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This is the only place I could find which is direct from the manufacturer. short of making something yourself or scavenging from a broken unit that you may find on ebay one day I dont really see any other options.

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While we`re unable to stock replacements for every component that comes with our toys, we`ll do our best to find the part or piece that makes your toy whole again. Just submit a request with a description of the piece, and we`ll let you know if and when we find it.
Wingspan is a competitive, medium-weight, card-driven, engine-building board game from designer Elizabeth Hargrave and Stonemaier Games.
Adaptations. The first digital versions of the game were released in 2020 on Steam and Switch, with Android and iOS versions also released in 2021.
Lost Puzzle Pieces? If you happen to find that your puzzle is missing a piece, we apologize for this inconvenience. Please feel free to contact us and we will do our utmost to help. However, due to our production process we cannot supply single puzzle pieces.
Your best course of action is to contact the manufacturer. Many popular jigsaw manufacturers have anticipated that you may need a replacement piece and have created programs to replace individual pieces or entire puzzles.
Stonemaier Games Wingspan Board Game – A Bird-Collection, Engine-Building STONEMAIER Game for 1-5 Players, Ages 14+
The replayability of Wingspan is outstanding. With hundreds of bird cards and multiple strategies to explore, no two games are the same. The game scales well for different player counts, accommodating both solo play and larger group sessions, making it versatile and accommodating for various gaming preferences.
Relaxing Strategy Game About Birds for 1 to 5 players

Each bird extends a chain of powerful combinations in one of your habitats. Each habitat focuses on a key aspect of the growth of your preserves. In Wingspan up to 5 players compete to build up their nature preserves in a limited number of turns.

Wingspan Asia is several different things: A stand-alone game for 1 player or 2 players (Duet mode that can be used with any bird/bonus cards), a card expansion to the original Wingspan (any bird/bonus cards across any Wingspan game or expansion can be combined), and a 6-7 player expansion via the new Flock mode (for …
It is important to remember that there is no hand limit in Wingspan. Players can have any number of bird cards in their hand. Unlike in the beginning of the game, players do not have to discard a food token each time they draw a new card.
Wingspan Has an Excellent Single-Player Version

It doesn`t require a player mat or food tokens, and it doesn`t pay costs or gain powers as the game goes on. Instead, Automa has a special deck only used in the single-player game. The Automa deck has 10 unique cards and one optional Automubon society card.

Ravensburger 12870 Harry Potter Puzzle 200 Pieces, Multi-Coloured – Amazon Exclusive.
It happens all the time; even to the most meticulous puzzlers among us! Double, triple, and maybe even quadruple check your box to verify the missing piece isn`t in there. It`s possible the piece could be stuck in the flap or a corner.
Line up the puzzle piece so that it will attach with the least damage showing, if any. Step 2: Place a piece of wax paper in the area that you will be doing your repair. Step 3: Place a drop of glue onto a toothpick. Sparingly place the glue in the area of the break, adding glue on both pieces.
An albatross aloft can be a spectacular sight. These feathered giants have the longest wingspan of any bird—up to 11 feet! The wandering albatross is the biggest of some two dozen different species.
The game states it is for ages 10+, but we have played it with our kids who are 9 and 7 years old. We helped coach them through their turns a lot at the beginning, but they quickly caught on to how the game works.
Wingspan is a bird-themed tabletop board game for 1 to 5 players. The game was designed by Elizabeth Hargrave. Each bird card includes information about the species` habitat, preferred foods, type of nest, number of eggs laid, and more.
Is Wingspan difficult to play? No, I don`t think Wingspan is difficult to play. I would call it a “medium weight” board game. Learning to play isn`t overly complex, but it`s not an especially shallow experience either.
This co-operative variant is compatible with the base game of Wingspan, the European Expansion, and the Oceania expansion. The number of objectives you must complete varies by player count. In a 2-player game you must achieve at least 12/14 objectives to win.
Scoring 110 or higher is an exceptionally good game. If you need more official Wingspan score sheets, Stonemaier Games has made them available for free here.
The card game is playable in 30–45 minutes and supports 2-4 players. Players start with 1 locomotive card and 7 other random train cards in their hands.
The “repeat” bird does not copy the power for itself, but allows another bird to activate twice this turn.
The Oceania expansion to Wingspan brings a lot of fun new content to the game. The addition of nectar, while complicating things slightly, overall adds flexibility to the game. Nectar also allows for the addition of nectar eaters to the new bird cards, which, along with their new powers, change the game for the better.
Multiplayer is available both online, against friends or random opponents, as well as offline pass and play on a single device with up to 5 players.

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The front legs on my game are bent. where can i find replacement parts? thanks!
ANSWER : This is the only place I could find which is direct from the manufacturer. short of making something yourself or scavenging from a broken unit that you may find on ebay one day I dont really see any other options.

The Bike Technicians Tactic Phase1 An electrical inspection on the bike should produce results. First, the bike battery powers the entire lightening systems mentionable as ignition, meter readings, head lamps, signal indicators. However, the battery provides the power supply to several entities though also significant is the fuse box containing circuit protection coils. Inserting the bike key into the ignition to perform start mode displays the capacity power circuits. A charged battery should display an indication in the meter reading area also known as bike dashboard grading. A malfunctioning start mode on inserting key in ignition may be traceable several locations on the electrical circuits. Attempting to repair the electrical power of the bike usually requires batter power power test kit. The test kit ascertains the battery power making possible progress to the remaining electrical circuits. Test kit also ascertains the fuse box circuit functionality either with fuses still intact or extracted allowing for the next progress level. An observation tour of the bikes electrical wiring kits from battery hold through fuse box compartments to each lightening display area either headlamps, indicators, and meter reading should produce results of any visible damages that may require repairs after the electrical inspection has been performed. Once any faults were observed on the electrical channels, repair mode is the next level. A dull battery either may have been depleted completely of durational capacity requiring another for replacement. Alternately, a depleted power supply due to prolonged storage may require charge functionalities. Usually, a device capacapble of restoring a battery of electrolytes is resorted for charger ability. The type of battery may require constuents either liquid cathode replenishment in the battery entrapment area prior to charging feature is assumed with electrolyte machine. Once the battery has regained full functionality makes way the next repair task. The fuse box may have simply required replacement fuses either as missing or burnt out. A fuse box usually contains additional spare for replacement functionalities. An alternate arrangement at acquiring fuses on the auto mart may replace the burnt devices. The next electrical task is wiring fixtures achievable by mending broken cords with appropriate electrician’s tapes else malfunctions may remain. Alternately, a worn-out electrical wire is replaceable by acquiring the entire extension lengthwise between significant areas. The last remaining electrical units are lightening indicators consisting of bulbs or luminescent displays reflectors. Observe the blub areas either by loosening covers to inspect for observable burnouts else the entire electrical circuitry is ready for functionality observations with separate entities. Engine Technicians Tactic PHASE 2 A bike engine inspection includes observation for indications of malfunction. Any fluid residue is indication of problem areas. Where oil leaks usually requires engine block inspections. A bike engine consists of an entrapment compartment where mechanical combustion takes place. First, the entire observable block consists of an external coating known as engine bloc housing internal component of pistons, rings, and fastens known as cylinder heads. A bike engine has every component embedded within requiring technical expertise to achieve an inspection. Once deciding on the engine task requirements, acquire a tool box with the appropriate componements as first requirement before engine works is commence able. Second, the bike may require an area environment as workshop requirement to attain engine inspections. Third, bike engine are least bulky compared with vehicle engines however assistance would complement the inspection phase. Prior to inspecting the bike engine, a strap mechanism has to be assumed to achieve expert maneuverability also as safe precaution. Unless parts hinder maneuverability at engine locations, the only removable components should be the engine. First, start with disjointing the spark plug cables to acquire accessibility to plugs imbedded on the cylinder heads. The plugs require tools to loosen thereby exposing the combustible area. Once the spark plugs are exposed, two alternatives are likely. First, a spark plug may have gathered rust residue only requiring cleaning to attain regular capacity. The pin area of the spark plug may have been twisted due to overheating and slight melting dislocation. Usually cleaning the residue from old plugs may simply expose the ignitable capacities. However, an observation of twisted plug pin may require twisting back in place to achieve full ignitability once bike engine starts. A bike engine bloc has the pistons as combustibles or blasters of fuel gasoline. The rings perform as strap fasteners whenever the pistons move about combustibility. Usually, the engine entrapment components would have collected residue requiring clearing. Also, pistons together with rings may require replacements either as worn-out due to prolongs tasks or overexerted biker features.
ANSWER : Get to the manufacturer

Fixing Rowenta lighter
ANSWER : Pull apart in 2 parts…

Missing left side saftey and attachment screw
ANSWER : Try Numrich gun parts america. They have parts for virtually any firearm you can find. Type in Numrich into the web. Allan 393

How do i replace the fluid once i replace the front seal on the drive shaft ( 4 wheel drive )
ANSWER : Check where the speedo drive goes into the gearbox it could be the filler hole.

How do I order a replacement part for a sportcraft foosball table? I cannot find a contact number for the company
ANSWER : Oooh, that’s not good! Yea, sometime is hard to find the information of brands. Check at for more info, here is the link… Complete Guide to Best Foosball Table Reviews 2016

Can’t find a replacement tube for wheel on instep bike trailer
ANSWER : Http://