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The biggest difference is the material the table tennis top is made from. Indoor tables are solid wood. Outdoor tables are a mixture of metal and wood and finished with a coating to protect the table from sun, rain and wind. Outdoor tables also tend to have sturdier frames, which adds a little to the overall cost.
First things first: All ping pong tables are not created equal, so yes, you do need to buy an outdoor-specific table. Indoor tables may warp when exposed to direct sunlight and moisture, even if left outside for just a short period of time.
Games are won by the first player/team to score 11 points while winning by two. If there is a 10-10 tie, the game is won by the first player/team to score two points more than the opposition. In the last possible game of a match, the players/teams change ends when either player/team has scored five points.
I. General Rules

in the deciding game of the match the players change ends when one player reaches a score of 10 points. A game is won by the player who first scores 21 points with a 2-point margin.

There is a big difference between indoor and outdoor table tennis tables. Outdoor tables are designed to stay outdoors all year round, while indoor table tennis tables must be kept inside.
You will need to buy a table tennis table designed for outdoor use. You could use an indoor table tennis table outdoors for short periods of time, but you must ensure that it is not in direct sunlight and it must not get wet either.
Table tennis can be played by kids aged 4 and up provided that appropriate equipment is used.
How long is a game? A game in table tennis is played until one of the players scores 11 points or if there is a 2 point difference after the score was tied (10:10). A game used to be played until 21, but that rule was changed by the ITTF in 2001.
A game is won by being the first player to win 11 points, and be at least 2 points ahead of his or her opponent. If both players have won 10 points, then the first player to get a 2 point lead wins the game. A match is the best of 5 games. The score begins at 0-0, and the server will serve first.
The 7 0 Rule States That The Server Must Hit The Ball With An Initial Speed Of 7 Meters Per Second And Hold It For At Least One Second Before Sending It To The Opponent. Table tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed by almost anyone, especially if you have a few friends to play with.
Pong usually scores up to 20 but a scorebased version would do well,,, lots of ways to score points would be awesome.
A backyard ping pong tables will provide hours of fun for your family and friends. The tables can be placed on concrete, grass and even sand. Don`t forget to allow for room for players to move around while playing. A backyard ping pong tables will provide hours of fun for your family and friends.
It`s true that your outdoor ping pong table is made to endure rain, snow, and humidity. High-quality outdoor tables are typically made with a rust-proof chassis and weatherproof top. However, a tennis table cover is still a wise investment.
Add an outdoor sealant to wood.

“While ideally you would choose furniture made of naturally water-resistant materials like cedar, teak, or cypress woods, any wood furniture can be treated with an outdoor sealant,” says Morgan McBride, founder of DIY home improvement website

Of course, metal is material that have been designed to handle the elements way better and longer, which makes them well-suited for outdoor use. Any treated indoor piece will not be impervious to damaging heat, rain, and snow, so for the longest use consider placing treated indoor furniture on a covered patio or porch.
The Golden Rule is: If there is any chance of the table being exposed to rain or humidity and/or excessive sun light, then buy an Outdoor Table Tennis Table! It is okay to buy an Indoor Table if you place it outside for an hour or two as long as it is not raining or it is not a very hot day.
Thinner = worse quality. You should avoid buying tables with a really thin table tennis top (e.g. 12mm). The ball just doesn`t bounce very well and the tables are flimsy and easy to damage. Tables with a medium thickness (16mm-19mm) are actually OK.
The Golden Rule is: If there is any chance of the table being exposed to rain or humidity and/or excessive sun light, then buy an Outdoor Table Tennis Table! It is okay to buy an Indoor Table if you place it outside for an hour or two as long as it is not raining or it is not a very hot day.
The interesting thing about tennis is that the game is remarkably different depending on the surface and whether it is played indoors or outside. Indoor tennis is renowned for being a much faster game. The lack of wind and artificial surfaces reduce the risk of bad bounces so players can be more accurate.

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My Kettler Outdoor Ping Pong Table is falling apart. Need parts and service in Miami. Anyone you can recommend?
ANSWER : Sure, amazon is perfect place for that… take a look here Great Prices on Table Tennis for the Holidays and choose what you need. Hope this was helpful. cheers

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Out Kettler outdoor ping pong table has developed dead spots and if you push on the top it is as though there is a bubble. Is there a way to inject glue to repair this, or some other answer?
ANSWER : Glue is heat sensitive, so you might try a DAMP towel and a iron. Followed by phone books to hold it steady while drying.

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I would like to buy a ping pong table for a room in my basement but am not sure if the room is large enough. How much space do I need for a ping pong table?
ANSWER : A full sized table is 9 x 5 feet and 30 inches from the
floor, so you will need more than that to enjoy the game. As a beginner, you will need a minimum of
5-6.5 feet behind each end line and around 3 feet on each side. Another factor you need to consider is the
height of your ceiling, including any low hanging fixtures that may get in the

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It seems logical that I can play ping pong both indoors and outdoors; however I would like to know whether or not there is a difference in tables. Do I need a specific table for playing outdoors?
ANSWER : There is a slight difference in the tables used for indoors and outdoors. As the table which are used for indoors should have fold-able legs and the table used for outdoor should have weatherproof surface. There are a lot of differences between them, which also suggests that following factor should be taken into consideration while purchasing it:
Glare Reduction
Place for paddles
Wheelchair friendly and much more. To get detail you can click on Best Ping Pong Table.

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How do i restore the surface of my outdoor ping pong table
ANSWER : Hi there, Use painters tape to cover the white lines of your table tennis table.
Use sandpaper (150grit) to smooth the surface. This will level any bumps or scratches. Fill deep cracks with wood filler, let it dry and sand the table again.
Make sure that the table is clean before you begin the painting procedure.
Use chalkboard spray paint about 8 inches away from the
table and spray each side. Allow 8 hours for the
paint to dry then repeat with another coat. Next day, repeat the process so you have 3 layers of paint. Chalkboard
spray paint helps the ball bounce to the correct height and speed.
Remove the painters tape after the last coat and allow the table to dry for at least 24 hours.
Hope this helps, vote me if so 🙂

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Kettler tennis table has rusty legs, one is very bad
ANSWER : To stop this much rust – go to any hardware store and buy (I forget the exact name) a “paint” called Rust Stop. It will stop the rusting and turn the existing rust into a hard black surface that you can then paint.

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Have an old Kettler ping Pong table. There is a 2ft squared surface that has peeled from the bottom layer (its aluminum) thus creating a dead bounce zone…. any suggestions?
ANSWER : Same problem with mine. Also I can’t get the table to align properly.

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