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When i press the gas on the atv it will seam to be in nutural till you get more rpms….Im not sure if it is belt diven or transmition ???????
thanks aTON
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I had the same problem and all i did was remove the primary and secondary clutchs clean them with mag wheel cleaner and installed a new belt works good now.

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The LT-A500F QuadMaster was introduced in 1998 and came with a five-speed transmission with full-time 4WD.
Overall length: 2005 mm (78.9 in.) Overall width: 1170 mm (46.1 in.)
It weighs 392lbs and has a 500cc engine giving the Suzuki LT500r a top speed of 82MPH in stock condition.
The year of a Suzuki ATV is found by looking at the 10th digit of the VIN and matching it to the corresponding year on a VIN year chart.
Besides, it`s got selectable two and four wheel drive and a selectable hi/lo range, and it has an automatic transmission.
Highlights: 493cc Engine Capacity.
Suzuki LT500R Quadzilla/GSX-R1000 Mashup ATV Is Pure Madness

Active aero and 140 hp make for a wild ride.

Since 2001, we`ve been building the award-winning Suzuki KingQuad ATVs right here at home in Rome, Georgia. Our 30 million-dollar plus, 35-acre plant is formally known as Suzuki Manufacturing of America Corporation (SMAC) and our goal is to make it the world`s number one off-road vehicle manufacturer.
The Suzuki Quadrunner 250 has a top speed of 45 MPH in stock condition and weighs 557 lbs.
The Suzuki T500, variously known as the Suzuki T500/Five, Suzuki Charger, Suzuki Cobra and the Suzuki Titan during its model life, is a 492 cc (30.0 cu in), two-stroke, twin-cylinder motorcycle produced by the Japanese Suzuki company between 1968 and 1975.
Usually, a Suzuki VIN can be found stamped directly on the motorcycle`s frame, near the steering head. To find the vehicle identification number of a Suzuki car, you will need to look in the following places: Below the windshield on the driver`s side. Driver`s side door frame, around where the door latches to the car.
In your Suzuki VIN Number there is a type code that can give you your exact model and model year.
Both automatic and manual transmissions for the Suzuki Every are offered.
Four motors deliver instant power and independently adjust torque at each wheel for precise traction control in all conditions.
Your Suzuki KingQuad`s engine oil capacity of 2.6 quarts—this is the amount required to lubricate and cool the engine, keeping all of its parts running smoothly.
For adults up to 5`10”, a smaller ATV (around 400cc) should be a good fit, unless you have a specific reason for needing something more powerful. And for taller riders, we recommend looking at 500cc machines and higher. For maximum comfort when riding, you want a machine that`s going to match your physical stature.
ATVs from 200cc – 270cc are for more mature riders in the 14 – 16 age range. Mid-size ATVs are significantly larger, heavier and faster than the small ATVs, which also makes them potentially more dangerous for smaller riders.
Long Quad Axle, maximum weight allowed is 80,000 lbs. Tire Load.
I get around 20 km per liter, so it`s also great on gas. Very, very affordable. Very basic bike.
The R100 features a simple 95.2cc 2 stroke engine which is tried and tested and has championships under its belt.
Suzuki LT500R Quadracer Wiseco Pro-Lite Piston Stock 86mm Bore 561M08600.
How fast is the Suzuki LTZ-400? Suzuki z400 top speed is 70 MPH. Higher speeds can be attained after installing high performance parts however 70 MPH is the stock speed rating.
Weighted score 2.33. A bargain price and lots of kit can`t overcome the Quadzilla`s heavy thirst, so-so build quality and largely poor dynamics. Fine for leisure but not for serious use.
As of May 2022, Suzuki Motor Corporation is a publicly-traded multinational corporation. Its biggest shareholders are The Master Trust Bank of Japan (10.4%), Custody Bank of Japan Ltd (5.24%), and Toyota (4.94%).

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Why would a suzuki 4-wheeler not start. I have
ANSWER : It not getting fire in the spark plug cable core

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Honda 350 atv will not rev backfires through carb easy started idles perfect but not rev up
ANSWER : Have the spark plugs been replaced? Have the plug wires been tested?

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CRIBBAGE: 4 players, 1st plays a king, 2nd plays a 2, 3rd plays a 3,(for 15 two) 4th plays a 4 (for 3), next plays a 5 (for 4) next plays an ace (for 5) next plays a 2 (for 5) is that correct or doesn’t the last 2 get included in the run?
ANSWER : Rule 7.2. Scoring
a. Points are earned during the play of the cards for the following single-card or combination of consecutive cards played. The player playing the last card that forms a combination earns the points (see scoring chart in Rule 1.7):

three of a kind
four of a kind
straights of three or more cards in any sequence
a cumulative count of 15
the last card before player calls “go” (i.e., cannot play a card that would not make the count exceed 31)
a cumulative count of 31
the final card played, not making a cumulative count of 31

Here is the scoring chart:

Rule 1.7. Scoring Chart

Points Earned

During Play
Hand or Crib

Jack turned by dealer as starter card

Jack in hand or crib of same suit as starter card



• Two of a kind (pair)

• Three of a kind (triple)

• Four of a kind (quadruple)

• Straights of three or more cards: per card

• 15-count (sum of any combination of cards)


• Four-card flush (only in the hand)


• Five-card flush


Reaching a 15-count exactly

*Reaching 31-count exactly

*”Go” (without reaching 31-count)

*Final card played (without reaching 31-count)

* Only one of these scores can be earned with the play of a single card.

Note the * in the chart and this comment:

* Only one of these scores can be earned with the play of a single card.

i.e you either count the run or the 31

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1988 Yamaha 4 wheeler slow crank
ANSWER : Put jumper cables from battery to starter directlyto see if it turns over faster put red on starter lead and black on gorund(metal housing)You may want to try this from a car battery to see if it spins faster if it does it indicates a problem with power from new battery check cables and lines for power blead

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Water build up in the starter & Reqoil case of my Polaris ATV
ANSWER : Your drain plugs should be visable, if they exist, on the lowest point of the body of the device. If you can’t readily see them, consider drying out the entire unit with a hair dryer and a little patience in drying the entire unit. From then on, I would consider evaluating the depth of water before entering. After all, the unit may not be amphibious, which sounds like your intended use!
Also, the battery may be affected by the extreme cold, as they often are, leaving a different approach to this problem. Good Luck!

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Mercury 4 hp outboard engine wont go into gear
ANSWER : The lower gears arent hard to change, if your in there might as well get all of them there are only a few. the lshift lever does nothing but move the gears forward and back to engage forward and reverse, just pay extra attention to keep it water tight when done. A dealer should have the assembly chart for easy fix

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360 kawasaki 4 wheel quad
ANSWER : Four w d actuator is faulty replace actuator

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