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The JT ER2-S pump paintball handgun needed cleaning but it doesn’t have a manual so when I tried putting it back together I had problems. I can’t get the safety in correctly and it won’t pump/shoot right. How is it supposed to be put together?

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Paintball guns use tanks filled with compressed air to create pressure, cycling a paintball into the barrel and building pressure behind it. With each pull of the trigger, the pressure releases to propel the ball through the barrel, then quickly pull another in from the loader to repeat the process.
Not all paintball guns can be programmed to be fully automatic. You can find easy-to-follow guides on our Youtube channel at Lone Wolf Paintball by searching “how to program” followed by your paintball gun type.
Types of Paintball Guns

Semi-automatic guns are the most popular type of gun, because they`re easy to operate. They require little maintenance, so it`s easy to just grab one and start playing. Pump-action guns work similarly to semi-automatic guns, but you have to manually pull back the pump with every shot.

It really is easy to play and once you get over your initial nerves you`ll be fine. Paintball is all about fun, it`s the ideal excuse to get outside, socialise, exercise and think strategically.
Easy to learn how to play.

You need no experience or prior skills to play paintball. It is a very simplistic sport to learn, once you get over the nervous feeling and apprehension of getting shot.

Paintball tanks are available using two primary compressed gas sources: high-pressure air (HPA) and carbon dioxide (Co2). Which gas you need will depend on several factors – the most important of which are where you will play and what type of gun (called a marker) you will use.
The muzzle velocity of paintball markers is approximately 90 m/s (300 ft/s); most paintball fields restrict speed to 280–300 ft/s, and small indoor fields may further restrict it down to 250 ft/s.
In paintball participants try to hit each other with paintballs launched from a special paintball marker/gun. While airsoft is cheaper and provides a more realistic warfare experience, paintball is more popular, more organized and has larger events.
Paintball Tank Types

Most modern electronic or mechanical markers run on compressed air; cheaper or older-style mechanical markers can often run on either Co2 or compressed air*. Pistols normally run on pre-filled disposable co2 cartridges.

Co2 was used for the first paintball markers thus setting the standard for various years on what source to use. When carbon dioxide changes into gas from its liquid state it expands which creates pressure, this pressure is used to fire the paintball via the barrel.
The most serious injuries include eye injuries, ear injuries, and even death. Paintball`s most common minor injuries include cuts, welts, and bruising. Sprained and twisted ankles also occur, and there are reports of players suffering breathing difficulties after being shot in the throat.
Does it hurt more for children? Paintball is a great activity for all age groups, offering high-adrenaline fun, in a safe and controlled setting, and it`s as much for the kids as it is for the adults.
A general rule is that most electronic paintball guns should use compressed air, and mechanical guns can use either compressed air or CO2.
2. A player is out of the game if he/she is hit by a marking pellet (paintball) and it Breaks on him, this includes his clothing, gun or equipment. It doesn`t matter whether the player is shot by an opposing player or a teammate (friendly fire).
Paintball tanks are available using two primary compressed gas sources: high-pressure air (HPA) and carbon dioxide (Co2). Which gas you need will depend on several factors – the most important of which are where you will play and what type of gun (called a marker) you will use.

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Do I have to take the gun apart to get the battery in the gun???
and also before i was done with the gun my brother put the paintballs in the hopper but for some reason they were falling out of the barrel. Did I do something wrong???
ANSWER : No, you didn’t do anything wrong… Paintballs come in a variety of sizes. That difference is very hard to see with the naked eye, but your barrel knows what fits and what doesn’t. Players have a choice in barrels and ID-internal dimensions, so the balls are various sizes as well. You will have to sample a few brands and see what works best for you.Good luck!

Play hard, play safe, play with honor!


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I need to find an online manual or someone who has a manual to a 2007 Octane Shocker. it’s a paintball gun.
ANSWER : Http://

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My electronic paintball gun works, but the gun won’t shoot. i think the co2 doesn’t feed well because it doesn’t make a loud sound when i shoot. and i have a co2 meter that shows that the tank is full. what is the problem and how do i fix it?
ANSWER : I have a spyder vs1 the lights come on but it wont shoot i pull the trigger but nothing happens at all

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I bought a new mossberg 590 a1 shot gun a month ago, I love the gun but its having a couple of problems, the first problem is that when shooting every once in a while i get sprayed in the face with exuast from shooting through the safety very scary! any ideas whats causing this? how to fix it? second is that some times the fireing pin sticks and the gun will not discharge a round? the third problem is that i have had feeding issues with gun where it will not realice a gound from the tube, ive taken a tip of a knife to the stuck round in the tube and it prys out with little effort, these problems dont happen every time i go shooting, just every once in a while, but they a happening more and more, im conserned cause the gun is brand new, and i wanna be safe while shooting, can you guys help me? any ideas/solutions? please help!!!!!!!
ANSWER : Personally, with that many problems, I’d call Mossberg and get a return authorization. None of these things should be happening, especially with a new gun.

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Paintballs will fall out of the barrel of my tippmann 98 custom, randomly when the gun is not being fired. I am not sure how to fix this, or if it can be fixed. Mechanically the gun fires and aims great. This is the only problem i have encountered. Pleast help.
ANSWER : Get another ball detente from ebay, this one is the cheapest one I could find.

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My gun just beeps when i pull the trigger even when hooked up to hpa.battery is new.last time i used the gun just before it messed up i had it hooked to o2 and it would fire then beep ,i have a anti syphon tube installed to. the air shot out the asa instead of the reg when i took off the tank.usually gun holds air with tank off then you shoot it to get rid of stored air,this time it shot out the asa????
ANSWER : You have probably messed up your solenoid, did you fire the marker straight up with the o2? I would make sure that all of the board settings are back to factory default especially the dwell and reattempt with compressed air. If the marker is still not firing get your hands on a new solenoid for it.

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Tippman A-5 with low pressure kit, e-grip. When pull the trigger gun shoots fully auto until I manually stop it by re cocking the gun.
ANSWER : Sounds like the gun needs lube. Oil it and try again. 2-3 drops of oil in the hole
where the tank screws on then put the tank back on. Fire it and see how it does.
I havent heard of a low pressure kit for the A-5 but I think it is a waste. There is a rule
with pressure and paintball guns. Low pressure=high volume of air used.
Standard pressure=regular volume. I have 2 a-5’s with e-grips and flatlines.
I polished the internals by sanding the bore of the tube (use fine sandpapaer) and
this makes the velocity very consistent.
One thing that comes to mind is that the hammer may not be getting caught on the
trigger latch. Makes sure your gun is assembled correctly. here is your manual.

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