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Want to work on your punch and kick technique in a realistic way? Then go for a workout on a Slam Man! This computer-controlled dummy has you train at a challenging level by rapidly following the pre-programmed lights.
Both the base and chest are made of high density polyethylene plastic. Its high quality foam absorbs shock. Three height settings: 162 cm, 173 cm and 183 cm. ** Do not use Slamman for kicking, it is for improving reflexes, not for hitting very hard!
Ball Slams

Gripping the ball firming, extend your arms and bring the ball overhead. Clenching your core tightly, throw the ball down to the ground and squat as you lower. Pick the ball up and repeat the full range of motion (overhead to ball slam). Complete 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

a physical assault in which a person is thrown to the ground.

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I have a wildwood le 25bhbs and the only towing lights working are my signal lights. can’t get running lights or brake lights to work. I saw where it looked like the towing harness may have been pinched. So I repaired that, but, they still do not work. Any ideas? Is there a fuse somewhere I need to check? Do I need to hook the trailer up to my trailer hitch before they will work? Is there a wiring diagram or repair manual somewhere I can get? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
ANSWER : There should be an inline fuse, check that first.

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Hi, my tiger river spa does not heat. Filters are clean, jets work, no light installed. On ciruit board, green light for “Lim” , red light for heat, no other lights. Just bought house one month ago, no manuals.
Spa is a Bengal. Have noticed a symbol (can’t tell what it is) on the screen then most of screen goes blank with just the power light on. Is there a vacation mode or something like that?
Thanks for your help.
ANSWER : Spa’s are such that so many components can become faulty when left unattended to over a period of time. But most likely what your unit needs is just a regular service to clean up its systems and also ensure there are no leakages in the pipes. Bengal is a wonderful and durable product.The problem could range from low power supply to wires being eaten up by rats and other pests. Also it could be burnt out heaters thereby the inability to produce heat. The indicator on the screen could mean various things but the screen going blank usually would be caused by poor power supply.If you dont have the technical know how refer an expert to check it out and ensure the exact problem of the above mentioned is wrong with it before repairs can be carried out.Hope this solution has been helpful?

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Pop-up camper lights all turn on when tow-vehicle lights are on
ANSWER : FIRST, make sure white wire of camper is grounded to the frame of tow-vehicle. Temporarily use a jumper-cable frame-to-frame. Then apply 12volts individually to each of the three circuits to the camper. Assuming a 4-wire flat connector — brown wire is for marker lamps; yellow is left brake/turn; green is right brake/turn

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Had entire spa light replaced 2 mos ago. Now color does not work. Light is “stuck” on white. Doesn’t seem that the color wheel is moving. Service that replaced light only gave me 30 day warranty on light. It was installed 12-13-2010. Any ideas on what to try?
ANSWER : You haven’t said what exact model you have so i can’t be sure but , in the models with rotating screens, the first part that fails is the coloured wheel – the heat deforms it , it bends out of shape and blocks the rotation. You will need to open the system and see if you can rotate the wheel by hand. If you can’t you need a new wheel. If the wheel can be moved by hand you will need to check if the motor gets powered when you try to change colours. If it gets powered but it doesn’t move then the motor is dead. If it doesn’t then the control board is faulty – replace the failed part.

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Yamaha vino 50 cc scooter
ANSWER : Hello, check to see if it is a switch (pull hand brake back when starting

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2007 Yamaha Grizzly 660. As soon as i turn the key on the engine temp light is on. Is this a tell tail for something wrong? if so what is wrong. Light comes on before i even start it. Also a couple of the lights for the shifter (to tell you what gear you are in) are not working. i believe F,N,R.
ANSWER : Http://

OK above is your service manual, so you can see whats what. have a look through the manual about the temp light for a start.

Now, with that light, now, you say it is ON even B4 you start? well OK, BUT, does it go out after starting? If YES then it is nothing to worry about, it is simply the way it starts.

Now IF it doesn’t go out, then two things maybe wrong, One, the “Sender” unit maybe falsely indicating. Replacement is only fix. Two, the sensor is fine, but the “Electronics” are “Faulty” and “Seeing” something that isn’t. again replacement is only fix.

Now you also indicate that there are “Other” lights that aren’t working?, now I wonder IF they are all linked? perhaps you have damage to an area of the wiring, and they are damaged? with one wire(s) sort of cut, disconnected, and the other say shorting to earth and making the temp light, light? Anyway something to think about and maybe investigate?

Usually they abrade where they go through the frame, or perhaps there was damage during manufacture etc?

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I have a 1995 Viking Pop up camper. I blew a fuse repairing the outside light switch. After replacing the fuse, all lights, including inside are still not working. All power outlets work, just no lights.
ANSWER : I would double check the fuse then check for ground. It sounds as if you may have a ground disconnected since only the lights aren’t working. You can do this to check to see if it is a ground problem but your switch will have to have a grounding wire currently hooked up to it. You can take the green grounding wire and place it on the terminal where the white wire is connected. Once you turn on the power switch on the power to the lights and see if they work at this time. If so, You have a grounding problem. Good luck on your repairs


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