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Need schematic and parts list for a Quantum ds300cx reel?

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How do I adjust drag on baitcast reels? Turn the drag star counterclockwise until the drag is completely loose. Slowly turn the drag star clockwise starting at about one full turn. Pull on the line and continue to tighten until the tension is about 1/3 of the breaking strength of the line.
To get the unmatched performance Lew`s baitcast reels are capable of, you must make the right adjustments to the star drag, the spool tension knob, and the casting brake.
Moderate action rating is ideals for casting lures because it sacrifices sensitivity for improved casting distance.
Most manufacturers recommend that you re-lubricate your reel on at least a monthly basis – more often with heavy use. At the very least, lubricate everything once during each season you`ll be fishing.
What causes backlash? Backlash is the result of the spool turning faster than line can leave the spool. This occurs when the lure, as it flies through the air, is met with resistance causing it to slow down. Resistance includes things like the wind or hitting a solid object.
The simplest thing you can do to increase your distance with baitcasters is by training your thumb to be the brakes. Then you can reduce tension and brakes and have a freer spinning spool. Start with the tension tight.
If you`re on the shorter side, a 6`6” rod to a 7` rod is probably ideal. For taller individuals, you can really leverage a 7`6” or 8` rod in your favor.
Spinning reels can`t achieve the distance baitcasters can because the line friction coming off the stationary spool takes some inertia off of the lure. Spinning reels are a lot more susceptible to wind knots, especially with lighter braids.
Reel lubricants

Because WD-40 is a degreaser, it breaks down grease and oil. Never use it to lubricate a reel. The basic rule of thumb is to grease gears and oil everything else — sparingly. Too much grease and oil impede the spool and reduce casting distance.

Bearings rely on oil for their lubrication which is better for fast-moving parts that need less friction, whereas grease protects and coats slower-moving parts that interlock with one another, like gears. Both are important when maintaining a reel, as fishing reels serve both functions.
Benefits of the Baitcaster

Afford better line control than spinning reels, allowing for more accurate casts. Allow you to slow down the lure so it softly falls into the water without spooking nearby fish, important when flipping baits into cover.

Avoid using 3 in 1 oil as a lubricant on your fishing gear as it will cause more harm than good. You will probably end up with a reel that jams more often than it was previously if you use 3 in 1 oil. Avoid.
It doesn`t seem far, but go measure it out. Most anglers proficient at casting average 25-30 yards, depending on their tackle and wind conditions.
Lucas Oil fishing reel oil is a special blend of oil and additives specifically designed to lubricate all moving parts in fresh and salt water fishing reels. It penetrates into tight spaces to lubricate small high speed bearings and between tight surfaces.
The 13 Fishing Concept TX series baitcasters are made specifically for saltwater use. “It`s not the design that makes reels saltwater specific, but the quality of materials and protection processes,” says Matt Baldwin, product-development director of 13 Fishing.
8.1:1 gear ratio gives you optimal high speed performance,makes you have a smooth fishing time. Ergonomic metal handle with knobs provides a comfortable grip.
7.5:1 Reel – With my 7.5:1 gear-ratio reel, I like to use this reel when I`m fishing single-hook lures like a buzzbait, a spinner bait, bladed jigs and a frog.
Monofilament line causes the least backlash and is the easiest fishing line to untangle than a braided line or fluorocarbon line. A heavy lure works better for baitcasting when you`re just beginning.
“With braid, a backlash isn`t usually as hard to get loose if you don`t pull too hard,” he said.
Braided line in the 20- to 40-pound range is a good choice when fishing in open water with a clean bottom, and for extreme distance. For snag-infested waters, turn to monofilament no heavier than 25-pound test.
Practicing casting well beyond your target and using finger-spool control will improve your accuracy immensely. When fishing topwater poppers and walkers, the occasional pause and following retrieve often stacks line on the reel loose and in an inconsistent manner.
LARGER HIGH-CAPACITY CASTING REEL – KastKing Royale Legend II 200 Baitcasting Reels feature a wider frame and larger capacity spool that holds up to 130 yards of 17 lb mono and deliver 22 lbs of drag.
A baitcaster can handle much heavier lines than spinning reels of the same size. This makes your rod that much more versatile. A good general rule of thumb to follow is to use a baitcaster fishing rod and reel when fishing with a line that is a 10-pound test or heavier.

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I need the schematics on rebuilding a 120hp mercury force marine. Engine atleast the size of the piston. Original part (0E011698) ser#1993
ANSWER : The piston size is 3.375″ is the stock bore size.

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Amusement vending tech refurbishing 1976 Bally Mfg. Co. 3 wheel, 5 coin slot machine. Have no specific information (i.e. machine manual or schematics) on this particular model# 1096. Have model/serial numbers on cabinet, along with mfg. date (10/88). Previous owners have “modified” electrical workings and believe parts have been removed and bypassed…Help…
ANSWER : If you can provide the model and serial numbers, I will see what I can find though I can’t promise anything for sure with something this old. Since the company is still around and these machines are somewhat famous, hopefully I will be able to help you out.


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ANSWER : This may not be what you were looking for but, here is a list of sources:

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions by Dr. Drew Hause

Where can I get parts for my L.C. Smith shotgun?
We assembled a short list of sources for L.C. Smith parts, and we are willing to add to the list. Please email [email protected] with additions to the list.

Numrich Gun Parts Corporation226 Williams LaneWest Hurley, NY 12491(866) 686-7424 or (845) 679-2417
Jack First Gunshop1201 Turbine Dr.Rapid City, SD 57703 (605) 343-9544

Poppert’s Gunsmithing P.O. Box 413Glenside, PA 19038(215) 887-2391

Louis Rotelli(203) 788-4920New Milford, CT (Parts fabrication)
J.D. ShankFish Kill RoadTannerville, PA 18372(570) 620-0591 or (570) 350-1660

Traders Den1655 Olson DriveCook, MN 55723(218) 666-5083

Donald WilsonMillersville, MD(410) 647-8571

I would also go to your local book store and see if you can find Gun Digest books; especially this one to see if your gun is one of the 59 weapons covered.

I know I did satisfy your need for a schematic but maybe you can locate one via the resources above.

Thanks for choosing FixYa,

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I need a schematic (not just a wiring diagram) for a footpedal for a Minn Kota Riptide 80 ST trolling motor.
ANSWER : Hello!Visit this link: Let me know if that is what you want. You may need to post the part number if the schematic is not the one you want.ThanksAlpug

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Need to replace the timer. Schematic would be very helpful.
ANSWER : Please explain the problem in detail. Timer of what are you tiring to replace.Let me knowThanksKevin

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I have a 1993 Coleman Destiny Royale pop up camper. The lift system cable(s) for the top have broken or are near their breaking point. Is there a schematic available for this system so I can fix it and where can I get it from?
ANSWER : Hello,

You will have to contact them to get the information you requested. Their contact info is listed below.

Coleman Trailers – manufactured by Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc.
– Before 2006 –
Toll free: 1-800-544-8193

Customer Service Email:[email protected]


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Edge 491 exercise bike monitor panel dead
ANSWER : Http:// went dead last Spring. I ordered a replacement part from Fitness Quest. I think the link is above. Actually, while I was waiting for the part, I reconnected all the wires on the whole bike and the panel worked. So I actually have an extra new working panel if Fitness Quest doesn’t have the part for some reason and u want mine. Double check ALL the connections of the wires first. They come loose easily.Nancy

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