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Where and when was this religious group formed, and what are their beliefs?

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Waldenses, also spelled Valdenses, also called Waldensians, French Vaudois, Italian Valdesi, members of a Christian movement that originated in 12th-century France, the devotees of which sought to follow Christ in poverty and simplicity.
Q: What did Waldensians believe? Waldensians condemned the Catholic clergy as being unworthy of holding religious office. They also insisted on literal interpretations of the Bible and the right to read the Bible for oneself. They were pacifists and did not swear.
Today, the Waldensian Church is member of the World Communion of Reformed Churches, the World Methodist Council, the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy, and the World Council of Churches.
Some Waldensians were burned at the stake for heresy. Some fled to Switzerland or died crossing the mountains. The Roman Catholic Church saw the Waldensians as heretics because they rejected the need for Catholic priests to serve as an intermediary with God.
The Waldensian church is the largest Protestant denomination in a country that is overwhelmingly Catholic. Today, there are about 20,000 Waldensians scattered throughout Italy.
Some 1,700 Waldensians were killed in 1655 by Catholic forces commanded by the Duke of Savoy.
Peter Waldo is regarded by many historians, including Jana Schulman, as having founded the Waldensians sometime between 1170 and 1177.
Waldes started a movement based on what he found in the same canonical scripture that the Catholic Church was using. His belief took authority and power away from the leaders of the Church, and was therefore deemed heretical.
Find The Waldensian Congregation

The congregation is located to the northeast of Uzhitz near the edge of the forest. Players can follow the river to the south of Uzhitz to the east and travel along the forest edge to find the congregation.

On May 29, 1893, the first Waldensian settlers arrived in Burke County. The Waldenses are a Christian sect founded in the 12th century. For many years the group was confined to a rugged area in the Cottian Alps along the boundary between Italy and France.
The Modern Waldensian Church

The Waldensian Church still exists today. Some of the characteristics of the church are: The modern Waldensian Church is Reformed Protestant. The church made the confession of faith of 1655 and the reformed confession of 1559 their doctrinal standard.

There are certain heretics. . . called Waldenses, after their heresiarch, who was named Waldus, who–led by his emotions, not sent by God–founded a new sect and presumed to preach without the authority of the Bishop, without divine inspiration, without knowledge, and without literacy.
The Moravians, or Unitas Fratrum (United Brethren), were German-speaking Protestants. As followers of Jan Hus, a Bohemian heretic who was burned at the stake in 1415, the Moravians are acknowledged as the first Protestants, pre-dating the Lutherans by 100 years.
Since 1850 they considered the Waldensians to be among the Sabbath-keepers during the Middle Ages;38 since 1857 they connected them to the fulfilment of eschatological prophecies. In his History of the Sabbath and the First Day of the Week, John N. Andrews collected many sources on Waldensians as Sabbath-keepers.
Lenin`s decree on the separation of church and state in early 1918 deprived the formerly official church of its status of legal personhood, the right to own property, or to teach religion in both state and private schools or to any group of minors.

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