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There should be 3 screws holding the cover on. Take those out and pull the cover off. The is a spindle and spring on the inside. rewind the cord and put it back together with the spring tabs in place. The tabs tend to come undone.

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One way the starter cord can get stuck is due to hydraulic lock, which is caused by oil getting trapped in the combustion chamber. You`ll need to release the compression and the oil, so remove the spark plug and then give the cord a tug.
The problem may be in the recoil starter itself. A tangled coil of rope or a broken spring may be the problem. In many cases the recoil starter is easily replaced as a single assembly. DO NOT attempt do take the starter apart.
If the pawls do not retract then the springs need to be replaced. Remove the center bolt and cap, remove ratchet pulls, use pliers to pull out the old springs, then install the new springs and re-install the pawls. Reinstall the center bolt and cap and the starter back onto the engine.
The most common reason for the cord refusing to rewind is a broken or worn out recoil spring. This tiny spring hooks onto the pulley and is stretched out when you pull the cord; when you let go the spring is meant to snap back to its original position.
The pull cord mechanism on a lawn mower isn`t complicated, and the reason your cord isn`t catching is that one of the components of the flywheel starter assembly has failed under the stress of regular use. Typically it`s either worn or broken pawls, or a damaged pulley system.
If the starter rope won`t budge when you try to pull it, the engine may be locked up or the recoil starter may have failed. If you tipped the pressure washer on its side recently, oil may have filled the cylinder, preventing the engine from spinning.

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Starting my Mojave 250
ANSWER : I’m having the same problem I guess it popular in mojave I changed the plug and I still get Orange spark is there any ideas it won’t kick start when cold but once warm she runs great and will kick start

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Cannot turn engine over to start. Ariens 924 snow blower
ANSWER : Pull spark plugs and see if it will pull over if not fuel may have filled the crank case drain & refill to proper level (starter is stuck in lube shaft & movethe gear up & down by hand to free up)

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Rope pull start rope is stuck on Troy-Bilt weed trimmer
ANSWER : There should be 3 screws holding the cover on. Take those out and pull the cover off. The is a spindle and spring on the inside. rewind the cord and put it back together with the spring tabs in place. The tabs tend to come undone.

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The primer pump for starting my Husqvarna weed trimmer does not reinflate after I have pushed it. I am supposed to prime it a few times before starting and I can’t get it started. What do you suggest?
ANSWER : Most likely Mo Most likely something is stopped up.Check the fuel filter in the gas tank first.If you have two lines running to the tank ,make sure both are clear.Some times you have to disassemble the carb and blow it out with compressed air.

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I have a problem with my machine, on occasion, not recognizing when I’m starting, and the display will not start. I have to remove one of the batteries or it will stay on forever. When it starts up, it works fine, no complaints whatsoever. But lately, I’ve not been able to use it due to the start-up problem. I put the batteries in, the display comes on, but it will not start up when I begin motion. The control buttons will not work, either. Please inform me what it is I can do to fix this problem. Thank You
ANSWER : Troubleshooting on this model is very limited to anyone but the vendor. I would recommend sharing the symptoms with a representative from fitnessquest here.
Good luck

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Motor was running great, but it died slowly and never start again
ANSWER : Check to see if you have a spark -then check if you are still getting fuel-and how old is the fuel-because it is recommended ,an im assuming its a 2 stroke motor,that the fuel should be replace with a fresh 2 stroke mixture every couple of months as the mixture jellyfies and sludges up the carb etc-try those first

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I am having trouble starting the mower. it seems that the pull start s stuck or something?
ANSWER : First of all here is the link to Toro support page for your model (Toro model number 20016):

And here is the link to Owner’s Manual download page:

You may need ADOBE READER installed on your computer to read PDF documents.
You can download this free at WWW.ADOBE.COM if necessary.
Click on the DOWNLOAD ADOBE READER button on right side of the ADOBE home page when you get there, the follow the onscreen instructions to install the software on your computer.

Make sure you are holding in the BLADE CONTROL BAR against the push handle when you pull the cord to start the mower. Be sure to prime the fuel bulb 3 times prior to starting as well. See page 9 of the owner’s manual for details and illustrations.

If the engine will not turn over at all and the cord will not extend out when you pull it, then your machine may be seized up completely. You will then have to disassemble the engine and starter assembly to determine the extent of the problem. Any local small engine mechanic can do the work for a reasonable fee if you are unwilling to attempt the repair yourself.

A few things you can try before a complete overhaul is rotating the cutter blades by hand to see if the shaft rotates freely. Be sure to be careful as there are likely some sharp edges on the blades. Also try removing the spark plug and squirting some WD40 into the cylinder hole. Replace the spark plug, tighten and replace the wire. After letting that soak in for an hour, try pulling the starter cord firmly again a few times to try to unseize the unit.

Here is a link to a diagram of the starter assembly:

And here is a link to a diagram of the engine and blade assembly:

Please comment back here to this page if you have any details to add, have any questions, have difficulty accessing the links, or just require further general assistance and I will respond as soon as I see it.

Thank you very much and good luck.


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