Garmin Edge 705 Bundle [heart, Speed, , Sd Card]

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Hello. you may need to go to and download a new driver into your computer before you use that software again. Joe

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Total Ascent, Average Ascent and Maximum Elevation are different ways of looking at ascent during an activity. Total Ascent provides a total of all increases to elevation (also known as elevation gain).
Devices Which Feature a Barometric Altimeter Sensor

The device will measure changes in air pressure to determine your elevation. This information is recorded during your activity and is used to report elevation related information in Garmin Connect.

The barometric altimeter will accurately report elevations ranging from -2,000 to 30,000 feet. The barometric altimeter may calculate values beyond 30,000 feet, but these values may not be accurate.
It`s hands-down my favorite Garmin feature they`ve ever created, both on wearables and cycling computers. It makes it so easy to glance and see how much suffering is left. But up till now, that required a course or route be loaded (or doing a pre-set navigation action).
An ascent, which comes from the Latin word ascendere, meaning “to climb up,” is just that: a climb. An ascent can be physical, like an elevator`s journey to the top floor, an airplane`s upward motion, or your hike up a mountain.
A hike that has a total of 500m or more elevation gain, is going to require A LOT of extra energy. Bear in mind also, that if it is not a loop track, you are going to have to reverse back down all that elevation, which can be equally as taxing on tired muscles and knees.
The main source of error has to do with the arrangement of the satellite configurations during fixed determinations. The earth blocks out satellites needed to get a good quality vertical measurement.
Your device has a clogged port leading to the sensor, resulting in incorrect readings. You recorded your activity when there was an incoming or departing low or high pressure system. This can cause your starting elevation reading to be too high or low.
Compatible watches and cycling computers provide acclimation notifications and corrections to your recorded VO2 Max Estimate and Training Status when the outside temperature is above 22ºC (72ºF) and when the altitude is above 800 m (2625 ft.).
Elevation gain is the total amount you will climb in a day, and elevation loss is the total amount you will descend in a day. For example, if you climb 1000 feet, descend 500 feet, and then climb an additional 300 feet, the elevation gain would be 1300 feet and the elevation loss would be 500 feet.
The most exciting update for the 2023 Garmin Edge product line is the introduction of “solar” models for both the 540 and 840. The solar models boast 32 hours of battery life on a single charge in comparison to the standard models which top out at around 26 hours.
Additionally, 540 offers the new ClimbPro, Real-Time Stamina, Power Guide, and more. However, the Edge 540 is more expensive than the 530. I don`t recommend upgrading to the 540 because the Edge 840 (Solar) offers buttons and a touchscreen display, making it much easier to use.
: the act of rising or mounting upward : climb. completed their ascent of the mountain. b. : an upward slope or rising grade : acclivity. followed the steep ascent to the top of the hill.
In aviation, a climb or ascent is the operation of increasing the altitude of an aircraft. It is also the logical phase of a typical flight (the climb phase or climbout) following takeoff and preceding the cruise. During the climb phase there is an increase in altitude to a predetermined level.

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Data Transfer Failed
ANSWER : Nathan Price says:

I had the same download problem, and after fiddling with the pedometer
for a couple of hours I figured out the basis of the problem and was
able to fix it. Being a software engineer, I figured that since it
copies each day’s data to memory once the clock clicks over to 12 AM,
there must have been one day somewhere that had corrupt data. The
download would always reach a certain percentage and then fail and as
more days were saved, the percentage went up slowly. Unfortunately,
Omron does not provide a mechanism to clear the internal memory inside
the pedometer, which it really needs to do. The reset button on the
back does NOT do this. The software on the computer has nothing to do
with this problem. It is completely internal to the pedometer itself.
In any case, to fix the problem, I just started setting the clock to
11:59 PM, waiting a minute and doing this quite a few times until the
corrupt day’s data was pushed out of memory. It holds 42 days, so
eventually the data will be erased. Well, it fixed the problem! Of
course, when the download finally worked the data was all screwed up.
Then I just exported all the data to CSV, opened it up in a text editor
and fixed the screwed up days, then re-imported the CSV file using the
this whole process takes patience and a good knowledge of computers and
software. Shame on Omron for not making it more user-friendly and
providing a button to clear the memory or enabling the software to skip
over and delete corrupt data. But hey, that’s what you get for $30,
software developed in India.

My battery went dead & after inserting a new one, now when i try to transfer the data to my pc it wont do it
ANSWER : Try getting the information here:

Downloads I want to download to dvd from bbc player
ANSWER : U gotta use Mozilla Firefox with greasemonkey and ‘DownloadHelper’ as addons or plugins….

Help! Just bought a Remington 30 06 for my grandson that has a Bushnell Sportview U4124 4-12power scope mounted on it. I would like to sight it in at 100 yards using a 180 grain shell but I don’t have the owners manual and I don’t understand an on line explanation that I found. This is the on line message: “You’ll see two horizontal crosshairs, put the top one on the animals back then zoom in until the bottom one is on his stomach. Look at the numbers on the zoom dial there should be three lines they are D – deer, E – elk and A – antelope. The numbers are the distance to the game, you then turn the external elevation knob or turret to the matching distance and shoot dead on. No need to hold over for bullet drop. The sad part will be if you didn’t get the other turrets that would have come with it as they are calibrated to different calibers and bullet weights”
I don’t understand how to set the elevation knob to 100yards when its lowest shown number is 150. If I need other turrets how or where can I get them? Thanks, a frustrated grandfather.
ANSWER : You can contact the Remington directly who will ship you a free users manual. Here is the company’s Contact Us details:

You may also find the required answer in the official help center. It covers almost every fields. Here is the link:

I plugged it on my computer to download data and it worked. Did not unplug it yet, then I reboot it and set info. Once I unplug it, I loose everything and it’s blank.
ANSWER : Did you save the data to your hard drive? If it was properly downloaded, it will be there. You will have to look for it.

Unable to read camera on laptop to load pics
ANSWER : Consider NOT connecting your camera to your computer.

The best way to download pictures from your camera to your computer involves removing the memory card from the camera and plugging it into a card reader (either built-in to the computer or connected via USB or FireWire). This is likely to be faster than connecting the camera to the computer, and won’t run down your camera’s batteries.Once the card is plugged in, it will appear to your computer as a removable drive. You can use the operating system’s drag&drop facility to copy pictures from the card to the computer’s hard drive, the same way you copy any other files. Or you can use any photo cataloging program, such as Picasa ( ).

How to download scarface the movie free
ANSWER : search for ‘scarface’ you’ll need a bittorrent program.. ie. Bitlord 1.1 to download it. search Google for ‘bitlord’ D/L the program and’ll need Divx program to view it. Download latest Divx software from www.divx.comcheers,