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I have a volvo 1995, 960 wagon, sometimes the arrow on the dash comes on and sometimes not, plus, the gas gage sometimes does not work, or the speedometer, also the temperature gage is not working
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Sounds like you could have several different things going on.
The speedometer on most cars is a flexible cable that is attached to the side of the transmission (this is a general rule of thumb and not necessarily specific to your car model). It screws into the transmission and into the back of your instrument cluster.

The “arrow” working intermittently could possibly be a back contact somewhere, I’m guessing you mean the turn signal arrow. This could be a worn out turn signal selector. If you remove it from the steering column and inspect it, there are some copper contact points that will engage when you move the selector, these could be corroded (especially if you live in a wet climate) or they could be worn out (the vehicle is almost 20 years old). Buying a used control module from the junk yard could be an easy and cheap fix. You may also have a “short” in the wires, faulty ground, or bad instrument cluster.

The temperature gauge could be a faulty thermostat, but if it was bad your car would probably over heat. It could be the thermostat sending unit that is located near the thermostat housing. It could be corroded and need to be replaced so it sends proper signals to the instrument cluster.

1996 was the year that OBDII computers were mandated in vehicles sold in the US, so your chances of getting clear and concise fault codes out of your vehicles computer is not real good.

Without more details, this is the best I got, but a couple places to start looking if you are handy with tools and a do-it-yourselfer.
good luck!

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Very reliable and comfortable car

I`ve owned a 95 960 and can absolutely recommend this car. Smooth handling, perfect seats, power windows, sunroof and door locks. Good MPG, doesnt need lots of repairs compared to other cars. Rating breakdown (out of 5):

What is the top speed of a 1995 Volvo 960 2.5i 24v? The 1995 Volvo 960 2.5i 24v top speed is 210 Km/h / 131 mph.
The 960 is equipped with a smooth-running but not-so-quiet 2.9-liter inline six-cylinder engine that has two overhead cams and 24 valves. The aluminum engine is rated at 181 horsepower – and every one of those horses is needed to move the 960`s 3,461 pounds.
The Volvo 960 3.0i 24v Executive has a Inline 6, Petrol engine with 2922 cm3 / 178.3 cu-in capacity.
“What we`re finding is that the quality of the cars are actually better in China than they are in Europe. Everyone was worried about quality, but as soon as they started the quality was even higher on score than in Europe,” he said.
For North America, the 1992–1994 Volvo 960s were built in Kalmar, Sweden. The very first Volvo 960 for the US-market rolled off the assembly line on August 12, 1991 as a 1992 model. The 1995 to 1998 960s were built in Göteborg, Sweden. The first 1995 model year (facelift) 960 was built on June 27, 1994.
1996 Volvo 960 Value – $445-$2,556 | Edmunds.
The 2022 Volvo S60 Recharge T8 Polestar Engineered is the fastest Volvo ever made, as it does 0-60 mph in just 4.1 seconds and has an electronically limited top speed of 112 mph.
Fuel & MPG

312.0/478.4 mi. 20.8 gal.

And pretty much all older Volvos. The 240, 740, 760, 940, and 960 were the last RWD in the US. Then the 850 arrived, which was FWD.
The line of multi-valve DOHC engines began with the B234 for the 1989 model year. Volvo licensed diesel engines from Volkswagen Group for decades.
Who makes the engines for Volvo Cars? Since 2013, all petrol and diesel engines are proudly made by Volvo Cars at their Skövde, Sweden facility. This family of VEA engines (Volvo Engine Architecture) is produced for nearly all global markets.
Volvo Cars is a multinational company with plants located in China, Sweden, and the U.S.A. For most global markets, all Volvo cars are produced and assembled in Sweden. The plant in South Carolina currently produces the Volvo S60. The plant in Chengdu, China, is responsible for Asian market vehicles.
3,000-HP 1992 Volvo 960 Rocks a Quad-Turbo, Supercharged, 10.3-L V8.
Autumn 1990 saw the launch of the Volvo 960, in time for the 1991 model year. The new Volvo 960 succeeded the outgoing Volvo 760, which had been on the market since 1982.
Volvo S90 [2021-2022] has been awarded 5-star safety rating.
Yes, the 2023 S90 is a good luxury midsize car. It offers peppy powertrains, an upscale cabin, comfortable and roomy seats and a long list of standard features.
The seats are superbly comfortable. Live with the road noise and the S90 will gladly drive all day on the interstate without drama or complaint, its quiet confidence evident on any extended drive.
The 2022 Volvo XC40 is the cheapest Volvo car in 2022 priced at $35,100. The subcompact XC40 SUV from Volvo inherits the familial good looks of the brand and has a lot of charm for its size. The XC40 has a smooth ride, roomy interior, and fantastic optional music system.
Volvo has been producing their car and truck lines separately since 1999. The Zhejiang Geely Holding Group currently owns the car lineup and has invested an 8.2-percent stake in the truck lineup, with the ultimate goal of reuniting them.
Here`s a big ol` mouthful of automotive alphabet soup for you to digest: Volvo S60 T8 Twin Engine E-AWD Inscription Plug-in Hybrid.
Pulling up at #1 in this class is the 2011 Volvo Polestar C30, which races 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds. Sports cars with this rate of acceleration are generally classified as Fast Cars. It darts ahead of the #2 ranked 2015 Volvo V60 T6 AWD R-Design by 0.8 seconds and the #3 ranked 2015 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E by 1.2 seconds.
Volvo Penta has expanded its genset range and launched its most powerful engine to date with the introduction of the D17.
This engine produces a maximum power of 204 PS (201 bhp – 150 kW) at 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 267 Nm (196 lb. ft) at 4300 rpm.

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Replacement Cable Kit/ Roof Lift System for 1995 Coachmen Clipper
ANSWER : Check this out:

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Working on a 1995 yamaha wave raider 700 wondering how strong the ignition firing should be has a light red color small spark I think it should be stronger and blue color has hard time running the fastest it will bo it around fourth miles any ideas on this
ANSWER : The spark should be a strong blue color. Here is a web page that will help you diagnose the problem, and isolate the bad part:
Go a ways down the page, and you will see a .pdf file you can download, to help you troubleshoot.
Good luck, and hope this helps.

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1995 kawasaki 750 jet ski overheats when going fast
ANSWER : Check your plug color. You may be having a high speed mixture problem. Is your ski spitting water out the tiny hole on the side? You should try flushing the engine, you could have a motor full of sand if you beach the craft but do not wash the sand out of the back before starting. Also inspect the engine water tubes for cracks. From the hull to the motor and from the hull to the jet pump.

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I have a 1995 Viking Pop up camper. I blew a fuse repairing the outside light switch. After replacing the fuse, all lights, including inside are still not working. All power outlets work, just no lights.
ANSWER : I would double check the fuse then check for ground. It sounds as if you may have a ground disconnected since only the lights aren’t working. You can do this to check to see if it is a ground problem but your switch will have to have a grounding wire currently hooked up to it. You can take the green grounding wire and place it on the terminal where the white wire is connected. Once you turn on the power switch on the power to the lights and see if they work at this time. If so, You have a grounding problem. Good luck on your repairs


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I am getting white smoke, possibly steam after running my Volvo 2030 for about 45 minutes. Water flow seems regular, oil level did not reduce.
ANSWER : Have you got a ny Fuel in with your water? It could that you’ve got a leaky injector.

It could also be water getting mixed with fuel due to corrosion in the Intercooler/Heat Exchanger. What type and colour of coolant are you using?

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I have a 1995 polaris 500 indy snowmobile. It keeps overheating. What can I do.
Thanks Randy
ANSWER : There are some possibilities that you will have to check out
check the coolant it full or got empty.

Check out the engine is it running at idle.

Also check for any bubbles in the coolant bubbles in
your coolant, means you’re either sucking air from the water pump inlet hose,
or have a compression leak into the water jacket.
What do your plugs look like? A white plug is
getting water, and would indicate which cylinder is leaking.

Check the head gasket.

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Am working on a 1995 yamaha wave raider 700 can you tell me how much compression they cylinders should have how fast should the run when operating correctly
ANSWER : Manufacturers details are 135psi Revs depend on the exhaust sytem fitted but at 48.5mph the revs are ratewd at 6, 200 if fitted with the factory dry pipe systemThanks for using FIXYA

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