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If you`ve spent any time in a gym, there`s a good chance you`re familiar with the cable machine. This functional piece of exercise equipment, also referred to as a pulley machine, is a staple in many gyms and athletic training centers.
How Does the Cable Machine Work? The cable machine works in the same way as any strength building device; by providing resistance for your muscles to work against. The only real difference between this and other machines or equipment, is that, in this case, weights are connected to cables via a set of pulleys.
What is a Home Gym Pulley System? A home gym pulley system is a cable machine with a series of weights that relies on a pulley wheel to operate. In a traditional pulley system, one end of the cable is attached to the weight, the cable loops around a wheel, and the other end has a handle or strap for you to hold.
A fixed pulley is a simple machine that uses a wheel with a groove in it and a rope that fits into the groove. The other end of the rope attaches to a load, or the object you`re needing to move.
Cables can become twisted when the pulleys they run on begin to wear down or do not spin freely. Every month, check that each pulley is spinning freely. Pulleys can be lubricated with a light multi-purpose oil.
Sit on a seated cable row machine with one foot on the floor and one foot on the plate. With one arm, pull the cable along the side of your body. Extend the pause. At the end of the pulling phase, pause for 3 to 5 seconds to challenge your muscles.
Place two cable pulleys slightly above the shoulder height with handle attachments, grip one handle in each hand and step forward so that the arms are outstretched to the sides. With the elbows slightly bent, slowly bring both hands together in front of the body.
What Are Cable Flyes. The cable fly is a chest fly variation which uses the cable machine to target the pectorals, with both the deltoids, triceps, and core engaged to help with stability. While the arms replicate the movement of the dumbbell fly, a standing position is adopted.
Matrix Wiring is a sub contract manufacturer of cable assemblies, wire harnesses, mains cable assemblies and cut & prepared leads.
The cable machine is a large piece of gym equipment that has adjustable cable pulleys. The resistance of the cables allows you to perform numerous exercises in a variety of directions. Some machines have one or two cable stations, while others have multiple.
Typically cable machines in commercial gyms have a cable ratio of 3:1. However, those 50 kg bicep curls still look impressive to the uninitiated. In practical terms, a higher ratio cable is longer and passes through more pulleys than a lower ratio cable – a 2:1 cable is twice the length of a 1:1 cable.
A 2:1 ratio gives the best overall benefits without sacrificing in other areas. 4:1 can be good for speed work but has the downside of making a 200 pound weight stack only equal to 50 pounds of resistance, a problem if you intend to do lat pulldowns for example.
The following are the types of pulley: Fixed pulley. Moving Pulley. Compound Pulley.
What are the 4 types of pulleys? The four types of pulleys are fixed, moveable, compound, and complex. Compound pulleys consist of a fixed and moveable pulley.
Therefore, the three main parts of a pulley are the wheel, axle, and rope. A pulley is used for lifting heavy objects by applying force at one end of the rope.
In the single fixed pulley, only one rope segment pulls up on the load, so the ideal mechanical advantage is 1. In other words, this type of pulley doesn`t increase the force that is applied to it. However, it does change the direction of the force.
Equations of motion:

→FG2+→T2=m2→a. The weight and the bucket move with the same acceleration in opposite directions. T2−FG2=m2a. Because we neglect the mass of the pulley, it has no moment of inertia and does not affect the forces of the string.

There are three main types of pulleys: fixed, movable, and compound. A fixed pulley`s wheel and axle stay in one place.
To prevent noise, signal interference and crosstalk during transmissions, twisting is introduced into conducting cables. Twisting reduces the strength of noise signals and cancels out external waves by moving a part of the noise in the direction of the signal and another part in the opposite direction.
Lift cables are used to raise and lower the garage door. They are attached to the bottom brackets and the drums (attached to the tube). Based on the weight of the door, the cables are wider and contain more steel wire.
Hammer Strength Rows involve using a machine that simulates a free-weight rowing motion and allows you to work isolaterally (each side independent). Seated Cable Rows involve rowing with a cable machine while seated which provides constant tension throughout the exercise.
Seated Cable Rows might be better than Bent-Over Barbell Rows for athletes who have trouble with their hip hinge and lower-back strength, because Seated Cable Rows place you in a stable upright position, where you can focus more on strengthening your scapulae than your lower back.
Crossover cables use two different wiring standards: one end uses the T568A wiring standard, and the other end uses the T568B wiring standard.
A crossover cable is also used to create mesh networks that work without an intermediate network device, such as a hub or switch. Examples of crossover cables are null modem cables, rollover cables and loopbacks.

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I can’t get the cable to stop popping off of the pulley underneath the bench press seat. Every time I try to lift weight using the bench press, quadricep curls, or anything that puts pressure on the cable connected to these exercises, the cable pops off the pulley. If you could show me how to get a diagram of how to run the cable or give me another solution to this problem, I would be deeply obliged.


ANSWER : Hello,I had same problem. I fixed it by taking plastic sides off using a long
phillips head screwdriver. Jay, you don’t have to take the sides off to
fix your problem. The sides come off only to untangle and rewind cables
on pulleys. Pull the cables all the way out. Have a helper pull out and
keep holding out the tension knob This is shown at the bottom of page
nine in the manual. With someone holding the tension knob out turn the
large pully located beneith the tension knob CLOCKWISE! I screwed mine
up by turning it counter-clockwise. This winds the handle to the top
and if you start with all the cable pulled off the pully, the cable
should then wind itself nicely back onto the pully. Once the handle is
all the way up, with the round ball on the cable jammed up against the
pully, then and only then let go of the tension knob and let it fall
back into place. If the handle falls down a few inches repeat this
proceedure but push lower pully a bit harder and try to turn tension
knob, while it is pulled out, in the opposite direction and it will
then click into place one notch tighter and should hold the black ball
on the cable firmly against the pulley. Let me know if this was helpful.wish you good luck,take care.

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Jayco lift system cable replacement
ANSWER : Try this link and see if it will help you any with the info that you need. Sure hope this helps you find resolution to the problem. Best wishes.

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Machine will stop adjusting resistance. On start up the machine will usually work. I can go through the calibration procedure and it will calibrate and work normally for 4 or 5 resistance adjustments. It will then stop adjusting. It acts like there is a cable pulled and refuses to adjust, even though I am not getting the warning telling me to “Release cable”
I have modified the wiring harness so that the wires do not fall off from the stepper motor, so this is not the problem. If I shut the machine down and leave it for several minutes, it will come back and work normal again… for a while. I am wondering if there is a problem with the sensors that are detecting a cable pull? Is there a way to disable those sensors to see if that is the problem
ANSWER : I would think that your problem has possibly to do with a faulty power supply, component, see to my mind it is a thermal problem as it heats up,it goes faulty? The Voltage changes and it goes out of spec.. When left to cool, it then is OK… Usually, & from my experience this is a thermal problem. To see obtain some Freeze Spray, from radio Shack or similar,and spray components on the main power board, and others too, use it on any large heat sinked components and see if when you do this the fault clears. Then replace that component(s).

Or as you suggest the sensors that feed the inputs maybe with sensors though one has little option but to replace them and see if this clears the problem.

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I need a repair/owner’s manual for 1999 Coleman
ANSWER : Tried googling Coleman? They might be able to help.

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How to tighten cable on pop up camper
ANSWER : The adjustment can be done by your dealer, contact them see how much it costs.

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TC5000 and after extended use I smell burning and upon removing the belt cover and drive belt I felt of the motor on the motor side of the drive pulley and it was ”red-hot”, obviously the source of the smell of the burning. The motor spins freely without any rubbing noise. The drive pulley (motor side) and the tread pulley appear to be alligned. One curious thing is that the threaded motor output shaft is recessed about 3/8” from the outside edge of the pulley. Could it be the bearing on the pulley side of the motor? I am dumbfounded as to what the solution might be. Note that I could not enter the exact product as my model seemed to be invalid. My model is the TC5000. Thanks [email protected]
ANSWER : Just because it spins freely doesnt mean it cant have a shorted winding. Id send it back where it came from or at least replace the motor.

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Replacement Cable Kit/ Roof Lift System for 1995 Coachmen Clipper
ANSWER : Check this out:

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