ST4100 Indoor Table Tennis Table

There is a gap between the two halves of the top and one is a a little lower than the other

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top. Aligns the top of the element and its descendants with the top of the entire line. bottom. Aligns the bottom of the element and its descendants with the bottom of the entire line. For elements that do not have a baseline, the bottom margin edge is used instead.
In the Page Setup dialog box, choose the Layout tab. In the Page section, select the Vertical alignment drop-down arrow and choose either Top, Center, Justified, or Bottom. If you choose Justified, the text is spread out evenly from top to bottom. Select OK.
To place an item at the top or bottom of its cell, insert the “VALIGN=” attribute within the code for that cell. To vertically align an entire row (e.g., placing all data in that row at the tops of the cells), insert the “VALIGN=” attribute within the code for that row.
There are three main types of alignments available – front-end, thrust and four-wheel. The type of suspension that your vehicle has determines what kind of alignment your car will receive. Your mechanic will be able to recommend the right alignment type for your vehicle.
There are four alignments: right, left, justified, and the centre in any system. Left alignment means the text will start from the left edge. Right alignment means the text will start from the right edge. The centre alignment means the text will be at the centre.
The horizontal alignment is defined by a sequence of horizontal curves. The back tangent of the first curve and the forward tangent of the last curve are projected backwards and forwards along the alignment.
HTML | <img> align Attribute

The <img> align attribute is used to set the alignment of an image. It is an inline element. It is used to specify the alignment of the image according to surrounding elements.

To align things in the inline direction, use the properties which begin with justify- . Use justify-content to distribute space between grid tracks, and justify-items or justify-self to align items inside their grid area in the inline direction.
Text alignment is a paragraph formatting attribute that determines the appearance of the text in a whole paragraph. For example, in a paragraph that is left-aligned (the most common alignment), text is aligned with the left margin. In a paragraph that is justified, text is aligned with both margins. Align text left.
The three primary methods of producing pairwise alignments are dot-matrix methods, dynamic programming, and word methods; however, multiple sequence alignment techniques can also align pairs of sequences.
There are four main alignments: left, right, center, and justified. Left-aligned text is text that is aligned with a left edge. Right-aligned text is text that is aligned with a right edge.
There are five possible kinds of alignment, Flush left, Flush right, Justified, Centered, and Random, also known as asymmetrical. These are few more terms to add your type vocabulary.
There are four main alignments: left, right, center, and justified.
The top-down approach relies on higher authority figures to determine larger goals that will filter down to the tasks of lower level employees. In comparison, the bottom-up style of communication features a decision-making process that gives the entire staff a voice in company goals.

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Cant remove top of barnet diablo slingshot
ANSWER : Try to watch this video, it may help:

Small pinholes in top of canvas tent. can these be repaired by a patch? What type of patch and adhesive should I use?
ANSWER : Yes they can wallmart sell a tent hole repair kit in the camping section

I have a 2004 60 hp yamaha 2 stroke outboard engine that doesn’t start or run well. Once warm and in the water it will idle in nuetral and also in gear. It accelerates in neutral but will die or lack power if I increase throttle while in gear. Engine will somtimes get to top speed but often while running at top speed engine will start to slow rapidly. Engine has full range of operationout when out of the water where there is no load on engine but is still difficult to cold start. Before these recent problems the engine sat up for several months and I had to change the impeller and spark plugs. Spark plugs fire, cylinders have proper pressure of 100, 100, and 110. I cleaned some fuel lines and filters and got new gas.
ANSWER : Every sympton you are describing here can be attributed to fuel starvation due to blocked jets and or water in carbs, when your engine dies does it die with dry plugs, or wet oily ones?

1988 Yamaha 4 wheeler slow crank
ANSWER : Put jumper cables from battery to starter directlyto see if it turns over faster put red on starter lead and black on gorund(metal housing)You may want to try this from a car battery to see if it spins faster if it does it indicates a problem with power from new battery check cables and lines for power blead

Kawasaki twin 4 stroke fh580v valve clearance..only one nut on top of rocker arm, how to set clearance without locknut usually under top nut?
ANSWER : Read in this. Different engine model but should be the same procedure.

I have a table top plainer i need to gauge new
ANSWER : Yes, there is only one way to do this right, or else you will have speed bumps in your wood. There is a gauge that rides on the knife drum, it is shaped like the letter C, has a bump in the middle, when you are setting the knives, don’t tighten them up, just snug them, take your gauge over the edge of the knife, you want it to just touch it, not bump it or pull it, just shave it, snug up the keeper, go to the other end of the same knife, do the same thing, then go back, then go to the middle, then when it looks good, torque it down. Now do the other knife the same way. Make sure you torque them down, double check it. Use a block of wood to tap them in, and the lifter screw to pull them out. Those little 2 edged knifes are not worth diddly, you want a big, one inch knife in there. Something solid. Hopefully that is what you have. You can buy the gauge at woodworker’s supply.

Assembly for timber top tent
ANSWER : Where was it purchased and when try locating the mfg if they have a website or you have a phone number to call them .