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The dongle simply plugs into the blue colour coded USB port on the front of the equipment. Once you have selected a workout or planned your route, the app will ask you to choose the machine you would like to connect with . . . you`re then ready to start!

Simply push the “Start” button on your machine to begin a workout in manual mode. You`ll be able to manually adjust your settings, and your screen will display an oval racetrack or similar graphic as you work out.
Reebok Jet 100z Folding Treadmill with Incline and Bluetooth193/5789.
Basic treadmill settings:

In general, treadmill speeds are measured in miles per hour (mph), and the higher the number, the faster the belt of the treadmill goes. Typically two to four mph is walking speed, four to five mph is a fast walk or light jog, and over five mph is jogging or running.

The Bluetooth

The treadmill is meant to pair with your Mac or PC, so that its companion app can log your data—your steps, distance, calories burned, and such.

On your fitness tracker, press the button to wake up the screen, swipe the screen till you see the Bluetooth and smartphone icons and press the button again. On the Activate your device screen of your mobile app tap Band. Your Android device shows Searching. When the name of your band appears, tap on it.
Although each treadmill is a little different, all treadmills have two basic buttons: the “start” button and the “stop” button. The start button is usually large and green, and the stop button is usually large and red. Just like a traffic light, green means go and red means stop.
Manual treadmills are a great option if you`re interested in running or walking indoors. They may be better suited to you if you`re hoping to get into a regular walking routine or enjoy doing high-intensity training regularly.
Your treadmill is powered by a power supply. The power must be plugged into the power jack, which is located in the front of the machine near the stabilizer tube. Some treadmills have a power switch, located next to the power jack.
Display not working

Start by checking if the power cord of the treadmill is tightly plugged into the wall socket. If the treadmill runs on batteries, check if they are healthy. Sometimes, resetting the circuit breaker does the trick. You can reset it by unplugging the treadmill for about 1 minute.

The Reebok Jet 100x Treadmill is ideal for home cardio fitness thanks to its 2.0 Hp motor, which delivers speeds of 1 – 18 km/h (0.6 – 11 mph) across 12 levels of electronic incline.
The Reebok Nano cross-training shoe line is a product line designed to accommodate a variety of training tasks. For example, the Reebok Nano models are pretty good cross-training shoes for lifting, HIIT, classes, short runs, and CrossFit workouts.
“Running or walking at a level 12 incline rapidly shortens the chest and pectoral muscles while lengthening the upper back and scapular muscles,” Higgins explained. “This means it is detrimental for anybody struggling with breathing.
Most treadmill models will tell you how fast you are going in terms of miles per hour (mph), but won`t tell you the equivalent minutes-per-mile pace. If you run a 5-mph pace on the treadmill, you will cover one mile in 12 minutes.
To determine the treadmill speed (distance / time), divide the distance (belt length x number of revolutions) by the time measured. For example, if the belt length was 3 meters, and it took 20 seconds for it to do 15 revolutions, then the speed is (3 x 15) / 20 = 2.25 meters/second (or 8.1 km/hr or 5 mph).
If you`re able to watch TV without craning your neck, holding on to the sides of the treadmill, or skimping on intervals, then you`re probably OK running while watching. But otherwise, you`re better off turning off the tube. Have trouble working out without watching your shows?
When you get on one of our treadmills, such as the NordicTrack Elite 9500 Pro, the treadmill pulls up Google Maps on the screen with the newly drawn running route. The treadmill mimics the incline of the real world route you are running, thanks to the elevation service of the Google Maps API.
While a manual treadmill is good for building endurance for short high-intensity workouts, a motorized treadmill is ideal for the runner that is aiming for distance. Simply put, you don`t have to maintain a conscious effort to keep your speed over a long distance with a motorized treadmill.
It is recommended to always wear running shoes whilst using the treadmill whether you are walking, running or sprinting. Treadmills are high impact machines so wearing shoes on the treadmill will help protect your lower body joints as your shoes absorb most of the impact from each step.
Can I use wireless headphones when running on a treadmill? Of course, you can.
To connect to the Bluetooth speakers open your Bluetooth settings, turn on Bluetooth, scan for new devices, look for Horizon T101 and select connect.
Pairing an Android Wear smartwatch with an Android phone

Open the Wear OS app on your phone and follow the initial setup. Tap on “I agree”. You should see a pop-up “Turn on Bluetooth and Location”. Tap on “Turn on”.

Despite the extra exertion required, there are some advantages to using a manual treadmill, especially for walkers. Many people prefer these machines because they`re portable, energy-free, and often more affordable than motorized treadmills. That means they`re also likely cheaper to fix if they break down.

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