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The Shakespeare Company is a subsidiary of Pure Fishing which manufactures fishing equipment.
William Shakespeare founded the organization in 1897. He was the inventor of the first level wind reel. It`s interesting to note he received the patent for his reel in 1896. Shakespeare`s first patent on lures wasn`t received until 1901.
From my experience, Shakespeare makes excellent fishing rods and reels. I have been using Shakespeare products for years and still have the first fishing pole I bought for myself (a Shakespeare) about 6-7 years ago. It is still in fine working order; although, I must admit that it has seen better days.
Shakespeare. One of the most widely available brands, Shakespeare makes fishing gear easily accessible to every angler. Especially for beginners, Shakespeare makes it easy to get out on the water while on a budget and start catching fish.
Reel to reel recordings were essentially the first audio format on magnetic tapes. They get their name from the way that you played them–you guessed it, from reel to reel. Tape played from one real to another with nothing else in between.
We don`t want to make a choice; we want someone else to do it for us. That`s why Reels are so popular, they start automatically and if you don`t ever feel like continuing to watch, you can simply scroll down and a new video will be ready for you! How cool is that?
A Reel is an Instagram feature that allows users to film or upload video clips for up to 60 seconds that they can edit, sound dub, or add effects to before sharing on the app. These short video clips let users publish creative content, showcase personality, market brands, or just have fun.
Make your Reels engaging

Adding music, playing around with transitions and incorporating text are all great ways to wow your audience. Check out these tips for easy ways you can drive engagement in your next reel.

If you`re looking for the best all-around fishing reel for performance and price, the Okuma Ceymar C-30 won`t disappoint. The Okuma Ceymar C-30 has pretty much everything we look for in a reel. It`s lightweight, well-built, and had useful features, like an oversized bail roller that gives it great line control.
He possessed qualities, such as open-mindedness, being hardworking, optimistic, and passionate. He was open-minded because he was creative with his ideas and could take something so small and with little detail and make it into something big and amazing! William Shakespeare was hardworking.
He is a writer of great intellectual rapidity, perceptiveness, and poetic power. Other writers have had these qualities, but with Shakespeare the keenness of mind was applied not to abstruse or remote subjects but to human beings and their complete range of emotions and conflicts.
The Ideal Reel Speed

For a perfect fishing experience, you should aim for a 5.4:1 to 6.4:1 gear ratio. This will give you a moderate retrieval speed, and you`ll be more effective at triggering fish strikes while also having good control and sensitivity.

Panfish are a conglomerate of different types of fish, including Sunny`s, or Pumkinseed, Crappie`s, and Bluegills. These fish are usually the easiest fish in a pond to catch, and actually are pretty good table fare as well!
Reel size 3000 is considered the ideal size for a trout spinning reel. Since it lies between the lighter 2500 and the heavier 4000, it provides the best of both worlds.
Rods under 6`6” are ideal for trout, panfish, and younger anglers. Longer rods over 7` are popular for some bass fishing techniques such as using swimbaits and crankbaits and longer rods are also the go-to choice for anglers targeting salmon and steelhead.
Correct tension is important when spooling with braid. If the braid is spooled too loose, a few problems can arise, including wind knots or braid slipping on or digging into the spool. Always leave a 1-2mm gap between the edge of the spool and the braid to ensure that the reel is not over spooled.
There are five main types of fishing reels: spincast reels, spinning reels, baitcast reels, conventional reels, and fly reels. Each of these has their time and place with an angler of the right experience and technique.
The general rule for most reel manufactures is 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch from the edge of the spool. You want to put enough line on the reel so that it casts well, but you still want to be able to see about 1/16 or a little more of an inch of the spool when it`s fool.
Differences Between Instagram Reels and Videos

The most significant difference between reels and videos is the time limit. Users must summarize the video within 90 seconds in reels, as they cannot exceed this limit. On the other hand, Instagram feed videos can go up to 60 minutes.

The standard length of a 35 mm film reel is 1,000 feet (305 m), which runs approximately 11 minutes for sound film (24 frames per second) and about 15 minutes for silent film at the more or less standard speed of 18 frames per second. Most films have visible cues which mark the end of the reel.
You don`t post enough Reels

Don`t expect to post one Reels and reach hundreds of thousands of people. Quite the opposite, the more you post, the higher your reach and engagement grow over time. For starters, you can try posting one Reels every week, gradually increasing the number.

Heavier lines require a larger reel to prevent spinning out, while a smaller reel can handle lighter lines. It is essential to select a reel that is not too small or too large for the line weight you are using, as this can affect the overall performance of your setup.
Charles F. Orvis from US invented the first fully modern fly reel as we know it today in 1874. Albert Holden Illingworth, 1st Baron Illingworth, British businessman and politician, invented the modern form of fixed-spool spinning reel in 1905.
fishing tackle

1905, when English textile magnate Holden Illingworth filed the first patent on the fixed-spool, or spinning, reel.

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Problem with anti-reverse
ANSWER : If it is a multiplier reel most of the lever tension springs are the same. they can be bought from QUENTIN MILLMAN in portsmouth. they have a mail order branch and can be located on line.i have tried making my own springs but the dog leg has to be at the right buy the right one for a few pounds. regards barry.

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My line won’t rewind on my Shakespeare Encore reel. After casting, the bail snaps in place, but when I reel in, the line won’t reel in. The spool turns with the bail, but doesn’t retriev
ANSWER : Your line is on the wrong side of the bail. Rethread the line so its over the bail so that after the cast you flip it up it catches the line and retracts it.

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Where can I find an owner’s manual for a Diawa PMF 15 baitcasting reel ?
ANSWER : Here is the lnk to the manual support site=

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Shakespeare fishing reel schematics
ANSWER : Try online at they should be able to give you help.regards barry.

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Shakespeare 2660 coarse fishing reel,cant remove spool cover
ANSWER : According to the intructions and I quote “Take off the cowling that covers the spool, twist off the pick up mechanism clockwise and a half turn anti clockwise will remove the spool”

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Penn Spin Reel will not lock after casting
ANSWER : On the front of the spool there is a device to turn to set the drag. Torn it tighter and tighten it until slightly below the breaking point of your fishing line. It isn’t a critical adjustment, it just keeps your line from breaking while trying to land a fish.

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Need owners manual for Shakespeare E-Z cast reel
ANSWER : You can find it here

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