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The NOAA service center manual says as follows:–
My Weather Radio no longer picks up your broadcast: The majority of NOAA Weather Radios work flawlessly for the first few years. Some radios using analog technology will stray with time from the frequency that they are tuned to. You may need to decide whether to buy a new radio or take this one in for repairs. However, other things could also be causing this problem. Try moving the radio around to other locations and see if it begins picking up the signal again. Nearby development and other wireless systems in your area may be creating some interference. You might need a stronger antenna or an exterior antenna for your radio. If you decide that it is time to purchase a new radio, see if the seller of the radio will let you test it at your location and return it for a full refund if it does not work. Prices for NOAA Weather Radios range from $17 to $90 and the reliability can vary based on the quality of the radio, the distance you are from the transmitter, and any other outside interference.
My Weather Radio no longer picks up your alerts: Our alert system is tested every Wednesday. Every once in a while there may be a problem with the Wednesday test and people who monitor this quickly alert us so we can correct it. So if you have only missed one alert, it could be our problem, if you are missing multiple alerts, it is your radio’s problem and you should read #2 above. If you are using a SAME radio (see discussion in NWR 2000 section above), it needs a clear digital burst to decode the message and any interference may limit your ability to receive it.
Could there be a problem with your transmitter? Yes. Our Manassas transmitter is closely monitored by our office and people outside our office. We are usually quickly informed of any problems. However, it is harder for us to monitor our other transmitters. If you listen to our Hagerstown, Moorefield, or Baltimore transmitters and have noticed a slow deterioration in the broadcast quality or a problem that has lasted longer than several hours, then call or e-mail us so we can look into it. Be sure to include where your radio is (what town), what transmitter or frequency you listen to, when the problem developed and what it is, what model radio you are using, and a phone number that we can contact you at to help us solve the problem. One problem that for brief periods will affect your reception if you are more than 20 miles from the transmitter occurs whenever the transmitter powers down. If the broadcast from our office is lost for a few minutes, the power momentarily goes out, or we have to switch to our backup transmitter (on the same tower), the transmitter goes on low power. For some of our older transmitters (Hagerstown & Moorefield), this means that it is broadcasting at 100 Watts versus 1000 Watts and it takes 45 minutes for the transmitter to warm back up to full power. While it is on low power it emits a beeping sound in the background of the broadcast.

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NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts in the VHF public service band (between 162.400 and 162.550 megahertz (MHz)) and hence you need a special radio receiver or scanner in order to pick up the signal.
Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live (Android, iOS: Free)

Now known as Clime, the app formerly known as NOAA Radar Pro continues to stand out from the crowd with real-time radar delivered straight to your phone that shows you changing weather conditions around you.

162.550 MHz

NWR channels operating in the range of 162.3625–162.5875 MHz (162.4–.

NOAA APT Satellites transmit on frequencies between 137.1000 and 137.9125 MHz FM using between 30 and 40kHz bandwidth.
Start your engine and turn on your car`s audio system. Turn it off if it asks for “code”. Press and hold the radio button for approximately 40-50 minutes.
These sensors are linked to a battery powered, 300 milliwatt or less radio transmitter that sends the sensor measurements to a sensitive ground tracking antenna on a radio frequency typically ranging from 1676 to 1682 MHz or around 403 MHz.
The Midland ER310 E+Ready Emergency Crank Weather Radio is our top choice because of its overall build quality and impressive feature set, which includes loud weather alerts, a bright flashlight, and a decent-sized battery with multiple ways to charge it. The Kaito Voyager KA500 is another well-rounded option.
Midland WR400: Best Desktop Weather Radio

By far the Midland WR400 is the best NOAA weather radio available. It doubles as an AM/FM alarm clock too, which makes it a great replacement for your current alarm clock. A large, bright screen displays the time, battery life, and current alerts.

If you own a NWR SAME receiver, you will need to program the county you wish to receive watches and warnings for into the radio. It will then alert you only of weather and other emergencies for the county(s) you have programmed.
Frequencies: Longwave 198 kHz, VHF 92.4-94.6 MHz, (also MW 720 kHz in N. Ireland and London, 603 kHz Tyneside, 756 kHz Redruth, 774 kHz Plymouth and Enniskillen, 1449 kHz Aberdeen, 1485 kHz Carlisle).
Will my NOAA Weather Radio receiver work there? Yes, it should. Weatheradio Canada broadcasts weather and environmental information 24 hours a day in English and French to over 90% of Canada on the same seven frequencies as NOAA Weather Radio (162.400 to 162.550 MHz).
NOAA satellite works at frequency downlink of 137-138 MHz [1-6]. Double cross Dipole antenna is one of antenna types which can be used to capture signal of NOAA satellite. It because the result of polarization double cross dipole antenna is circular.
All GPS satellites broadcast on at least two carrier frequencies: L1, at 1575.42 MHz, and L2, at 1227.6 MHz (newer satellites also broadcast on L5 at 1176 MHz).
Linking instructions

Enter the Weathercloud ID and the Key provided for your device. You will find this information by going to your Devices page on Weathercloud and clicking on Link device in the Settings drop-down menu (the gear icon). Check the Upload option and press Save.

Ideally mounted at a height of 4 to 6 feet above the ground. Ideally located at a horizontal distance of 4 times the height of the nearest obstruction. Ensure the gauge is mounted level to the ground, away from any horizontal surface that can introduce rain-splashing or surrounding snow buildup.
If it is not flashing, the sensor array must be replaced. Power down and up the console to resync. If the outdoor temperature is still showing -40 or 140 degF or dashes (–) after several minutes, the sensor array must be replaced. We have a one year warranty.
All of the information presented via the API is intended to be open data, free to use for any purpose.

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I’m trying to assemble system and I cannot get the gas spring(shock) to operate properly. It won’t go up or down. I have not connected it to the backboard yet. Does it need to be connected first.
ANSWER : It takes a lot of force to move that shock. Connect it first.

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How do I order a replacement part for a sportcraft foosball table? I cannot find a contact number for the company
ANSWER : Oooh, that’s not good! Yea, sometime is hard to find the information of brands. Check at for more info, here is the link… Complete Guide to Best Foosball Table Reviews 2016

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I use an air card from us cellular for my internet service. I am trying to connect my PS3 to the teambuilder part of college football 2011, do I need a router or do I just plug into the ethernet provider in the back of my computer. I have tried that and I cannot connect. PLease help me as I want to be able to download information from the computer to my PS3.

Thank you in advance for your help

ANSWER : Both the ways are possible.Either from ethernet or via router.You should just get your internet settings right and it will detect the ps3 detected.Once the ps3 is detected., load the teambuilder on your pc and ps3 and you are connected to the teambuilder part of college football 2011.
If you want detailed procedure for both the ways.Just click on the link below and go through the instructions:—-
This should help.Thanks.Helpmech.

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My 870 Remington 12 ga. pump’s barrel now moves about 1/8th inch or less but noticably side to side and is no longer a tight fit? Just noticed it last week as barrel moves by itself or when moved manually. 1987 vintage. Basically my hunting gun as I use my Rem 1100 for skeet and trap. The situation is worrisome and probably not what I would want to continue shooting as it is now. It has never been like this until the last couple of weeks.
ANSWER : HELLO; Check and see if you have the barrel set into the receiver fully, and look at the receiver and see if it isn’t split or the mag. hasn’t become loose, I have two of these guns and Ive never had any problem like your discribing, but not to say it cant happen. PS make sure you retract the bolt before you insert the barrel in the receiver. GOOD LUCK….GREASY.

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When i opens any program it comes that ordinal 120 cannot be located at dynamic link library iertutil.dll
ANSWER : I recommend that you will post your question under the correct category and maybe add more details to it, so it will be easier for Experts to understand the question and answer it.

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We were given a trampoline and had to take it apart when we moved and now we are not able to get it connect and set back up. We do not have instructions due to it being given to us and I am unsure of the model or how old it may be. Can you help me with how to get it set up?
ANSWER : Put the legs together first, then attach the spring 180 degrees away from each other.

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Bicycle handlebars move seperatly from the wheel
ANSWER : My guess is that you are using an older, “quill” stem, which is both the STEM (the extension that the handle bars attach to) and the friction bolt that tightens the stem into the STEERING TUBE Anyway, what I think has happened is that the quill is either not tightened or (because you said you tightened everything) the angled nut at the end of the quill isn’t aligned properly and is tightening. HERE is a great diagram of the quill stem. What I think you’ll need to do is:1 ) IF you have already tightened the bolt at the top of the stem (usually under a little plastic cap, like the one at the top left of the stem in the diagram). Then Untighten it and if you can pull it out make sure that the angled nut (shown at the bottom) is resting properly against the angled shaft of the quill (the vertical part of the stem). As you can see these will spread apart as you tighten the bolt, making them wider and holding them in the steering tube. The idea is to realign the angled nut so it can properly contact the shaft and spread. 2) if you haven’t tightened this bolt (maybe because it’s hidden), try tightening it a small amount and see if that changes anything. __________________________This was all written assuming your bike is not using the newer “threadless” setup, which would probably have been fixed if you tightened down the stem (PICTURE OF THREADLESS STEM)

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