Treadclimber TC5300

When I walk on the treadclimber my left tread stops with every step. When I lift my foot is moves when I put my foot down on it it stops. It feels as though it’s loose. I’ve looked in the manual, states how to align the tread belt but not how to tighten it. Any advice would be very much appreicated. Thanks!

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Now all TreadClimbers have been discontinued by Bowflex as they have transitioned to offering traditional treadmills and a new combination machine, the Max Trainer. The Max Trainer features a 2-in-1 design combining an elliptical and stair stepper.
Does the TreadClimber fold up for storage? While it does not fold up, the footprint of the TreadClimber is not much larger than a folded up treadmill. Built-in transport wheels also make it easier to move your TreadClimber around.
The TC5000 is no longer for sale as of November 2011.
The TreadClimber series has been discontinued, but Bowflex still manufactures traditional treadmills.
TreadClimber vs. Treadmill – While both can be utilized for great walking workouts, the TreadClimber will limit any advancement on speed or progression of intensity. The TreadClimber will be a low impact long term workout solution for those who do not wish to run and do not want to increase overall intensity.
Because they rise to meet your feet, there`s less impact on your knees and it`s very gentle. A lot of people have compared walking on the Treadclimber to a feeling of walking in sand – so it`s going to be a lot less jarring to your knees.
The TreadClimber have a different motion; it works more muscles than a traditional elliptical because you are walking and climbing at the same time, so more lower body muscles are worked.
They are also often sold with a warranty, which also adds to the cost. Another reason Bowflex dumbbells are expensive is due to the brand reputation. Bowflex is a well-known and reputable brand in the fitness industry, and consumers are willing to pay a premium for the quality and convenience that the brand offers.
Loud noises while the TreadClimber is in operation are a clear indicator of a part malfunction. Squeaking or rattling noises can be caused by the hydraulic bolts coming loose from the frame, the linkage bolts underneath each treadle needing tightening or the drive pulleys coming loose inside the machine.
TreadClimber TC200 – Our Best Walking Workout | Bowflex.
Combining the best aspects of a treadmill, elliptical and stairclimber, the Treadclimber® TC20 will have those unwanted pounds melting off you. This machine provides the perfect low impact exercise and is suitable for a wide range of body types with a maximum weight capacity of 136kg.
Buy and Compare all 9 Bowflex Treadclimbers side by side at Fitness Superstore, including the TC1000, TC3000, TC5000, TC5300, TC5500, TC6000, TC5, TC10, and TC20 by the fitness experts.
Treadmill Belt Is Too Loose or Too Tight

If the treadmill rolling belt isn`t properly tensioned, it can come off the roller and slip. An ill-fitting belt can wear out quickly, which leads to more slipping and the need for frequent adjustments.

Check the drive belt for proper alignment. With the cover still off, check over the wire and cable connections, as they may have become loose or disconnected during shipping or assembly. Make sure connections are secure and no wires are crimped, damaged, disconnected or burnt.
In 2002 the company moved to the NYSE and renamed itself The Nautilus Group and is now Nautilus, Inc.
Treadmill – While both can be utilized for great walking workouts, the TreadClimber will limit any advancement on speed or progression of intensity. The TreadClimber will be a low impact long term workout solution for those who do not wish to run and do not want to increase overall intensity.

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TC5000 and after extended use I smell burning and upon removing the belt cover and drive belt I felt of the motor on the motor side of the drive pulley and it was ”red-hot”, obviously the source of the smell of the burning. The motor spins freely without any rubbing noise. The drive pulley (motor side) and the tread pulley appear to be alligned. One curious thing is that the threaded motor output shaft is recessed about 3/8” from the outside edge of the pulley. Could it be the bearing on the pulley side of the motor? I am dumbfounded as to what the solution might be. Note that I could not enter the exact product as my model seemed to be invalid. My model is the TC5000. Thanks [email protected]
ANSWER : Just because it spins freely doesnt mean it cant have a shorted winding. Id send it back where it came from or at least replace the motor.

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About 10-15 seconds after the bowflex treadclimber is turned on whether it is in the treadmill or treadclimber position there is a huge grinding noise. Any suggestions about what it could be and how to fix it please?
ANSWER : Use grease

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How do I adjust a pogo stick to jump higher
ANSWER : No. You would need a different spring to do it. There is no other spring for it.

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Bowflex treadclimber 5000
ANSWER : Hi ddmyatt.. They sell what is call dry lube at sports store’s. for spraying under the tread’s and on the wheels that the tread run’s on.. Lift the tread and spray as far under it as you can on both side’s. She’ll be lot’s quieter then before and lots easier on the motor too..

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Need a new ice hockey stick, just broke a synergy elite (se) pro stock and can’t find another. Looking for a durable and lightweight recommendation with a moderate mid curve, closed toe. I play defense and have been considering the ccm octo-gun 40 or 50 (tavares). Buying online and reading reviews makes narrowing down selections tough, I hate to spend over 120 bucks on a stick but also don’t want to go too far down from the stick I was using.
ANSWER : There appear to be lots of them on ebay… here’s one

have a look at this page as well

if you are comfortable with that stick you may wish to buy as many as the budget will allow you till you settle on one that works better for your needs. check out what tomas kaberly uses…. use horrid spelling of his name


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Im getting oil back pressure from the dip stick , have fitted new pistons and one liner replaced sounds great apart from this oil back pressure ,please some body give me some sound pointers
ANSWER : Check the rocker cover breather tube for blockage then continue till you get to the airbox

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My bowflex tc5000 will not calibrate
ANSWER : Check the speed sensor and make sure it is no farther than a credit card away from the drive pully. Unplug unit Located…remove left and right rear covers and back cover. 3 screws in each and 4 screws in back. Follow 2 black wires up to drive belt pulley under back of left treadle. slide sensor in with cc between it and the pully. Recalibrate

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