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Check the switch, if it has power going to it and the switch is working check the connection at the point were it runs into the tranny or differential. The plug may have come unplugged.

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During turns, a locking differential operates like an open differential – the wheels can rotate at different speeds. However, when traction is needed, the axles can be mechanically locked together forcing the wheels to rotate at the same speed.
There are a few possible causes for the wheel to get locked. The most likely would be low differential fluid, differential side gears, a ring and pinion failure, or a failing limited slip unit. The first thing checked will be the level and condition of the differential fluid.
This can result in the vehicle failing to deliver enough torque to the drive wheels to keep the vehicle moving forward, at which point it will be stuck. The diff lock forces all wheels to spin at the same speed, regardless of traction.
Disadvantages: A locked differential will not allow for wheel speed differences between the right and left wheels. This means additional tyre wear, as well as binding within the drivetrain as a result.
When using the differential lock, your speed should not exceed 25 mph. The Tre locking differential allows the driver to force the vehicle to use all (or both, depending on where the lock is located) tires when cornering.
To Engage (Lock)

Some vehicle manufacturers will allow the differential locks to be engaged while moving but only if the vehicle does not exceed 40kph and there is no wheel spin. Let up momentarily on the accelerator pedal to relieve torque on the gearing and allow the sliding clutch to fully engage.

A locking rear differential, once engaged, does not allow both wheels to spin freely. By ensuring that both wheels spin at the same rate, and applying unequal torque to each tire on the axle, the risk of losing traction or spinning out decreases dramatically.
One possible additional option for 2WD truck owners is an effective locking system for the differential. A number of 2WD and 4WD pickups have limited-slip differentials that lock up the axle when a wheel starts to slip. When the axle is locked, full power is delivered to both wheels.
With this arrangement, a full-time 4WD vehicle is able to operate safely on the road with its center differential unlocked, then traverse loose terrain by locking that differential. While 4WD can split power evenly front-to-rear, it can`t apportion it side-to-side, across an axle.
A vehicle will steer better with only the rear axle locked than it would with only the front axle locked. The advantages of the bonus traction most often far outweigh the disadvantages of understeer, but generally you will usually find no noticeable understeer as a result of only having a rear Air Locker engaged.
Drifting entries don`t typically require an LSD, as slowing the car can be done through brakes, handbrake, or friction. Corner midpoints are harder without LSD, as the unloaded tire will spin, preventing acceleration. But with a locked diff, midcorner and exits are much easier.
Slid it into another car and kiss your insurance goodbye since locked diffs are illegal.
Hearing an increase in the level of humming noises or gear grinding is a way of knowing almost for sure that you have a worn out differential. Usually the humming gets louder under acceleration. When this occurs it`s best to check the condition of your differential and replace if it`s in a rough condition.
Probably the first thing you might notice when a differential isn`t working properly is a loss of handling and control while driving. The vehicle may pull hard to one side or feel “loose” when turning corners. Acceleration may also feel a bit sluggish. These could be signs of wheel alignment problems, as well.
If the vehicle has manually selectable 4WD, then you can get away with this, but it`s obviously not ideal. If the vehicle is not selectable and is instead a full time AWD, then you cannot do this, as the car will put all the power to the front differential because it doesn`t have any resistance.
Shift your transmission into neutral. Turn the transfer control case (the shifter that controls 2WD and 4WD) into its desired position. Put the vehicle back in gear.
Can you switch from 4WD to 2WD while driving? Yes on some systems you can switch happily between them whilst driving. normally 4L you must be stationary to select if unsure refer to manufacturers instructions.
Most four-wheel drive vehicles allow you to switch from 2WD to 4WD while the car is in motion, but only under certain circumstances. Take the following precautions when switching from 2WD to 4WD while moving: Reduce to a slow speed, never exceeding 60 mph. Make the switch while driving in a straight line.
Because power is split evenly, all of the wheels will turn at the same speed. Four-wheel drive vehicles generally have three settings: 2H, 4L, and 4H. 2H is ideal for normal, everyday driving. Use 2H for dry, flat, paved roads. 4L is best suited for a time when you need maximum traction and power.
Traction control is reactive. This is it`s single biggest downfall; you have to physically lose traction for it to kick in. Lockers on the other hand ensure your wheels turn at the same speed, and you don`t have to lose traction for them to kick in. Traction control also inevitably wears your brakes out a little.
But a rear locker is always a handy aid to have, can help ease out of bogged sand situations for example.
Locking Differentials are available in both Automatic and Selectable types. Automatic lockers lock and unlock automatically with no direct input from the driver. This type of locking differential forces both wheels to turn at the same speed when torque is applied.
The easiest to control and drift is the automatic option. However, it`s not all about ease, and if you`re skilful enough, you can make a manual gearbox work very well. Changing gears can unsettle the car and if you have an automatic gearbox, you don`t have control over changing down a gear mid-corner.

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Hot tub won’t stay at set temperature
ANSWER : I have a 2002 Infinity 6 man spa that I just got from a friend. I am also an Electrician. I had to replace the Spa pack because it wasn’t working. Once I replaced the Spa Pack and used the tub it got up to temp no problem but once I got in the temperature slowly dropped and it couldn’t keep up. After some research and discussion with a pool tech I found out that there is a jumper on some spa packs. It is a LC (low current) / HC (high current) jumper. It limits the current (amperage) that your tub draws. If you are running it on the LC setting it keeps the tub at low current by not running the heater when the jets are on. (this way it keeps the current low by running one only at a time) If you set it for HC it will allow high current to be drawn and let the heater and the jets be on at the same time. On my spa pack it is P26 Jumper. I have found it is also listed as Jumper 4 on some spa packs. the jumpers are located in the lower right of the circuit board. Make sure you shut off the power to the tub and know what you’re doing before you attempt changes. you can also google “Gecko Spa Pack Service Manual” and you will find the manual for your tubs spa pack. Good luck.

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What do you do when you are bored on a nice day?
ANSWER : I go for a walk with the dog. Or sometimes I putter around in the garden.

Go to the park… get some fresh air and exercise.

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I have a 4300ss penn fishing reel that the anti-reverse feature does not lock or in other words the bail locks down fine , but the rell will free turn when it is supposed to lock and only work against the drag ?
ANSWER : You need to take apart the reel and pinch in the leaves on the antireverse dog.

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Is cheerleading a sport – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : Yes, because it involves athletic ability

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Winchester model 1200 action stuck open – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : You have to make sure the hammer on the trigger group is cocked and then you have to make sure the slide arms are in the cutouts on the bottom of the bolt assembly.You assemble the trigger group to the receiver by carefully working the front end of the trigger group into the slots at the front end of the receiver. Then gently push the rear end of the trigger group down into position. This should go in easy if everything is lined up–don’t force it.Then install the trigger guard pin from right to left until its flush with the receiver.I took all the above from the pdf manual I have for the model 1200 that I found online. The pictures would help (page three). I’m looking for a link to the manual and will post it when I find it.Here, its on page three of the manual:

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How do I replace foosball men in my table? – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : You can read all about replacingthe men in your desk here:

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Boelns snow blower won't stay running – Sport & Outdoor – Others
ANSWER : Can you give more detail? Could be a fuel line(or gas cap) clog, bad gas, or the carb needs to be cleaned.

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