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Remington 870 Wingmaster 16 ga shotgun. Fits 2/34 shells. LPQ on barrel – i think this means it was built in 1996? Ser# 1100727W. Barrel shows pitting and rust. value?

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Hunters and shooters bought the 870 Wingmaster and Express because they were accurate, all-purpose guns. You could shoot clays, ducks, turkeys, pheasants, deer, and defend your home with either gun.
Remington DISCONTINUED MODEL 870 WINGMASTER CLARO 12 ga 870 047700820101 Long gun – Arnzen Arms.
The Remington 870 debuted in 1950, and today`s gun is an early 870, dating back to the time the gun was offered in two grades—the AP with its ringed forearm and the more decorated ADL. This gun is a well-used AP. Production of AP models ceased in 1963.
REMINGTON 870 Express Magnum Slug – $267.99. Forgot your password?
Sure as autumn arrives, the Model 870 Wingmaster® rises to meet another day in the upland fields and woods of America. The Model 870 is so smooth and reliable that today – more than 60 years after its introduction – it`s still the standard by which all pump shotguns are measured.
The 870 has a matte finish. The Wingmaster has a polished blued finish. Wingmaster internal components are high quality and milled, not stamped or mold injected. Internals are polished and much smoother performing than an 870.
THe M870 is a pump-action, 12-gauge shotgun in use throughout the US military. It is the military version of the Remington 870 shotgun and comes in a wide range of configurations of different barrel lengths, stocks and manufacturing materials.
This gun was first manufactured over 70 years ago. After all this time, the Remington 870 is the most popular and widely used pump-action shotgun around due to its durability, overall quality, and value per the dollars spent to own one.
Conclusion. Both the Remington & Mossberg are super popular and reliable pump action shotguns. Mossberg has the ambidextrous safety, double-extractor, nicer shell lifter, tons of upgrades, and is used by the military. While Remington has the smoother action, steel receiver, and better pistol grip setup.
The Remington 870 is an incredibly reliable and well-made shotgun designed to fill any role a shotgun can fill. It`s an awesome option for home defense, deer hunting, upland birds, ducks, small game, clay pigeons, etc. Clearly, the Remington 870 is a top-tier choice if you need a pump shotgun.
Yet this remarkable shotgun has been around for more than half a century, and has become the best-selling shotgun of any type in history, with over 11 million made.
Launching a shooting and hunting career with an 870 has become the modus operandi. There have been more than 10 million 870s from Remington Arms Company sold since 1951 – it`s the best selling scattergun of all-time – much of it due to the ease with which novices can handle it.
Remington 870 Wingmaster Blued 12 Gauge 3in Pump Action Shotgun – 26in | Sportsman`s Warehouse.
Manually-Actuated, Pump-Action Slide Shotgun [ 1951 ]

The Remington Model 870 “Wingmaster” is a variant of the famous (and best-selling) Remington M870 series pump-action slide shotguns which traces its roots to a 1951 release.

This Remington Model 870 Magnum Wingmaster is a right hand pump action 12 Ga. shotgun. It has a 30 inch barrel.
The Remington 870 is one of the most widely used shotguns in law enforcement. It is popular for its reliability, accuracy, and ease of maintenance. The Remington 870 is a pump-action shotgun that is used by many police departments across the United States. Police officers take great care of their Remington 870s.
Regular 870 probably weighs 7 1/2 pounds with a 28″ barrel.
The most eagerly anticipated new shotgun of 2022—for me at least—isn`t a brand-new gun. It`s the reborn Remington 870. The new Fieldmaster is still manufactured in Ilion, New York, but now by new owners, RemArms.
Remington Military Shotguns

Model 870 Riot Guns were standard issue to many American soldiers and Marines in Vietnam and were a favorite weapon for close-quarters firefights.

An Express has been the first shotgun of countless shooters, and many of them have never seen any reason to shoot anything else. Millions of 870s have rolled out of the same factory in Ilion, New York, where they`ve always been made.
The most common type of shotgun used for this purpose is the manually operated, slide-action/pump-action type like the Remington M870 or Mossberg 590A1. The latter is currently the pump-action of choice for US armed forces, and both have seen service with other militaries.
The Remington Model 870 shotgun is the best-selling gun in Remington history. Introduced in 1950 to replace the Model 31, it has been produced in a vast number of variants and is still in production. Versions have been made for military and law enforcement, as well as for the traditional sporting market.
Remington 870

The Remington 870 is one of the most popular shotguns for duck hunting, and for good reason. This shotgun is reliable, durable, and affordable. It has been in production since 1950 and has undergone several upgrades and modifications over the years to make it even better.

STANDS UP TO THE ELEMENTS AND ANY OTHER THREAT. A highly durable 12-gauge utility gun that resists corrosion on land or water. Electroless nickel plating covers all metal, including the inside of the barrel and receiver.

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Value winchester mod 1894
ANSWER : Yes not sure for sure not so common expect at least at least 500 if good cond.

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T wanted to know the value of a, Winchester Model 61. Ser # 203317 ( Pump ). Good condition.
Year manufactored ?
Value ?

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I have a small smith and wesson 32 5 shot top break revolver like new trying to find the value of it any ideas
ANSWER : HI I am also a collector of firearms. I was in the USMC and just retired after 24 years I just retired 14 months ago. If you will google value of firearms there is a link that will take you to a page where you put all the info in like serial number. Smith and Wesson also has a site that you should look up by the serial number group. You can find a lot of info from that page. To my knowledge Smith and Wesson does not have a value guide on there web site.
i hope this may help you,
MgySgt Shirel USMC (retired)

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Value of smith and wesson – serial number 167709
ANSWER : Smith Wesson Model 10 What information can you glean from Smith Wesson serial numbers

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I have a Remington model 11 auto shotgun, serial #313127, in what I would consider excellent condition could you please tell me what year it was manufactured and a ballpark value?
ANSWER : On the left side of the barrel near the frame there should be a code with some letters. that will tell you the date unless it was made before 1921. the value should be about 250-350$ unless it is in really good condition it can be worth more.Thank you,lee

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My husband purchased a Winchester “Buffalo Bill” commemorative 30 30 rifle, serial # WC7296. (Model 94) Can you give me any information about the year manufactured and/or value. It is in original box, all original papers and warranty.
ANSWER : Normal



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It appears you have

Rifle below.

I can be more sure if you upload a picture of it:

300 mfg. (rifle only) $3000

Originally available
for $1000 “donation” to building fund for Buffalo Bill
Historical Museum,
Cody WY

Same as standard rifle
except all nickel parts are gold plated, high polish deep blue finish,

XXX fancy wood, w/
walnut Presentation Case Thanks Gary @ Fix Ya

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Hi i was wondering if i could get an estimated value of this winchester rifle. it is an 1886 model 33 cal rifle serial number 139297 and was a special order gun made in 1906. according to the Winchester museum in Wyoming there was only 3 made. Any help would be great thanks.
ANSWER : Take a look at

and other sites and you can just about make your own estimate

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