
On bowling greens the fertilizer should contain a good iron content to kill any moss for easy removal, and no phosphate or potassium. My preferred formula is 9 to 12% nitrogen, and at least 9% iron.
Bowling Green

This charming college town is one of the best places to retire in Kentucky 2020 and 2021 due to its many hiking trails and parks. If you like live music, there are also quite a few venues to choose from, as well as outdoor concerts during warmer months.

USA Today has named Bowling Green as one of the most affordable cities in the country. The paper identify 50 cities according to cost of living, housing costs and incomes. Bowling Green was listed number 37. According to USA Today, Bowling Green is 14.8% less than the national average for cost of living.
It is better to water once or twice a week and apply a good amount of water. The green will lose on average 21mm per week during peak season so this amount will need to be replaced.
Both Brunswick ProLane and Anvilane are a synthetic lane surface that screws down on top of an existing wood bowling lane. ProLane is 7/16″ thick and Anvilane is 3/8″ thick.
If you don`t have bowling ball cleaner or want to make your own at home, you can use a mixture of equal parts isopropyl alcohol, water, and an all-purpose cleaner like Simple Green.
The length of a full size bowling green is 44 yards, and the jack must be delivered to a distance of 25 yards from the mat. Each bowl must traverse a distance between 25 and 40 yards.
Southampton Old Bowling Green, situated on the corner of Lower Canal Walk and Platform Road, Southampton, England, is the world`s oldest surviving bowling green. It was first used in 1299; Chesterfield Bowling Club in Derbyshire is believed to date back to 1294.
At the first county commissioners meeting in early 1798, the pioneers decided that the new town would be “called and known by the name of Bolin Green.” This name was after the Bowling Green Square in New York City, where patriots had pulled down a statue of King George III and used the lead to make bullets during the …
Bowling Green, city, seat (1796) of Warren county, south-central Kentucky, U.S. It lies along the Barren River, 65 miles (105 km) northeast of Nashville, Tennessee.

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Shoting to many paintbass at one time – Tippmann A 5 Standard Paintball Gun
ANSWER : Get a new orange detent from ebay, they are cheap and the installation is relatively painless

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Will an A-5 shroud fit a 98? – Tippmann A 5 Standard Paintball Gun
ANSWER : Depends on the barrel. The flatline is a curved barrel and has a specific shroud. But there’s a shroud that fits the regular straight barrel too. Otherwise it depends on the length and width of the barrel you want it to fit. If you’re talking a shroud/barrel combination and whether one that fits on an A-5 will fit on the 98 I would initially say no. There are a few out there that are fit for both, depending on the adaptor you may be using. Best bet is to meet whoever is selling it and try it out or ask them if they’ve fit it to someone else’s (in the case if you’re buying online).Good luck! Play hard, play safe, play with honor!


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I got a co2 leak – Tippmann A 5 Standard Paintball Gun
ANSWER : The A5 standard is a pretty compact gun depending on the place of the leak I could assist you better. In any case you best chance is to check for leaks in the o-rings at the CO2 bottle, at the regulator.

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Keeps blowing o rings – Tippmann A 5 Standard Paintball Gun
ANSWER : If you are using CO2 switch to air. Also make sure the velocity adjuster isnt running
at the highest rate. Which specific O-ring are you blowing out?
Here is your manual.

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3 year old Toro Z4200 time cutter Z, 19 HP Kohler, engine runs great, new battery, new solenoid, with the seat sensor connected or by-passed, STILL WONT start off the key switch. Clicks at the kill relay. Would the kill relay be the problem?
Whats confusing is, both the green and blue posts on the solenoid have 14.01 volts when you turn the key to ‘start’ position. Did the same thing with the old solenoid, which is probably still good. I replaced it to eliminate that variable. It also ‘clicks’ at the fuel switch at the carburetor bowl, but that is only 1 lead (I assume a hot lead) so Im thinking that CANT be it.
Using the old hillybilly method, jumping across the 2 top posts on the solenoid, with the key in on position, it will start right up, run, drive and mow just fine.
So my best guess is this ‘KILL RELAY’ must be bad?
Any help would be appreciated, thank you !
ANSWER : These things are pre requisites for engine cranking: PTO/Blades are off/button pushed down, the steering arms are out/parked position, and you are in the seat. I think. Definitely the blades have to off.

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18′ x 48″ intex pool. Upgraded to 2500GPH filter and salt system. Water is GREEN. Salt level was too high. So I drained 1/3 of pool. added fresh and changed filter. Added a little fresh salt back. Levels should be good. Ran chlorinator for 11 hours – still green – help please!
ANSWER : Hi,A problem salt-system pool owners encounter is that the pH rises over
time. If the pH is over about 8.3, then your chlorine is rendered
partially ineffective, meaning you can have a high free-chlorine
reading, but it is restricted. Test the pH and add muriatic acid to
maintain your pH is between 7.4 and 7.6.Let me know,if needed further assistance.Hope i helped you.Thanks for using ‘ Fixya ‘ and have a nice day!!

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Hi i have a razor e100 today at a yard sale and brought it home and plugged it in and the green light turned on and i plgged it in to the scooter and the light tuned green so i pulled the plug out of the scooter and i turned the scooter on and walked with it and held down the throttle a few times and it did not work. what do i do???
ANSWER : There are a few components to check when diagnosing electric scooter issues. 1. Batteries2. Wiring3. Controller4. Throttle Assembly5. FusesOnce you inspect all of these for damage, you can test your motor and batteries, by bypassing the controller, and directly hooking the batteries to the motor. If the motor spins very fast, then you have good batteries, and a good motor. The controller will need to be replaced. If your motor spins slowly, you could require new batteries or Controller, or battery, depending on the results. You can find replacement parts and service locator here.

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