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Speed. The Weslo Cadence G 5.9i has a range of 1-10 mph, giving you the option of slow walking all the way up to running. With the size of the motor, we don`t recommend using it at high speeds for long periods of time.
It has a footprint of 64 x 29 inches. The maximum specified user weight for this machine is 275 lbs.
Get smooth power with the 2.25 horsepower motor every time you work out. You`ll love the quiet deck that takes you up to 10 mph. And the manual 2-position incline helps you take your intensity up a notch.
How do I reset my Weslo treadmill? You can reset your Weslo Treadmill by either flipping the power switch on the side and then waiting 5 minutes before using or you can unplug the power cord from your surge suppressor and then plug it back in.
Running on a treadmill can`t fully mimic outdoor running.

But it`s not the exact same experience. You won`t get the same terrain, views, fresh air, or sunshine on a treadmill. And you may not be fully prepared for an outdoor marathon if your training only includes treadmill running.

There`s nothing wrong with leaving the treadmill outside in the spring and summer, but bringing it inside over the fall and winter. You`ll protect it from the harsh conditions and increasing damage over time. You`ll also add a good few years of life to the machine as well.
Treadmills, like people, come in all different shapes and sizes. If you`re a heavier or bigger user due to your weight or height, it`s important to look for a treadmill that supports your frame. Individuals taller than 6` 4″ and even bodybuilders can benefit from buying a high-capacity treadmill for their home gym.
Unless maybe you`re 350# or something like that, most treadmills can handle your weight. So that`s not really a good excuse not to use one. If you are indeed are too heavy, you could cause the belt to slip, worst case you stress the motor.
What`s the best incline to run on a treadmill? Depending on your physical and cardiovascular health, experts usually say around 1-2% incline is best. If you`re looking for more of a challenge or an advanced runner, you can move it up to 5-6% and beyond. Running on a treadmill incline has many benefits.
Running and incline walking are both great forms of cardio and provide many benefits, so deciding between the two will come down to your individual fitness goals, what you have access to, any injuries or joint issues, and one of the most important things – what kind of movement you actually enjoy!
The track——The track represents a distance of 1/4 mile (400 m). As you walk or run on the treadmill, the indicators around the track will appear in succession until the entire track appears.
Moderate Walking on a treadmill

For walkers, setting a pace of around 4-5 mph, they would be able to cover the distance of a kilometer within 10 minutes.

Thirty minutes on the treadmill is excellent exercise. Depending on the speed, you can easily burn calories, improve cardio fitness, or meet other goals. But just like other exercise programs, it`s essential to pay attention to your health condition and not overdo it.
The way the treadmill belt propels you forward means you use less of your hamstring muscles. Your quads do most of your legwork instead, meaning you`re working them a bit harder than if you were outside. Perhaps this change is enough to mess with your natural running gait and make your effort seem harder.
Temperature Issues

Running on the track creates kinetic energy that heats and expands the track, while the cold causes it to contract. These swings in temperature affect the integrity of the track at a much greater rate than if the temperature of the treadmill remains warm.

Many foldable treadmills are good for running, but it depends on the specs of the individual treadmill. If you want to use a foldable treadmill for running, look for machines with a longer treadmill belt to accommodate a longer stride during running, as well as a higher maximum speed.
Motorized treadmills can do the same things as a manual treadmill, and more. But they serve a different purpose. While a manual treadmill is good for building endurance for short high-intensity workouts, a motorized treadmill is ideal for the runner that is aiming for distance.
No, it is not a smart move to do that. If you want to run, do it in the open air. It is going to be way better for your joints, your lungs, and your mind. Running on a treadmill can cause knee issues, and gets boring after some time.

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