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The E5 Error is specific to the TR2000e and the TR3000e treadmills. The error code triggers when an object is detected by the folding sensors on the underside of the treadmill. The folding sensors look like small trapezoids: two on the back and two on the front.
Sole F80 E5 Error: Communication disconnected. Resolution: Ensure that the cables connecting the console and the controller are secure. If any of the cables/connectors appear loose, completely power off and unplug the treadmill before unplugging and reattaching the cables. 3.
E4 Error(s):

Motor voltage surge. Motor wires disconnected.

You can temporarily disable the E5 error message on your thermostat display by disconnecting the c-wire (or common wire). To disconnect the c-wire, first turn off power to your heating and cooling equipment, then remove the cover from your Sensi thermostat.
Fix 5: Change User Account Control Settings

The User Account Control (UAC) may block you adding new program/software. Therefore, you should turn it off in order to avoid system error 5. Type UserAccountControlSettings into Windows search box. Select UserAccountControlSettings from the result or just hit Enter.

Data Missing or Invalid. This is the most common reason why a transaction fails with a return code 5. In all cases, details of the missing/invalid field are returned in the XML response.
E5:SENSOR. This error occurs when there is no speed or RPM feedback detected from the speed sensor.
E2 Error(s): Treadmill is overloaded. Resolution: Check the treadmill motor for signs of overheating (strong smell, grinding noises, inconsistent operation speeds). If the motor appears overheated, ensure that the treadmill is properly lubricated.
The error code `E4` signifies a problem with the internal ambient air sensor. Whilst the error code `E5` signifies a problem with the internal coil sensor.
E3 Error: Inside of motor drive is overheated and the high temperature exceeds the protection level.
Error codes E5 or E6

When your Philips Induction Cooktop shows error code E5 or E6, this indicates the voltage supply is too high or too low. Your induction cooktop works on standard voltage supply 220V~240V to ensure the optimum performance and longer product life.

“E-5” in the display means the code key is incorrect or your test strips have expired. Make sure the time and date in the meter are correct.
Description: The E5 error code indicates a fault with the cooling coil sensor, temperature sensor, or room sensor. Action: Call an authorized Lloyd service technician to replace or properly fit the damaged sensor.
From information avaialble to me, the error code “E5” on your Atwood Air Command Rooftop RV Air, # AT15028-22, is for a compressor overload. Reset this by removing power for several minutes.
Your engine block shows the error code E1, E3, E4, E5, E6 ou E8. These error codes indicate poor water flow in the filter pump. Check that the water line in the pool is between the min and max limits. If this is not the case, fill or empty your spa so that the water line is between these two limits.
System error codes are provided to software programmers as part of the programming interface with the Windows operating system. In other words, they are predefined error codes and messages that programmers can use with their software to tell you (the user) that the program is experiencing a particular problem.
The error code 0x5 implies access denied. This issue occurs if the local service account has not been assigned the appropriate permissions in the printer server properties.
An easy way to fix the PS5 CE-100095-5 error is to restart the PS5 console & router. It is often used to troubleshoot some common problems on the device. You can press and hold the Power button to shut down the console completely. Then wait until the power light stops blinking, then unplug the power cord.
E05 is an overcurrent error and I noticed the treadmill`s internal circuit breaker was tripping too easily.
Sensor errors are deviations or differences between the true value of the physical quantity and the measured value by the sensor. Sensor errors can be classified into two main types: systematic and random.
Possible reasons of sensor error include: Previous sensor session wasn`t ended and the transmitter still trying to connect to old sensor. Sensor site bleeding during insertion. Incorrect transmitter SN entered in the display device.
Treadmills require lubrication to limit the amount of friction between the platform and belt. When the friction increases to a certain point, the machine is automatically set to power off. This may be the cause for the machine to stop working suddenly. Try lubricating the belt.
With the Reebok ZR9, you`ll get a two year parts and labour, 10 year motor, and lifetime frame warranty.
An E2 Error code indicates that the washer is still draining after 8 minutes. Check the following: Check that the drain hose is not more than 391 ⁄3″ (100 cm) from the floor. Remove any clogs from the drain hose.

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Error code E5-5
ANSWER : I didn’t use mine for several years then just started again. It stopped after 15 minutes so I read the manual and used a silcone lubricant on/under the treads as recommended. That definitely helped and it was working again quite well for about a week or two. Now I get the error 5 again. Wondering if I needed to add MORE lubricant the first time so I am going to do it again tonight. Maybe it is the roller pully that needs the lubricant. Who knows. I just want it to work!! I am determined. 🙂

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ACD1 Callibration!!!! Help, i have a reebok ACD1 treadmill, it keeps stopping within the first lap. I have heard that it may well need callibrating?! I have no manual. Can anyone help?
ANSWER : Http:// your model from here get manual.

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Recently, I was using my Horizon CST 4.5 treadmill when the power on the treadmill and the room it was housed in went out. I reset the cicuit breaker and tried to get back on the treadmill. It turned back on, counted down from 3, and the time began however the running surface(track) would not move. I lifted the front end where the motor and belts are housed. I noticed that the belt was still intact. Unsure if motor is burnt out. Any help would be appreciated.
ANSWER : There is usually a small breaker on treadmills that pops out and you have to push it in to reset it. Take a look around the front of the treadmill and see if you can locate the breaker and reset it and the treadmill should work normally.

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When plugged in it will beep and power on with display lighting up then error code E4 appears. Nothing else happens. Will not allow the treadmill to start.
ANSWER : Hi joby21,In most treadmills if you are getting error code E4 it means incomplete initialization and has something to do with motors. The probable cause when this error occurs is, all lift motor and drive motor motion is ceased and the display will go blank except for the error displayed. For me to be able to give you more accurate information and corrective actions to be done as well as recommendations, I need to ask for the brand name and model of your treadmill.Hope it helps.Thank you for using Fixya.

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I Have an error 07 message on York T500
ANSWER : I had this and it turned out i hadnt put the safety key on the console

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My daughter has a sweet pea scooter that had been blowing fuses and the motor got hot. Im sure the motor is shot. but my question is can anyone tell me if the motor would be the only thing I need to c
ANSWER : Find out whether it is 6 volts or 12 volts and there should be two wires that feed the motor either cut or splice and attach another set of wires with fuse in the line (simular to jumper cables) raise the back tire so it does not touch the ground and place jump wires to the negative and positive of the battery.If the motor moves in either direction without blowing the fuse the motor is good if not then its bad. Uses the same amperage fuse

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Manual for reebok rev-10101 cross trainer
ANSWER : Check here, they already found some hard-to-get Reebok manuals.Maybe just send them a search request.

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