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If you`re still unsure, you can always reach out to our team at 800.535. 3589 or send us an email at [email protected].
LAUNDERING: Wash in cold water with technical gear wash or mild soap. Typical detergents should not be used, as they will break down materials and decrease product performance. Wash by hand, or in a front loading washer, gentle cycle. DO NOT use a top loading washing machine.
We require proof of purchase from an authorized seller to qualify for warranty service, unless otherwise prohibited by law. If a Kelty branded product covered by one of these warranty options qualifies as a manufacturing defect, we will repair the product, without charge, or replace it, at our discretion.
Kelty is a manufacturer of high-end backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags owned by Exxel Outdoors, LLC.
Michael Tidser has been unveiled as the new Kelty Hearts boss.
Never wash a pack in a washing machine or dry it in a dryer. Use lukewarm (not hot) water, and use your soft sponge or brush sparingly, so you don`t harm any protective coatings on the pack. Hang the pack to dry in the shade or indoors, not in the direct sun (UV light can degrade the fabric).
For best results, put the backpack inside an old pillowcase or laundry bag to keep straps and zippers from getting caught in the washing machine. If you don`t have a pillowcase, you can turn the backpack inside out. Select a gentle cycle, then wash in cold or lukewarm water with mild detergent.
Patching Holes in Your Tent

Sharp sticks, stones and errant tree branches can sometimes rip your tent`s fabric. If you carry a patch kit with you while camping or backpacking, you can repair a tear in a tent`s wall, mesh or rainfly while you`re out there. Or you can wait to do it at home.

If you have a nylon tent, then you`ll need tape and sealer made specifically for nylon tents. Similarly, canvas tents will need taffeta repair tape and seam sealer for canvas.
While both down and synthetic bag insulations do a good job of fluffing up after being compressed, there is a limit to their resilience. If you leave your bag in a compressed state (inside its stuff sack) for several months, it will lose resiliency and lofting ability.
We build great gear that`s made to last and inspire you to rediscover the joy of spontaneous play. Every. Day.
For all questions regarding new product concept and Idea submissions, please see our parent company Exxel Outdoors website.
On 30 August 2021, Ann Budge officially transferred the clubs shares to the Foundation of Hearts, meaning Hearts officially became the biggest fan owned club in the United Kingdom.
Kelty Hearts home ground is situated just off Bath Street, Kelty, KY4 0AG it has a capacity of 2,181 (353 Seats) with 2 covered enclosures up one side.
Kelty Hearts play their home games at New Central Park, situated just off Bath Street in Kelty.
Rinse the treated area with cold water before tossing it into the washing machine. Put your backpack into a large mesh laundry bag or old pillow case when it`s ready to go into the machine. All the attachments can go into a separate mesh bag. Wash on the gentle cycle with only a small amount of bleach-free detergent.
Air-Dry the Backpack

Use an old towel to wipe down the inside of the pack and each pocket. Allow the backpack to air-dry by hanging it with the zippers and pockets open as much as possible. Don`t place it in a hot dryer or dry it in direct sunlight because that could damage some fabrics.

Ah, the heartbreak of smelly gear. And it`s a common problem. All that sweat, moisture, and dirt that`s such a big part of hiking creates a perfect environment for bacteria. And that is likely your hiking aroma culprit: A severe bacteria outbreak in your pack straps, and probably in the backpad as well.
Machine Wash & Hang To Dry

If you can`t machine wash the schoolbag, you can hand wash it by using warm water and dish liquid or laundry detergent. Then clean gently with a scrub brush, which will help clean the tough material and get stains out. This can be done in a basin sink or bathtub.

With a paper towel or terry towel, apply dry cleaning solvent or rubbing alcohol to the stain. Dab the stain with a clean, dry cloth until the ink is gone.
Permanent tents are a type of building that may be used for living quarters, warehouses and storage spaces. These types of structures often have thicker canvas material which makes them more resistant to tearing or punctures than traditional wall tent options with canvas wrapping if needed.
How To Waterproof Your Tent Using A Tarp? An inexpensive tarp is a smart investment when it comes to camping gear. You can pitch your tent on top of a tarp as an extra ground shield or you can use the tarp as an added layer of protection, placing it over your tent.
First, put the short end of the cable lock through the zipper pulls (both of them) on your bag. Lock the two zipper pulls together so they can`t be opened up and your bag can`t be rummaged through. Be warned that a standard combination lock doesn`t always work for this.
A tear is no reason to give up on your beloved backpack! All backpacks can be patched and stitched as needed, including torn bottoms and corners. Cobblers can also repair damaged inside lining or replace it altogether, if necessary.

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Lost instruction for Thetford Aqua Kem and Aqua rinse.
ANSWER : Aqua Kem recommended dose: 75ml of fluid per 10 litres of waste tank capacity.

Aqua Rinse can be used daily as a toilet bowl cleaner. It will lubricate the bowl to prevent staining and once in the tank will help lubricate moving parts down there.

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Instruction to put up a Coleman Rock Springs 4 Tent please?
ANSWER : Wow, thats a monster tent. I’ll get you most of the way there, but I may miss a thing or twoLay it down, stretch it out and peg it. That will save you a ton of time.Next, find the four longest poles. These are the supports. Two on each side of the door, crossing diagonally to the rear. Put one end of the poles in the holes and bend until you can get the other end in. These poles should slide through sleeves in the tent. Once these are up, the rest are “extras.” The tent has hooks to hold the poles to the tent. You have two poles of equal lengths for the side windows. Again, route them thru a sleeve, bending them into the holes on either side of the windows. I can’t tell, but it looks like you have a pole system for the front door too. Somehow these poles go next to the main support poles and meet up under the rain cover.Next, lay the rain cover on top of the tent. It should connect by bungies to the bottom of the pole support holes. There might be a pole or two under the rain cover, but above the tent for support. If so. look for a small pouch that a pole could slide into on the bottom side of the rain cover. You’ll run the pole from the pouch to another pouch (all under the rain cover).Don’t worry about strings or extra poles. These are for high wind. Pegging the tent down is good enough.Good luck

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Im looking manual instructions for coleman Sahara tent
ANSWER : Go on youtube, you will find some excellent videos on how to….on a range of tents. I saw the coleman sahara tent on a video last year as I was considering buying one! Good luck!

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Mar 12, 2010 – Could it be the check valve? I took it off and the flap appears to be working correctly. This well has been here a long time. Never given me any problems. I do have galvenized couplers on the discharge and intake sides. Old. Could these be leaking even though they show no sign of water? The discharge is able to hold 30 pounds easily overnight. I do not hear any vacuum in the intake when I take it off. Could the pipe to the well have a leak? I know I would have to insert a sleeve bnut I do not want to go through the hassle if I do not have to. I had put on a brand new pump from the hardware store that did the same thing so I think that would elliminate the pump as being the problem.
Mar 12, 2010 – I have a 3/4hp flotec convertible jet pump. It is able to hold 30lbs pressure on the discharge side as the primie easily for 24 hours. It is not able to pull water from the well whcih has been here for years. i disconnected it for the winter and rehooked it up. The galvanized couplers on the discharge and pump side are old but do not appear to be leakeing as I taped them well. The check valve seems to be functioning well as I took it off and the flap works correctly. The well is not pulling watrer. there does not appear to be a vacuum on the check vale when I losen it. could the check valve be bad? I am aware I might have to resleeve the well, but do not want to hassle with this if I do not have to. I want to eliminate everything else first. i put another brand new pump on it to see if it was that. That partiuclar pump which was the same thng did not work either.

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ANSWER : Your well has gone dry it seems. It has happened to my before. At first the new pump I purchased that did not pump I took back for exchange and still no water. I finally gave in and called the well experts and I was told the well was dried up

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I have lost all pressure in my coleman 502 camp stove. It worked well a few times but up camping it lost pressure after having worked well making coffee but after getting back to camp after a trip out fishing its like someone messed with my stove while I was out. Could it have overheated sitting out in the sun on our table? It no longer builds up pressure when pumped. I took the part out and the plunger looked worn, but I don’t know if it is missing a part inside the tank or what. I just bought it at a thrift store a couple months back as an extra burner.
ANSWER : If you didn’t oil it it might do that. or you should check the position at witch you are holding the plunger.
the instructions say that the plunger turns left and right but mine doesn’t do that

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We have model#38025 Toro 1800 snow blower that I am trying to fix. My husband accidentally got an electrical extension cord wrapped around the cylindrical curved inside and it’s jammed in pretty good. I have tried getting a manual online with no luck and we do not have a manual because the people who gave it to us forgot to give us the manual. I need to know how to get inside so that I can free the cord. Help please!
ANSWER : Here is the owner manual and the parts catalogue for your guide. You must have an Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your pc to view thi file cause its pdf format.1. manuals/38025_operator_3327-516.pdf 2. manuals/38025_parts_3319-653.pdf

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How do I get an instructional manual for the awning on my RV?
ANSWER : Kindly download the manual from the following website

thank you

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