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We have a 4500SS Penn Spin reel that will not lock after casting. The bale functions properly and clamps into the “locked” postion after casting but the reel continues to free spinv f you do not hold tension on the line. Where is the reel locking mechanism located and how do you adjust it?
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On the front of the spool there is a device to turn to set the drag. Torn it tighter and tighten it until slightly below the breaking point of your fishing line. It isn’t a critical adjustment, it just keeps your line from breaking while trying to land a fish.

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There`s five main reasons that we`ll get into in some detail: you put too much or too heavy of line on your spool, the fishing line formed memory and coiled up, there was too much slack in your fishing line, you closed the bail with your reel instead of manually, or your lure started to spin.
If your spool tension knob isn`t working, it`s likely because the knob has become loose or detached from the spool. How does that happen? Well, it happens if you`re not careful when winding the spool or if the knob gets caught on something while you`re fishing.
Try Logging Out and Back In. A bug or glitch with your Instagram account might be causing Instagram Reels problems. The easiest way to fix that, particularly when several accounts are signed into the Instagram app, is by logging out of your account and then back in: Tap on your profile pic at the bottom right corner.
The number one cause of spinning tackle loops is when an angler reels to close the bail. Doing so closes the bail but doesn`t ensure the line is in the roller guide.
If you don`t want to share the video to your feed, tap on the slider for that option so it will only upload to your Reels tab. If you`re not ready to share the post publicly but want to save it for later, tap the Save as Draft option at the bottom of the screen. This will save the video file as-is.
I like to achieve the tension by putting the spool in an empty box or bucket and holding the line lightly between my fingers as it is wound on. For a spin reel with mono, you want to leave a 2-3mm gap to the edge of the spool to ensure that you are not over spooling the reel.
Remember that short Reels also loop more frequently, pushing up your view count and helping more users discover your Reel. “As a general rule, it`s good to stick to 7 to 15 seconds, as short Reels tend to loop and will count as multiple views.
Swipe toSwipe to the next video: Instagram Reels are designed to autoplay one after another. To move on to the next video, you can swipe left or right on the screen to manually skip to the next video in your feed.
Step 1 Log in your Instagram account, and go to Reels account. Step 2 Go to the Reel you want to remove, click the three vertical dots. Step 3 Tap on Delete.
You want your line to be laying evenly on the spool. If there is more line at the top of the spool or bottom of it, this will cause your line to leave the spool unevenly (large coils mixed with smaller coils) which causes line overlap and tangles. This problem is due to the washers on the shaft that your spool sits on.
Initially, Reels would play on a loop. That means if your phone was open and displaying a Reel, it would continue to play over and over again until you scrolled to the next piece of content. Now, Reels will only play twice before requiring either a tap to watch again or to view more Reels.
Sharing your Reels to your Feed increases the likelihood that your followers will see and engage with them. It can also give your Reels the initial engagement necessary to grab the algorithm`s attention. However, some accounts report Reels not shared to feed got more shares and engagement in the long run.
Instagram Reels are viewed in a vertical orientation, so videos and photos should be 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels tall (an aspect ratio 9:16).
Remember, by putting too much line on, you are increasing your chances of wind knots. Your line will most likely spring off of your reel all at once because of the over fill. If you put too little line on, you wont be able to cast as far, causing you to possibly miss out on that personal best fish.
Best time to post Reels on Instagram

Over that time, we`ve learned that the best time to post Reels is 9 AM and 12 PM, Monday to Thursday.

Line size can be a drag

The short of it a heavier, thicker line will not cast as well as a thinner, lighter line will. So 10-pound line will throw a lure much farther than 20-pound line will. There is less drag on the line in both the guides and in the air.

Spincast reels are the easiest to learn and simplest to operate of the three primary styles of casting reels. Generally, they are the least expensive. Spincast (spincasting) reels are identifiable by their “closed face.” That is, the spool containing the fishing line is totally enclosed within the reel itself.
Baitcasting Vs Spinning Reels: What`s The Difference? Baitcasting reel is best for more experienced anglers because it takes more practice to use and can be susceptible to tangles. A spinning reel is much easier to use and is a great choice for beginners or those looking for a versatile reel system.
Did you know that the average attention span is up to 8 seconds only? This means that people will be less likely to watch your Instagram reels if they`re longer than 8-10 seconds. They may be too busy scrolling to the next reel if you couldn`t get their attention in the first few seconds.
If Instagram Reels are not uploading, you may try switching from your cellular network to high-speed Wi-Fi. You may also log out from your account, log in again, and try uploading again. Also, try deleting the cache of your Instagram app.
The easiest way to start skipping is with a spinning reel. Here`s why. With a spinning reel, the spool doesn`t move. The line peels off the spool with the momentum of the cast.
Clean exterior of reel with cotton swabs and isopropyl rubbing alco- hol. Clean off excess oil, grease, salt deposits or debris. Keeping reels clean helps prevent costly Inspect and clean line roller assem- bly. Use a cotton swab to “feel” if the line roller bearing or bushing needs to be replaced.
So, how long can Instagram reels be? The time limit for reels is 60 seconds; however, you can also make 15-second or 30-second videos. The length you pick depends on the content you plan to share and the purpose of your reel.
Instagram Reels length may be up to 90 seconds or up to 15 minutes, and it depends on how the Reel is created. If the Reel is created via Instagram Reels tool in the app straight from the Instagram camera, the length is up to 90 seconds. The default Reel length users can create via the IG camera is 15 seconds.

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How to I fix a spin casting reel?
ANSWER : You should be able to remove the spool by removing the knob on the front of the reel which also is the drag adjustment. With the knob off the spool should pull right off. Hope this helps you

Cannot open Shakespeare Synergy Steele 2001s fishing reel
ANSWER : Alright man……i had the same problem. it just takes a little bit of elbow grease, bot it does twist open, it’s just harder than hell to get it to twist off. I took a towel and laid it over the reel, and lightly tapped on it with a hammer to loosen it up a bit.

Does not flip arm to lock to reel in line – Shakespeare Agility Spinning Reel 6825
ANSWER : Normally when you **** the bail, the reel allows you to discharge the line with a flip of the wrist. Then when you touch the crank and execute half a turn it releases the bail to lock the line and allow you to reel in. If this action is not happening, then the release pawl is stuck and holding the bail in place. You must disassemble the reel, clean the parts and re-assemble with proper lubrication. Checking the parts for wear replace all worn parts.

Quantum Tour Edition 1170PT baitcasting fishing reel
ANSWER : Tighten the drag star to expose the black ratch ring. Press the ratchet ring down towards the star drag as you turn the handle backwards to unscrew it from the crank shaft.

I have the penn Senator 15L and lately the reel when over 200 yards of Line goes out then I start to reel it in the reel starts to Slip and no line can be reeled in? Do you have a solution? Thanks
ANSWER : The weight of that much line is caausing the drag to slip. you need to tighten the drag up some more. hope this helps

How do you cast?
ANSWER : Flip the bail(the round rod in front of the reel)hold the line tight with your finger first and cast(make sure you let your finger off the line when you throw the rod forward.

I have a 4300ss penn fishing reel that the anti-reverse feature does not lock or in other words the bail locks down fine , but the rell will free turn when it is supposed to lock and only work against the drag ?
ANSWER : You need to take apart the reel and pinch in the leaves on the antireverse dog.