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Have 200 Series Andersen Gliding patio doors that won’t close all the way. I accidentally dropped a plastic clip where both doors meet, now sliding door will NOT close. Well, it will close at the lock but have to put extra pressure on it to do so. The lock down at the bottom of the slider won’t close now. I need to remove to door to take out the little plastic piece since there is no other way I can fish out this little obtrusion that won’t all the door to EASILY close.  So, how do I remove the sliding door to get at the bottom rail?
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Open the slider 7/8 of the way open and lift the slider up and out of the track. you may have to get a helper as the slider is heavy. there might be little plastic clips in the top track of the door that need to be removed before lifting the slider out.

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a) How to adjust Patio Doors diagonally

Use pincers and remove the plastic cover from the corner bearing at the opposite side of the handle in the lower section. Turn the adjustment screw with an Allen key. Turn clockwise to lift doors and anticlockwise to lower them.

While removing sliding glass doors is not a particularly difficult job, it can take a bit of time. If you are scratching your head and unsure where to start, it helps to get some pointers on how to go about this and how to prepare for the task!
These doors` lift and slide mechanism is housed within the door panel and is operated via the large handle, which, when turned 180 degrees, `lifts` the door up. This elevated position takes the direct weight off the rollers, making them almost effortless to slide, regardless of how big and heavy the glass is.
A type of multi-slide patio door, a lift/slide, for those who aren`t familiar, is a door that uses special hardware allowing the panels to lift off their track and weather-stripping and glide open or closed. When it`s time to close the glass doors, the handle lowers the panels on the track for a tight fit.
Use the Phillips screwdriver to loosen the adjustment screws so you can pull up the rollers. You should now be able to freely lift the sliding glass door out of the frame and out of the track. You may need the Philips screwdriver again to free the door from the track.
If you have all the tools and materials required on hand, you should be able to complete a sliding door replacement job in a day, including the time required to clean up and dispose of any waste materials. Pre-hung glass doors are the easiest type to install but are also slightly more expensive.
If you have all the tools and materials required on hand, you should be able to complete a sliding door replacement job in a day, including the time required to clean up and dispose of any waste materials. Pre-hung glass doors are the easiest type to install but are also slightly more expensive.

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Travel trailer slider motor runs but it doesnt move
ANSWER : Go too walmart

Patio heater won’t lite
ANSWER : There is possibly a spider web or wad of web blocking the gas flow between the valve and pilot.Take the line off between the valve and pilot and blow it out with compressed air and it should fix the problem.

I have a gun safe that is open the dial will not turn and the handle will not turn either. The safe door is open but I cannot get dial or handle to turn so that I can lock door. What can I do so that I can lock door to secure my guns?
ANSWER : Well the good news is that the door is open and not locked closed — do not close the door until the problem is for sure fixed. on the inside of the door there should be a access panel that is held on by some screws,, remove the screws and panel. now depending on the make and model of the safe there are a few things that could have happened here. there is a chance that a re-locker has failed and jammed the linkages from moving. ( NOTE : the dial should not turn until the handle is in the locked position ). now if you look at the bolt linkages ( top,bottom,and sides ) make sure that none of the bolts have jammed up against the exit holes of the metal of the door. lubricate all linkages using a silicone or teflon based lubricant. the next thing to check is to make sure that the bolt from the combo pack is not broken and jamming up the handle linkage. there are not many things that can go wrong with the safe — it is all just a bunch of levers and linkages and it has been my experience ( working as a locksmith for 18 years ) that this problem is a binding issue. again,, I cannot stress it enough to make sure you do not close the door until the issue is fixed and you have tried the combo several times and simulated a open and close ( handle lock and un-lock ) test.
if after all this you are still having issues – it is well worth the service call to have a locksmith stop by and service the safe, this will insure that the safe does not lock you out.


I am replacing the wear ring on my 2001 seadoo sportster. I am having issues getting the impellar off. I have removed the cone and oil. but the bolt that goes though the entire assembly will onlt move the impellar instead of breaking loose to remove. Any suggestions on how to remove the impellar
ANSWER : Where can i get a free manual to see how to replace the wear ring on my 2001 seadoo gtx di

Gas not coming through lines on patio heater
ANSWER : Change the turn on swich it has bad connection due to moisture and rust inside it,if my info was of any help to you please leave a comment,thank you

1995 Yamaha Wave Raider 700 Deluxe shuts down during operation at 30 miles per hour as if yoy had removed the lanyard, also noticed display goes out it will turn over all day long but won” restart unless I remove the lanyard and re insert it then it will fire right up. Bad lanyard switch?
ANSWER : Forelectrical, start with the CDI kill signal. Find the Black/Yellow wire in theelectrical box that goes directly from the CDI module to the terminal board.Unplug that wire. Now the lanyard and Stop switch will NOT stop the engine. Theonly way to stop the engine is to apply full choke and starve the engine forair.Now start the engine and see if it runs properly.
If youneed to run longer, either remove the jet pump and drive shaft, or take it tothe launch ramp and test it while backed down into the water, still strapped tothe trailer.IF the engine runs properly with Black/Yellow unplugged, next test is to bypassthe LR-505 Start/Stop module. Reconnect Black/Yellow, and refer to my signaturelinks for details on bypassing the LR-505 module.
Also checkfor pistons, cylinders or engine cooling if they are working.
Hope thiswill help you. Good Luck.

I have a Eureka Whirlwind big cup bagless. How do I remove bottom
ANSWER : I had to lay the sweeper down as if I were going to sweep under a bed then on the top of the sweeper on either side is a screw, Mine had dirt in there so I didn’t see them. Unscrew but don’t remove the screws and then lift the cover off. You can down load a manual for free at the Eureka site