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Adjusting the M3 family is simple with the TaylorMade torque wrench. Use the wrench to loosen the screw in the center of each weight, then slide the weight to the desired location and lock it in place by tightening the screw until you hear an audible “click” noise from the wrench.
In order to adjust the Loft Sleeve, loosen the screw in the heel until the clubhead releases from the shaft. Align the desired loft as marked on the sleeve with the line on the back of the hosel and tighten the screw until you hear an audible “click” noise.
The TaylorMade Stealth Plus fairway wood keeps TM as the gold standard in maximizing distance. It is loaded with technology that keeps ball speed high on off-centered strikes and offers adjustability to dial in flight and shape.
Players are able to adjust the loft of their fairway wood using an adjustable hosel. Loft adjustments are made by removing a screw in the heel, connecting the shaft to the clubhead, and replacing it to a predetermined setting.
Adjustable Hosel

Allows you to raise or lower the loft to correct a ball flight that is too low or too high off the tee. Increasing the loft will also fractionally close the face of the driver. Decreasing the loft will also fractionally open the face of the driver.

The hosel is the part of the adjustable golf club – usually a driver – that connects the clubhead to the golf shaft. The Titleist SureFit hosel has two moving parts with four settings each that can create 16 different lie and loft options.
Sometimes product names are numeric, sometimes they are sub-brands or in the case of the M CGB, sometimes they do exactly what they say on the tin. CGB stands for Centre of Gravity Back and it has been nearly 10 years since TaylorMade last used this name with the R7 CGB irons.
In the r7 SuperQuad we`ve been able to combine MWT with the size and power of a 460 cc clubhead, making it the ultimate club for players who prefer to fine-tune their launch conditions to promote maximum distance and accuracy.
There is no requirement to match your driver with your woods. Brand, club head, shaft, weight and length are all parts which can match but golfers are best focusing on the combinations which deliver the best results for each club individually. The only exception is the grip which should be the same.
The better player may require a slightly deeper face and higher CG to allow them the workability they need for their game. To be properly fit for a fairway wood you still need to be tested on a launch monitor with a qualified clubfitter. This will help to ensure you are using the right clubs that fit your game.
The loft adjustments range from subtracting 0.75° to adding 1.5°. The lie angle adjustments follow the same pattern. No one has created more different adapters over the years than TaylorMade. Their current generation of drivers strive for simplicity with their “Higher” and “Lower” labels.
Can I adjust my adjustable driver during the round? A. No (see Rule 4.1a(3)).
“The 7-wood can help you escape bad lies, like punching out of deep grass while keeping it under tree branches,” Nafus says. “To hit this shot, play the ball centered in your stance and choke up an inch [above]. Make a three-quarter backswing, but don`t chop down.
The tendency when you put a 3-wood in your hand is to sweep the ball or try to swing up. That`s wrong. Just like with a 9-iron, you want to hit the ball and take a little turf after contact. You want to make contact with a 3-wood at that ball the same as you would with an iron.
A 3-wood has the deepest face of the fairway woods, hence a higher center of gravity, which again makes it difficult to get the ball in the air.
Your swing is too slow to use a 3 wood. If your driver clubhead speed is less than 82 mph then forget about a 3 wood. It simply is not fast enough to get the ball consistently flighted with such a low loft without the assistance of a tee peg.
Typically, a ball is topped because the club has not gone far enough down towards the ball or you catch the ball on the way up, instead of at the bottom point. A lot of things can cause this to happen: A club that`s too short. An awkward stance.
Lower lofts can provide more energy transfer at impact because there`s less of an oblique angle. It`s why your 7-iron flies farther than your 8-iron. In our test, drivers with less loft consistently produced more ball speed, even for low swing-speed golfers (3.2 mph more compared to the 10.5 and 12-degree drivers).
The fix: For typical adjustable drivers, you can close the clubface, alter the hosel to a more upright position and/or shift the movable weighting toward the heel. Obviously, a closed face will counteract the open face so shots will naturally launch straighter.
If you have a lower-than-normal ball flight you need more loft to increase your launch angle so you can carry the ball further. Overly Steep Angle of Attack: When golfers hit down on a driver too much, they tend to de-loft the club as well.
It all depends on what you want your ball to do in the air. If your club path is grossly left from an exaggerated over-the-top transition, all setting your driver to max-draw will do is nudge the club face left of an already leftward club path.
If you make a purchase of new TaylorMade products on eBay or Amazon from an unauthorized seller, there is a much greater chance that the products offered are counterfeit.
And when it comes to how far Tiger Woods, arguably the greatest iron player of all time, hits his irons? Tiger hits his 3-iron a `carry` distance of 240 yards on average while his 4-iron goes 225 yards and 5-iron 210 yards. When it comes to his mid-irons he hits his 6-iron and 7-iron 195 and 180 yards.
Center of Gravity or CG as it is more commonly referred to in golf, plays a major role in the performance of golf clubs. Much like Moment of Inertia, CG is a concept in physics that relates to every object on earth, but when it comes to golf it has to do mostly with performance and feel.

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Taylor made driver repair
ANSWER : You should take it to the closest golf shop like a PGA superstore or Edwin Watts. If you live somewhere that doesnt have those resources then I would go to the local golf course next to you and ask the club pro where he would have his clubs repaired locally. Who knows, they may also do it right there at the course. It will run you a little money to replace the broken shaft, but the work and new grip will be less than $20.00. Good Luck, You may ask the person you were riding with if they pulled a prank on you with the bag falling off, Ive seen it happen. lol.

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I need Instructions for a Taylormade R9 Super Tri Driver Can you help?

Visit this link for Instruction Manual of Taylormade R9.

Thanks for using fixya.

Good Luck and have a nice day.

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Driver ball face scars from mishits
ANSWER : Clubs are re-finished all the time. Costs vary based on details of the club and extent of damage. Many drivers have their surface refinished by simply using a fine grit sandpaper/cloth. I have done it to my son’s club purchased used – worked great. I even repainted the groves with acrylic paint; once fully dried, re-sanded with a super fine to remove the over-paint. Looks like brand new.

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How do you adjust the limit switches there are two
ANSWER : There are two sliders in side the switch one for temp rise and one for temp fall should tell you this in the instructions that came with it in the box

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Need a Taylor Made R9 460 manual that shows how to adjust the head for loft and lie.
ANSWER : I bought a used R9 460 driver but I don’t know how to use the adjustments. It seems to work fine as it is, but I am curious about the pros and cons of the adjustments.


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How do you get rid of a rattle in my 2009 taylormade r9 driver/?
ANSWER : You likely have a piece of ferrule epoxy that’s broken free inside the shaft. If you tilt your club side-to-side hearing it roll, then that’s it for sure. Will need to remove the grip to remove the debris, then regrip.

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I have two Taylor drivers – one with a broken head and one with a broken shaft – can the shaft of one be used on the other to give one club that can be used?
ANSWER : Are you willing to sell the package? I’m interested in picking up an r7 and I like doing that sort of work myself. It goes towards my credits. Give me a call if interested. Even if you still have the broken head I’d be interested in talking to you.

(253) 229-7248

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