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During live recordings at church services, the recorder will stop recording, like its on pause. It will stop at various times, from about 3 minutes to as much as 20 minutes, into the recording. The counter will stop keeping time, volume level indicator will stop moving, however the play/pause will not be blinking like its on pause, but pressing the play/pause button twice will get it recording again. This does not happen every time we set it to record but it happens often enough to make it very frustrating. Please respond back with a helpful answer as this has been a problem for some time and
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I love my Sanyo mp3 recorder I’ve been using it in church for 4 or 5 years. It never quits it can hold an extra gig with a chip and i can plug it into my computer to upload it in seconds. I say replace the old recorder

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This often happens when your device is out of memory or space. We recommend that you close out of the other apps running in the background. Also, please check your device to make sure that you have sufficient storage.
First, make sure your iPhone has the latest software version. If the issue persists, restart your iPhone. Restarting can resolve many unexpected behaviors. If you`re still unable to record videos, reinstall iOS with iTunes.
If your card is too slow, the camera may stop recording as the card can`t keep up with the output of data from the camera, regardless of your recording settings. Charge your camera properly: Make sure that you charge your camera using the recommended method, and allow the camera to completely charge.
The heated camera is a common reason why recording can stop automatically. The DSLR camera may stop recording if it is heated up while you record for a long time. Sometimes it shuts itself down.
On your iPad or iPhone, you can screen record for up to three hours continuously, depending on your device`s storage capacity and battery life. However, keep in mind that longer recordings will take up more space on your device, and the battery may drain faster.
Yes, here`s why and how to stop it. If you have a smartphone, it`s almost certainly listening to you to some extent. Popular virtual assistant apps like Siri work by serving up answers to your prompts, and any app with access to your microphone can listen if you give it permission.
You`ll want to focus most closely on your Night Shutter settings, which control the shutter speed and therefore the amount of light let into a given shot. GoPro night photography will always turn out best if the camera is stationary. We recommend either the Shorty or the new Volta tripod mounts.
For instance, when using the 64 GB SD card, a GoPro camera like HERO4 with 4k resolution can record for 2hours and 13 minutes. If you use the 32 GB SD card, this recording time will definitely lessen to about 1 hour and 5 minutes. For the 16 GB, the recording time may be about 30 to 40 minutes.
If you realize someone is recording you without your permission in a public setting, there isn`t much you can do but ask them to stop or leave. If this is a recurring occurrence with a certain individual, you can call the police or choose to sue if you have legal grounds for it.
Click Pause, or its shortcut P, to temporarily pause playing or recording without losing your place. Click Pause a second time to resume. Clicking Stop stops playing or recording immediately, and releases Pause if depressed.
Most home security cameras are motion-activated and will record when they detect motion, as well as send you an alert. Some can record 24/7, which is known as continuous video recording (CVR). A security camera is an excellent tool for providing home security and the peace of mind that goes with it.
Generally, security camera footage lasts from three months to one year based on cases. The old footage is deleted automatically to create space for new recordings. Note that each security camera is different and storage space too. A few businesses and financial institutions have a large amount of storage capacity.
Does screen recorder have a time limit? Unfortunately, most of the free version of screen recording software has a time limit. However, most of them will offer unlimited recording time to paid users. If you want to enjoy this feature, you may buy the pro version of the screen recorder you use.
Your device will record, even if the screen goes to sleep. While recording, you`ll see a “Currently recording” message in your notifications. You can record up to 18 hours on a single recording.
60 seconds takes up 350MB (170MB) 5 minutes takes up 1.75GB (850MB) 10 minutes takes up 3.5GB (1.7GB) 30 minutes takes up 10.5GB (5.1GB)
For Android phone

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to check if the camera or the microphone of your Android device is being accessed. However, there is a workaround for it. Android users can download an app called Access Dots from the Google Play Store which will notify users the same way iPhone does.

Why, yes, it probably is. When you use your default settings, everything you say may be recorded through your device`s onboard microphone. While there`s been no concrete evidence, many Americans believe their phones routinely collect their voice data and use it for marketing purposes.
There are several increments between 15 minutes and 3 hours. You can also combine Duration Capture with Scheduled Capture to have a remote recording start, and only record for a specific amount of time.
How long does a GoPro battery last? According to the information provided by the manufacturer, most GoPro models will have a battery life of 1:30 to 2:00 hours. Which is pretty accurate… in ideal conditions. The latest model – GoPro Hero 11 Black – comes with a 1,720mAh battery.
GoPro models HERO9 Black, HERO8 Black, HERO7 Black and GoPro MAX support live streaming with the GoPro app.
My estimate is about five hours, on typical video settings, but: You will need to change the battery about every 2 hours, and the estimate is dependent upon the video quality settings you have selected. At higher quality settings the file sizes also increase which uses more room on the card.
16GB Memory Card – Take up to 4 hours of extreme footage or as many as 11200 action photos. 32GB Memory Card – Take up to 8 hours of extreme footage or as many as 22400 action photos.
Yes, yes we do. In fact if we`re going out with friends or heading out on any adventure, we`ll have the GoPro HERO 9 Black in our bag and leave the big cameras at home. And if we are vlogging on the fly, we almost exclusively use the GoPro thanks to its incredible HyperSmooth in-built stabilisation.

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Sweeper suddenly quit
ANSWER : The Maxima line has problems with thermal shut off. If you have the bagless model get a new filter and that should improve the run time

I m currently using REVO fitness RT145 treadmill,but it has suddenly stopped working after a sudden power break for a few moments.its showing an error E02 with a key sign displayed along with it.its roller isnt getting on.kindly solve this problem if anyone knows

LX 188. Engine suddenly dies. The fluel in the bowel of the fuel filter is empty. If I crank the engine the filter becomes dry and is collapsing some but the engine does not start. When I remove the supply line from the fuel pump to the carberator and crank the enginge there is a strong stream of gas being pumped out. I tap on the carberator ??? is the float is hung not allowing fuel to enter. Cranking the engine with the line off refills the bowel of the gas filter. Reattache line to the carberator===engine starts. Ran perfect for 20minutes then suddenly died. Repeated all the above and engine again started. What to do to fix this? Thanks
ANSWER : Debrie inside the needle and seat area which has to be cleaned out with carburetor cleaner and compressed air

I was using my DK City treadmill and suddenly it stopped and flashed E7 and now as soon as you press the start button it starts flashing E7 and won’t start up. What is wrong with my treadmill and how do I fix it?
ANSWER : I was using my DK City treadmill and suddenly it stopped and now sometimes move and after few seconds stops, it shows E1 error.please help us….

My treadmill PRofrom 520x, the speed varies, i did changed the transformer and still not working. the belt reduces the speeed and suddenly stops.

Please help [email protected]

Here is a start to resolve your current Treadmill problem:

Make sure the treadmill is not on a GFCI, power strip, or extension cord. If you must have it on an extension cord, it should be as short as possible and get a heavy cord that is 10 or 12 gauge. Do NOT use 14 gauge or higher.
Make sure the treadmill is on a single outlet surge suppressor. Power surges can damage expensive electrical parts. Their Deluxe Surge Suppressor is guaranteed to take up to a lightning strike.
Check the walking belt for friction. You can make a treadmill last much longer by aggressively replacing the walking belt and keeping it lubed. It is one of the cheapest parts to replace and it relatively easy to replace and costs much less than a controller or motor. Make sure the belt stays lubricated at the least.
Check the motor for arching. Check brushes if it is arching and replace the brushes or the motor if motor has high resistance.
If you have adjusted the belts lately, make sure the walking belt is not too tight. Overtightened belts can cause the walking belt to slow during use and overheat the motor.
If there is another issue after you have checked and followed the previously mention procedures, please add a comment to the page for me to respond or another expert to respond to, in order us to help you quickly.
Are you able to perform diagnosis / problem solving using a volt meter to measure electrical current? Thank you.

My treadmill (Reebok 35000) is approx. 5 years old. It was running fine until recently without any problems ever. Yesterday when I went to use, it did not start. None of the buttons work other than the stop button. The stop button is the only one that makes the beeping sound.
What could be wrong with it.
powered treadmills have a breaker. The purpose of the breaker is to
prevent a power surge that might damage the treadmill motor. Check
the circuit breaker on the frame near the power cord. If the reset/off
circuit breaker has tripped, wait 5 minutes and then reset the breaker
by pressing the switch in. That should fix the problem.

The display all the sudden stopped working on my elyptical proform C630. Is it a battery I need to replace
ANSWER : Most likely. Remove and re-insert your battery, checking for signs of corrosion on the battery and battery terminals. If corrosion is noted on the terminals, you can remove it with an emery board or fine sandpaper. This may correct the problem, otherwise changing the battery will probably solve the problem.Best regards,–W/D–