A 5 Standard Paintball Gun

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Get a new orange detent from ebay, they are cheap and the installation is relatively painless

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68 Caliber Paintball Marker : Paintball Guns : Sports & Outdoors.
The average paintball player uses approximately 200 paintballs per hour of play. You can adjust this number depending on your mood and level of competitiveness. If you need to get out some aggressions, you can estimate to add about 100 more.
The most common pod size holds about 140 paintballs; however, other sizes are available, and 100 paintball pods are common at rental sites, while there are also pods for smaller paintball pistols which only have the capacity of 10 paintballs (such pods are usually called tubes).
For an average casual paintball player with a balanced gaming style, 100 paintballs can last for u 45 minutes up to an hour. The more competitive players can easily blast through 100 paintballs in around 15 minutes.
The answer is individual to the player, but in most cases 500 rounds should last 2.5 to 4 hours.
For an adult squad, we would say that the minimum amount of paintballs you would need for a day of action would be around 100 paintballs per game. This will allow you to get stuck in! For juniors/teenagers, 50 Paintballs per game would be the minimum needed.
We find that an average player will use about 500 – 600 paintballs in an entire day, so 100 paintballs is usually enough for a couple of games.
As a general rule, it is recommended to bring at least 200 paintballs per person when playing a traditional elimination game or 250 to 300 paintballs per person for Capture the Flag or other more objective-based games.
Also known as Nitro, N2 or Nitrogen tanks, these models come in a range of sizes โ€“ typically from 3000 PSI to 4500 PSI (the higher the pressure, the more shots are possible). The main advantage of compressed air is that it will perform more consistently than CO2, especially during high-speed shooting.
CO2 and compressed air (HPA) are high-pressure gases that are required to power paintball guns. When CO2 is stored in a CO2 bottle, it is in liquid form. Letting only a little CO2 out of the bottle at a time allows for just gas to come out. This gas is what`s used to fire the paintball marker or paintball gun.
You can play paintball all by yourself or join in a group of a thousand to enjoy the sport.
While playing in the rain, it is also important to protect your paintballs and equipment. Paintballs can turn squishy with just a single drop of water and water can ruin the interworking of a marker. If you bring your own paintball gun, you can wrap tape around the grip frame of your marker.
Paintballs are perishable and get worse over time. Normally, they have an average shelf life of three to six months however they can last much longer if stored properly. Two things that you must take care of when storing your paintballs are humidity and temperature and there is a whole science behind this.
ยป How long does 100 paintballs last? Anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours…. Some players are trigger happy and blast through their paintballs and other players are conservative and make every shot count. On average approx 95% of players buy extra paintballs.
68 Caliber:

The most common size for a paintball round that you can see on any paintball field is 68 Caliber paintball.

Low impact paintballs are (. 50 inches in diameter) smaller, lighter and more fragile than the traditional (. 68 caliber) paintball. These specific paintballs deliver less sting upon impact making the experience more fun!
The standard . 68 caliber Tippmann Model 98 gun is what most teens and adults use. It is a semi-automatic paintball marker that shoots a . 68 caliber paintball, the size of a marble.
The effective range of a paintball gun depends on the paint and what your opponents are wearing (softer clothing does stop paintballs from breaking), but is usually around 80-100 feet.
If a paintball hits you and BREAKS, you are out of the game. All hits count, including gun hits. If a paintball hits you and bounces off, you are a clean player, play on. If you called “OUT”, then realized the paintball bounced, you are still out.
Paintball is a lot of moving, kneeling, crawling, standing and running! Once you get the gun in your hands you won`t even notice how much hard work you are doing until after the day! Most people will be sore from the actual moving during the game rather than the paintball marks. Drink plenty of fluids and go hard!
For casual play, small groups of 6-10 players are common, while larger groups at organized paintball facilities, may have matches of up to 50 vs 50. Professional and competitive paintball matches typically consist of teams of at least 5 players, to 10 players depending on the format.
While paintballs are susceptible to shrinkage/swelling due to temperature, the consistent decrease in size is due to manufacturing.
Rule Three: Headshots don`t count.

No one likes to go home with a headache, so it`s simple: Don`t shoot people in the head. The shot won`t count and you will have wasted your paintballs, and that`s something none of us want.

Paintball games usually last ten minutes each half but games can go on for hours, or even days depending on the paintball operator. Since Paintball began in the early eighties, it has since been considered by some to be a dangerous sport but this is far from the case.

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I have a tippmann custom pro with a cyclone feeder. I recently got the SAW stock to put on it and encountered some problems many times after I reassembled the gun. I took it apart at least 5 times before I thought it was fixed but now ive encountered another problem. I believe it has to do with the cyclone feeder not responding or something is out of line in the gun. When I picked up the gun to shoot, no paint came out so I took off the CO2 and the barrel and saw that the paintball was 1/3 inside the gun. I also have a problem when im shooting it sometimes does really fast burst. Thank you
ANSWER : Hi there. Tippmann markers are super tough to make sure that they are put back together properly. The stupid clamshell design plus all the little, under engineered parts make it difficult to get it back together properly, especially after installing a stock. I was in the paintball industry for 10 years but have been out of it for a little bit, but i was one of the founding members of Uprising Nation and was a gunsmith/ salesman for PaintballOnline.com / Xtremes. Now with that said…I even had trouble with the tippmann 98’s…and I can rebuild an autococker with my eyes closed but can sometimes be stumped by the tippy’s bad design. It is really tough to diagnose an issue on these guns without looking at it. You may have the ball detent backwards,l missing a pin, sometimes the after market stocks on those are a little too large on the outside diameter preventing the internals from properly seating. The cycloce system may be off due to the valves not meing properly aligned or the connecting rod not being in all the way. Many times though it is incorrect installation of the detent or the deternt gets damages. That little orange peice of **** flap is a mance. I would start there.

It may seem like i am bashing your gun. Im not… Once they are put together properly they work great. Just DONT TAKE THEM APART. lol. If you buy the parts at a local gun shop they will install them for free.

lol I have 6 guns for sale ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a good day

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Hello, I have an old Tippman A5 (about 5-6 years
ANSWER : You will have to buy a different barrel for the A5, I would suggest ansgear.com, rockstartactical.com, or ebay. Make sure that you get the right threads along with an apex capeable front. I would suggest the sly carbon fibur barrels, or get a autococker barrel and a lapco adapter for your A5. Hope this helps if you have any questions just let me know.

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Will an A-5 shroud fit a 98? – Tippmann A 5 Standard Paintball Gun
ANSWER : Depends on the barrel. The flatline is a curved barrel and has a specific shroud. But there’s a shroud that fits the regular straight barrel too. Otherwise it depends on the length and width of the barrel you want it to fit. If you’re talking a shroud/barrel combination and whether one that fits on an A-5 will fit on the 98 I would initially say no. There are a few out there that are fit for both, depending on the adaptor you may be using. Best bet is to meet whoever is selling it and try it out or ask them if they’ve fit it to someone else’s (in the case if you’re buying online).Good luck! Play hard, play safe, play with honor!


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I got a co2 leak – Tippmann A 5 Standard Paintball Gun
ANSWER : The A5 standard is a pretty compact gun depending on the place of the leak I could assist you better. In any case you best chance is to check for leaks in the o-rings at the CO2 bottle, at the regulator.

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Keeps blowing o rings – Tippmann A 5 Standard Paintball Gun
ANSWER : If you are using CO2 switch to air. Also make sure the velocity adjuster isnt running
at the highest rate. Which specific O-ring are you blowing out?
Here is your manual.

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My alpha black paintball gun is shooting 1 to 5 then stopping.
ANSWER : Sounds like it needs to be oiled. A couple of drops in the small hole where your bottle screws on.
Replace bottle and dry fire to see if you got it. Cleaning is just as important. Internals need to be cleaned
and lubed often. I know it’s late but hope it helps someone.

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My gun just beeps when i pull the trigger even when hooked up to hpa.battery is new.last time i used the gun just before it messed up i had it hooked to o2 and it would fire then beep ,i have a anti syphon tube installed to. the air shot out the asa instead of the reg when i took off the tank.usually gun holds air with tank off then you shoot it to get rid of stored air,this time it shot out the asa????
ANSWER : You have probably messed up your solenoid, did you fire the marker straight up with the o2? I would make sure that all of the board settings are back to factory default especially the dwell and reattempt with compressed air. If the marker is still not firing get your hands on a new solenoid for it.

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