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I am trying to find a service repair manual with parts numbers to assist in basic overhauling. The Engine ID # is:147FMF- DY124321. It is a 4 stroke, single cylinder, air cooled with a 12v, C.D.I., electric start. I have hunted every website I could find looking for a manual.Any help would be great. thanks

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All this is to say, not all Chinese ATVs have the same engine. Even in the GY6 style engines, it`s important to know that every engine is not the same. At the risk of sounding bias, if you`re looking for a Chinese ATV (particularly for a youth ATV), you`re better off buying new from a reputable dealer.
The GIO 110-P Kids ATV is a masterpiece of quality and details when it comes to quad bikes. Great for kids who are interesting to learn to drive and learn some new skills. This quad has some great riding and safety features that are usually only offered in branded products.
Turn the high speed or main jet screw clockwise until the engine begins to slow. Then, turn the screw the other way until the engine begins to slow. Turn the screw back to the midpoint. Once adjusted, check engine acceleration by moving the throttle from idle to fast.
You can do so by adjusting the idle mixture screws to 1.5-2 turns out, and the idle speed screw to 1-1.5 turns in. Warm the Engine Up. The engine`s running temperature directly correlates with proper air and fuel mixtures. So, be sure to let the engine run and reach normal operating temperatures before proceeding.
The first ATV as we know it emerged as a 3-wheeler. The Sperry-Rand Tricart was designed in 1967 and manufactured in 1968. However, it was the Honda ATC that made 3-wheelers a household name and set the path for today`s ATV. In 1970, Honda introduced their US90 or ATC90 (All Terrain Cycle).
The largest quadricycles manufacturer in the World is the American Polaris., although sales are declining since 2020 record. The second player is Can-Am with a wide gap from the leader, with only 13.4% share. Third ranks Honda, with 12.0% share.
Your ATV won`t start if the battery doesn`t have enough charge. Check the battery using a voltmeter or multimeter. If you`ve somehow completely discharged the battery, you can use a smart battery charger designed for ATVs to bring it back to life.
Every sport ATV has a 17 digit VIN (vehicle identification number), even if you need to search for the ATV VIN location a little. You`ll find the VIN plate mounted to the frame of the ATV, usually on the bottom left side. This information guide will help you with ATV VIN identification.
Your VIN can typically be found on your registration vehicle title document. For Sportsman vehicles 2011 and newer, the VIN can usually be found in the front left rear wheel well or the back left lower frame rail.
Depending on the brand and how it`s treated, the average lifespan of a quad is 10,000 to 12,000 miles. If a quad is well maintained, it could last for over 20 years. Most vehicles start posing problems once they have covered 10,000 miles, but with a little attention and care, the life of an ATV can be a long one.
Rebuilding the carburetor may be required if basic adjustments don`t fix your small engine problems or improve performance on your lawn mower or outdoor power equipment. Follow the steps below for overhauling small engine carburetors.
A weak accelerator pump, worn throttle shafts, or dirt inside the carburetor are a few of the problems that might be causing the poor air/fuel mixture. Another recognizable sign of carburetor trouble is rough idling .
It isn`t impossible to fix a carburetor; it just takes patience, attention to detail, and plenty of research to learn which parts you`ll need to replace, how you should clean them, and how they all go back together.
A failing carburetor directly affects your vehicle`s fuel efficiency, so you`ll find yourself spending your hard-earned cash at the gas pump more often. The improper fuel/air mixture can also cause avoidable engine damage.
If you perform regular maintenance on your equipment, (keep fresh fuel, clean the carburetor, etc.), then Regular octane gas will work just fine. You only need Mid-grade or Premium gas (89-octane or higher) if you have a vehicle with a high compression ratio, which will be noted in your owner`s manual.
When the engine is cold, fuel vaporizes less readily and tends to condense on the walls of the intake manifold, starving the cylinders of fuel and making the engine difficult to start; thus, a richer mixture (more fuel to air) is required to start and run the engine until it warms up.
Strong horsepower, gobs of torque, infinitely adjustable suspension, and all-day comfortable ergonomics are the reasons that Yamaha`s Raptor 700R is the best-selling sport quad of all-time.
Osamu Takeuchi: Father of the Modern ATV

In 1967, American Honda asked one of its engineers, Osamu Takeuchi, for a new product that dealers could sell when motorcycle sales cooled off in the winter. Takeuchi drafted many design ideas, vehicles with 2 wheels, 3, 4, 5, and even 6-wheeled models like the Jiger.

The ultimate utility ATV to top our list is the Polaris Sportsman 450 HO.
Indeed, during the first years, the quality of the quads was very questionable. There were horror stories. However, year after year, the manufacturer learned from its mistakes and has corrected many deficiencies. Indeed, for the last 5 or 6 years, their products` quality and reliability are definitely there.
ATVs were developed in Japan so that isolated farmers could transport their crops and supplies across rugged terrain. Their popularity spread to the United States and Canada.
CFMOTO is the most popular ATV brand in German-speaking countries.
Honda ATVs are the most reliable quads. These quads have bomb-proof transmission and use metal gears. They are resilient to tough terrains, durable, and can keep kicking despite taking much abuse. Other reliable ATV brands include Kawasaki, Polaris, Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Argo, SYM, Can-Am, and CFMoto.
Is it possible to restore dead ATV batteries that have been completely discharged? In most cases, yes, you can use a multi-mode smart charger to bring your ATV battery back from the dead.

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The Bike Technicians Tactic Phase1 An electrical inspection on the bike should produce results. First, the bike battery powers the entire lightening systems mentionable as ignition, meter readings, head lamps, signal indicators. However, the battery provides the power supply to several entities though also significant is the fuse box containing circuit protection coils. Inserting the bike key into the ignition to perform start mode displays the capacity power circuits. A charged battery should display an indication in the meter reading area also known as bike dashboard grading. A malfunctioning start mode on inserting key in ignition may be traceable several locations on the electrical circuits. Attempting to repair the electrical power of the bike usually requires batter power power test kit. The test kit ascertains the battery power making possible progress to the remaining electrical circuits. Test kit also ascertains the fuse box circuit functionality either with fuses still intact or extracted allowing for the next progress level. An observation tour of the bikes electrical wiring kits from battery hold through fuse box compartments to each lightening display area either headlamps, indicators, and meter reading should produce results of any visible damages that may require repairs after the electrical inspection has been performed. Once any faults were observed on the electrical channels, repair mode is the next level. A dull battery either may have been depleted completely of durational capacity requiring another for replacement. Alternately, a depleted power supply due to prolonged storage may require charge functionalities. Usually, a device capacapble of restoring a battery of electrolytes is resorted for charger ability. The type of battery may require constuents either liquid cathode replenishment in the battery entrapment area prior to charging feature is assumed with electrolyte machine. Once the battery has regained full functionality makes way the next repair task. The fuse box may have simply required replacement fuses either as missing or burnt out. A fuse box usually contains additional spare for replacement functionalities. An alternate arrangement at acquiring fuses on the auto mart may replace the burnt devices. The next electrical task is wiring fixtures achievable by mending broken cords with appropriate electrician’s tapes else malfunctions may remain. Alternately, a worn-out electrical wire is replaceable by acquiring the entire extension lengthwise between significant areas. The last remaining electrical units are lightening indicators consisting of bulbs or luminescent displays reflectors. Observe the blub areas either by loosening covers to inspect for observable burnouts else the entire electrical circuitry is ready for functionality observations with separate entities. Engine Technicians Tactic PHASE 2 A bike engine inspection includes observation for indications of malfunction. Any fluid residue is indication of problem areas. Where oil leaks usually requires engine block inspections. A bike engine consists of an entrapment compartment where mechanical combustion takes place. First, the entire observable block consists of an external coating known as engine bloc housing internal component of pistons, rings, and fastens known as cylinder heads. A bike engine has every component embedded within requiring technical expertise to achieve an inspection. Once deciding on the engine task requirements, acquire a tool box with the appropriate componements as first requirement before engine works is commence able. Second, the bike may require an area environment as workshop requirement to attain engine inspections. Third, bike engine are least bulky compared with vehicle engines however assistance would complement the inspection phase. Prior to inspecting the bike engine, a strap mechanism has to be assumed to achieve expert maneuverability also as safe precaution. Unless parts hinder maneuverability at engine locations, the only removable components should be the engine. First, start with disjointing the spark plug cables to acquire accessibility to plugs imbedded on the cylinder heads. The plugs require tools to loosen thereby exposing the combustible area. Once the spark plugs are exposed, two alternatives are likely. First, a spark plug may have gathered rust residue only requiring cleaning to attain regular capacity. The pin area of the spark plug may have been twisted due to overheating and slight melting dislocation. Usually cleaning the residue from old plugs may simply expose the ignitable capacities. However, an observation of twisted plug pin may require twisting back in place to achieve full ignitability once bike engine starts. A bike engine bloc has the pistons as combustibles or blasters of fuel gasoline. The rings perform as strap fasteners whenever the pistons move about combustibility. Usually, the engine entrapment components would have collected residue requiring clearing. Also, pistons together with rings may require replacements either as worn-out due to prolongs tasks or overexerted biker features.
ANSWER : Get to the manufacturer

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On my model 770 in 300 mag. new right out of the box, cleaned in and oiled it but the bolt action was still sticky and after firing a box and a half though it it still will not eject the spent casing and I have to turn the gun on it’s side and let it drop out on it’s own. I have even called Remington’s repair shop in Or. and they can’t guarantee it will work as he said it was nothing but a cheap rifle from Remington. I will be sending to Remington’s repair shop and if they can not repair it what rights do I have to get my money back? As I don’t feel that I should keep on having to pay for shipping all the time for there poorly made rifle.
ANSWER : I am not sure what u are asking here if anything??

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On my model 770 in 300 mag. new right out of the box, cleaned in and oiled it but the bolt action was still sticky and after firing a box and a half though it it still will not eject the spent casing and I have to turn the gun on it’s side and let it drop out on it’s own. I have even called Remington’s repair shop in Or. and they can’t guarantee it will work as he said it was nothing but a cheap rifle from Remington. I will be sending to Remington’s repair shop and if they can not repair it what rights do I have to get my money back? As I don’t feel that I should keep on having to pay for shipping all the time for there poorly made rifle.
ANSWER : I am not sure about that in your location, meaning laws depend and vary from location to location.
But with your problem I guess a simple look on the paper works or the invoices or something and trying to find the “fine prints” or statements regarding about return and exchange policies, or their warranty coverage. Should you find them and it states coverage “on your side”, well I may suggest you do have a right to claim a refund or a new stock, but if it states otherwise,and of course you have already signed the paper works, I think you may not be eligible for any refund or claim whatsoever.

It is always stated in the paper works you sign when purchasing items,(this is what happens here in my location), so its important to read them well, specially the rule “read between the lines” comes into place, specially the “fine print” or the text or sentences written in a very small, often unreadable with your eyes not squinting.

But a good talk between them and you could always results in a good compromise or agreement both beneficial for you and them.

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Repair air leak on inflatable life vest
ANSWER : We used to use neoprene on the roofs of commercial buildings, if you have a patch of material, clean it with thinner, or gasoline, then contac cement it on, we had a special cement, but I think reg contac cement will work. If you don’t have a patch, I’m sure you can find a piece on ebay or someplace. Rubber rafts use the same type of stuff, only they use Hypolon rubber, still gets glued together.

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What is the difference between the Simmons Yard Hydrant 850 repair kit and the 850SB repair Kit? The pictures of the parts look the the same. The price is a few dollars different. My hydrant was new in 2003 when it was installed. I got the 850 repair kit to fix it once. Should I get it again or is the 850SB better?
ANSWER : The 850SB is a lead-free hydrant and the 850SB repair kit maintains that lead-free build. The two repair kits are identical beyond that lead-free status. If you have the 850 hydrant, the 850 repair kit will be fine. Since the rest of the hydrant may contain lead, there is no advantage to using the lead-free parts. (If you live in California, you may need to get the 850SB kit. The rules for products with lead in California are a bit different than those in other places. So the company only sells the lead-free model there.) I hope this helps. Cindy Wells

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I have a 125cc Viva ATV and it won’t start
ANSWER : My boyfriend and I had a similar problem with our viva four wheeler;we replaced one of the fuse holders and haven’t had problem since! =]do you know of any place we can buy parts for Vivas?!

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I have a wildwood le 25bhbs and the only towing lights working are my signal lights. can’t get running lights or brake lights to work. I saw where it looked like the towing harness may have been pinched. So I repaired that, but, they still do not work. Any ideas? Is there a fuse somewhere I need to check? Do I need to hook the trailer up to my trailer hitch before they will work? Is there a wiring diagram or repair manual somewhere I can get? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
ANSWER : There should be an inline fuse, check that first.

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